Coventry Bowling League 2018

Latest results for Mid Week 4

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Wed 5th Sep
PosCoventry Colliery BScoreScoreCoundon C
1Ken Williams1021Sam Bradley
2Douglas Barnes821Ted Rogers
3Alan Fraser1721 Colin Cameron
4Dave Emslie2119Bob Fackrell
5Nathan Clegg2115Geoff Edgington
6Gary Brookes2110John Hyland
7Peter Linstead2112Frazer Cameron
8Phil Host1721Eric Russell

Wed 5th Sep
PosHerberts BScoreScoreOld Coventrians
1Kevin Perry821Bernard Keogh
2Doug Cole215Anthony Cooper
3Barry Hindson521Chris Reeve
4Terry Fisher1621Brian Foy
5Steve Lyle215Bernard Bryant
6Harry Wilson1721Malcolm Price
7Phil Watson2118Brian Walmsley
8Stuart Rendall1921John Holman

Tue 4th Sep
PosStoke Coventry CScoreScoreStandard B
1Brian Ryder1721Gordon Holland
2Bill Harman1721Barry J Western
3Ronan Allen2110John Howard
4Daniel Danbury1921John Cooper
5Finlay Roche218James Deasy
6Eddie Bazel1521Wal Tarrant
7Den Wilkinson218Dave Taylor
8Mark Roche218Barry Quirke

Wed 29th Aug
PosOld CoventriansScoreScoreStoke Coventry C
1Bernard Keogh2117Brian Ryder
2Anthony Cooper2119Finlay Roche
3Chris Reeve214Daniel Danbury
4Brian Foy2118Den Wilkinson
5Bernard Bryant1821Bill Harman
6Malcolm Price217Eddie Bazel
7Brian Walmsley921Ronan Allen
8John Holman218Mark Roche

Wed 29th Aug
PosAlbany BScoreScoreHerberts B
1Graham Burden2021Trevor Lyon
2Derek Grimely218Terry Fisher
3James Crowther1921Kevin Perry
4Terry Rahilly1321Stuart Rendall
5David May2120Steve Lyle
6David Hyde219Doug Cole
7Trevor Salter2110Phil Watson
8Alan Checklin2119Paul Perry

Tue 28th Aug
PosFoleshill Gas CScoreScoreCoventry Colliery B
1Gordon Curzons2114Terry Fraser
2Ken Hook821Nathan Clegg
3Ken Ward2110Ken Williams
4John Smedley216Phil Host
5Gwyn Richards2113Gary Brookes
6Tom Cope621Dave Emslie
7Ralph Hood721Peter Linstead
8Roger Randle1821Stuart Lamond
Unlisted Players were 1. Gordon Curzons & 2. Ken Hook

Wed 22nd Aug
PosCoventry Colliery BScoreScoreStandard B
1Phil Host1621Ken Brown
2Douglas Barnes521James Tabor
3Dave Emslie2119Barry J Western
4Peter Linstead2112John Cooper
5Stuart Lamond218Neville Hunt
6Ken Williams1121James Deasy
7Gary Brookes2110John Howells
8Alan Fraser2117Dave Taylor

Wed 22nd Aug
PosCoundon CScoreScoreFoleshill Gas C
1Sam Bradley216Tom Cope
2Ted Rogers2114Barry Smale
3Eric Russell2114John Smedley
4 Colin Cameron2118Gwyn Richards
5Geoff Edgington2110Lee Gilder
6John Hyland2116Ken Ward
7Bob Fackrell1821Roger Randle
8Frazer Cameron1621John Collins

Tue 21st Aug
PosStoke Coventry CScoreScoreAlbany B
1Brian Ryder1821David Tucker
2Finlay Roche2117David Hyde
3Daniel Danbury521Gordon Gregor
4Christopher Mcgreevy2117Terry Rahilly
5Paddy Roche1321Nigel Mansfield
6Bill Harman2115Les Cleaver
7Den Wilkinson1621Trevor Salter
8Ronan Allen1321Alan Checklin

Wed 15th Aug
PosHerberts BScoreScoreStoke Coventry C
1Trevor Lyon1021Ronan Allen
2Terry Fisher2114Logan Carter
3Paul Perry1521Paddy Roche
4Phil Watson213Daniel Danbury
5Steve Lyle2118Finlay Roche
6Doug Cole2021Mark Roche
7Stuart Wilson1921Den Wilkinson
8Barry Hindson221Brian Pearson

