Belperbowls 2017

Wednesday Doubles League

The Act Postion is based on average points to reflect true position when there are matches not played

Final 2017 Table for Division 1
Position MatchesGamesAggregateAveragesTotals
11HORSLEY A181251622316551194+4611018312.2220
22STH WINGFIELD A181260504015921465+12790879.8176
33HOLBROOK A181080523815751455+12089869.6173
55SITWELL ARMS A181161414414321418+1481788.5153
77BELPER MEADOWS A186120434714681552-8488757.9142
88LITTLE EATON A186120405014361583-14784767.4133
99BELPER POTTERY A185130335713641677-31382705.9107
1010HORSLEY B185130325813861677-29183715.7103

SITWELL ARMS A have had their average home points of 8 added to 1 Match
HORSLEY A have their average away points of 8 added to 1 Match