Norley Bowling League 2019

Afternoon League

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The Act Position is based on average points to reflect true position when there are matches not played

Table for Section 1
Position MatchesAggregateAverages
11Frodsham Red Lion 10910152311921.278158146152
23Delamere A10640143213511.060145142143
37Middlewich RBL A10451136014190.958147125136
48Rudheath BC A10451135714270.951147124136
52Castle S&SC A9630134210991.221158142149
610Hazel Pear A10271129614460.896135124130
75Comberbach A9621126111701.078150132140
86Knutsford BC9540125612121.036151131140
99Mobberley Victory Hall A9450122112600.969145124136
1012Helsby CSC A100100113815410.738122106114
114Wharton Cons A853011229951.128142138140
1211Halton RBL835096711630.831142100121