Wed 15th Aug
PosOld CoventriansScoreScoreCoventry Colliery B
1Bernard Keogh2112Douglas Barnes
2Anthony Cooper2116Nathan Clegg
3Bernard Bryant1821Peter Linstead
4Chris Reeve216Ken Williams
5Brian Foy2117Gary Brookes
6Malcolm Price1221Dave Emslie
7Brian Walmsley1821Alan Fraser
8John Holman1621Stuart Lamond

Wed 15th Aug
PosStandard BScoreScoreCoundon C
1Neville Hunt1221Sam Bradley
2John Griffiths521Ted Rogers
3John Cooper921 Colin Cameron
4James Tabor1721Ron Harries
5John Howard1421Geoff Edgington
6Ken Brown1221John Hyland
7Wal Tarrant2021Frazer Cameron
8Dave Taylor2119Eric Russell

Wed 8th Aug
PosCoundon CScoreScoreOld Coventrians
1Sam Bradley1921Chris Reeve
2Ted Rogers213Bernard Keogh
3Geoff Edgington218Brian Foy
4 Colin Cameron1321Brian Walmsley
5Bob Fackrell217Bernard Bryant
6John Hyland219Anthony Cooper
7Frazer Cameron1121Malcolm Price
8Eric Russell1621John Holman

Wed 8th Aug
PosCoventry Colliery BScoreScoreAlbany B
1Steve Tate2112David Hyde
2Peter Linstead2116Gordon Gregor
3Stuart Lamond2110Derek Grimely
4Douglas Barnes1821Robert Elliot
5Gary Brookes1521David May
6Alan Fraser2117David Chater
7Rowland Clegg1221Trevor Salter
8Phil Host421Alan Checklin

Tue 7th Aug
PosFoleshill Gas CScoreScoreStandard B
1Tom Cope217John Cooper
2Ken Ward1421James Deasy
3John Smedley218Wal Tarrant
4Gwyn Richards215Barry Quirke
5Lee Gilder1321James Tabor
6Barry Smale2116John Howard
7Ralph Hood921Neville Hunt
8John Collins2110Malcolm Reeves

Wed 18th Jul
PosOld CoventriansScoreScoreFoleshill Gas C
1Bernard Keogh2119Barry Smale
2Anthony Cooper2115Mark Johansson
3Bernard Bryant2118Steve Curzons
4Chris Reeve212Ken Ward
5Brian Foy2120Tom Cope
6Malcolm Price1621John Collins
7Brian Walmsley2114Ralph Hood
8John Holman210Walk Over

Wed 18th Jul
PosAlbany BScoreScoreCoundon C
1Howard Tucker1421Sam Bradley
2Gordon Gregor1421Bob Fackrell
3Derek Grimely1221Ted Rogers
4David Hyde2118Frazer Cameron
5David May1621Geoff Edgington
6Robert Elliot921John Hyland
7Trevor Salter2113 Colin Cameron
8Alan Checklin2111Ray Bower

Wed 18th Jul
PosHerberts BScoreScoreCoventry Colliery B
1Doug Cole1521Stuart Lamond
2Paul Perry221Dave Emslie
3Kevin Perry2119Douglas Barnes
4Barry Hindson2021Phillip Ward
5Trevor Lyon1321Gary Brookes
6Stuart Wilson2120Alan Fraser
7Phil Watson1621Phil Host
8Steve Lyle2110Ken Williams

Wed 11th Jul
PosCoventry Colliery BScoreScoreStoke Coventry C
1Terry Fraser1921Brian Ryder
2Phil Host217Bill Harman
3Peter Linstead219Paddy Roche
4Alan Fraser2116Daniel Danbury
5Gary Brookes1221Den Wilkinson
6Douglas Barnes1721Brian Pearson
7Dave Emslie218Eddie Bazel
8Stuart Lamond2117Chris Pearson

Wed 11th Jul
PosStandard BScoreScoreOld Coventrians
1Barry Quirke2119Bernard Keogh
2John Howard2113Bernard Bryant
3James Tabor2113Anthony Cooper
4John Cooper1121Chris Reeve
5James Deasy1921Brian Foy
6Wal Tarrant2111Malcolm Price
7Ken Brown321Brian Walmsley
8Dave Taylor2021John Holman

