Coventry Saturday Bowling League 2017

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The Act Position is based on average points to reflect true position when there are matches not played

Final Table for Division 4
Position MatchesGamesAggregateAveragesTotals
11Atherstone Cons B1614201345835712570+100123820910.5168
22Stoke Coventry B1613211286434872784+70322621010.0160
33Bedworth B C C1610601078432832979+3042211898.1130
44Griff & Coton B169521009133512993+3582221977.9126
55Bell Green16790919929753077-1022001726.7107
66Bedworth Ex-service B166918510730123287-2751921856.3100
77Standard B1651107311727523348-5961801645.385
88Old Coventrians1531207010826123054-4421911555.177
99Kenilworth B1521305911922593210-9511631404.364

The match between Kenilworth B and Old Coventrians has been declared void