Coventry Bowling League 2019

Sunday League

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The Act Position is based on average points to reflect true position when there are matches not played

Table for Sunday 1
Position MatchesGamesAggregateTotals
11Lime Tree A2200102237153+8415
23Wyken A220075230175+5512
34Colliery A211075227197+309
42Copsewood A11004211793+247
55Wyken B202057189225-365
66Potters Green211039174235-615
87Stoke Cov A10102493117-242
910Copsewood B0000000000
109Foleshill Gas A0000000000
Table for Sunday 2
Position MatchesGamesAggregateTotals
12Stoke Cov B2200102246158+8815
23Lime Tree B220084221197+2412
35Coronation A211075213212+19
41Albany A11006012637+898
54Colliery B11004210496+86
77Foleshill Gas B10102484120-362
88Coronation B10101595120-251
99Albany B2020012111252-1410