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The Act Position is based on average points to reflect true position when there are matches not played

Table for Division 6
Position GamesAggregateAverages
11Hadnall C12102245177+682450245
33Awc D12102229171+582290229
44District D1275218212+62180218
55N In Hales B1293212165+472120212
66Wrenbury D1257212218-60212212
77Adderley C1275208180+282080208
88Victoria B1257180208-280180180
99Nant Pk Rd C12210177245-680177177
1010Calverhall B12210171229-580171171
1111Wem USC C1239165212-470165165
1212Chester Rd E12210161242-810161161