Wed 11th Jul
PosCoundon CScoreScoreHerberts B
1Sam Bradley2110Barry Hindson
2Bob Fackrell213Paul Perry
3Ted Rogers2112Doug Cole
4Frazer Cameron2113Stuart Wilson
5Steve Gibbons2118Trevor Lyon
6Eric Russell1321Stuart Rendall
7Geoff Edgington216Steve Lyle
8John Hyland217Harry Wilson

Tue 10th Jul
PosFoleshill Gas CScoreScoreAlbany B
1Ken Ward2119Gordon Gregor
2Steve Curzons218Graham Burden
3Ralph Hood2115Derek Grimely
4Barry Smale218David Hyde
5Tom Cope1021Robert Elliot
6Lee Gilder921David Chater
7Roger Randle1021Trevor Salter
8John Collins1821Alan Checklin

Wed 4th Jul
PosAlbany BScoreScoreStandard B
1David Hyde214James Tabor
2Gordon Gregor2112Barry Quirke
3James Crowther214John Griffiths
4Nigel Mansfield1021John Cooper
5Robert Elliot1221James Deasy
6Derek Grimely2118Neville Hunt
7Alan Checklin215Dave Taylor
8Trevor Salter2118Wal Tarrant

Wed 4th Jul
PosHerberts BScoreScoreFoleshill Gas C
1Barry Hindson1821Ken Ward
2Kevin Perry521Gordon Curzons
3Doug Cole217Mark Johansson
4Stuart Rendall2117Lee Gilder
5Trevor Lyon2115Tom Cope
6Phil Watson2111Dave Sahan
7Steve Lyle2112Roger Randle
8Stuart Wilson1321John Collins

Tue 3rd Jul
PosStoke Coventry CScoreScoreCoundon C
1Den Wilkinson1221Ted Rogers
2Daniel Danbury821Bob Fackrell
3Paddy Roche921Frazer Cameron
4Brian Ryder2114Eric Russell
5Finlay Roche821Sam Bradley
6Ronan Allen1421Ron Harries
7Mark Roche2119John Hyland
8Robbie Allen2116Ray Bower

Wed 27th Jun
PosOld CoventriansScoreScoreAlbany B
1Bernard Keogh2113David May
2Bernard Bryant1021Graham Burden
3Anthony Cooper1221Derek Grimely
4Chris Reeve217Trevor Salter
5Brian Foy1521Robert Elliot
6Malcolm Price2113Alan Checklin
7John Holman2110Gordon Gregor
8Chris Holman021David Hyde
Our unlisted player is Bernard Bryant, 4829.

Wed 27th Jun
PosStandard BScoreScoreHerberts B
1James Deasy214Terry Fisher
2John Howard1821Paul Perry
3John Cooper2119Kevin Perry
4Dave Taylor2021Doug Cole
5Wal Tarrant2110Trevor Lyon
6Neville Hunt218Phil Watson
7James Tabor2113Barry Hindson
8Malcolm Reeves210Walk Over

Tue 26th Jun
PosFoleshill Gas CScoreScoreStoke Coventry C
1Ken Ward2118Bill Harman
2Unlisted Player2118Eddie Bazel
3Gordon Curzons217Finlay Roche
4Lee Gilder2119Daniel Danbury
5Mark Johansson1721Paddy Roche
6Tom Cope521Den Wilkinson
7Ralph Hood521Ronan Allen
8Roger Randle1221Mark Roche
Unlisted Players = 2. John Smedley, 3. Gordon Curzons

Wed 13th Jun
PosStandard BScoreScoreStoke Coventry C
1James Tabor218Paddy Roche
2Neville Hunt217Christopher Mcgreevy
3Gordon Holland1221Finlay Roche
4Barry Quirke217Daniel Danbury
5John Howard621Brian Ryder
6Wal Tarrant2021Den Wilkinson
7James Deasy218Eddie Bazel
8Dave Taylor521Greg Maher

Wed 13th Jun
PosCoundon CScoreScoreCoventry Colliery B
1Sam Bradley218Terry Fraser
2Ted Rogers2021Dave Emslie
3Frazer Cameron2117Phil Host
4Bob Fackrell217Douglas Barnes
5Geoff Edgington1421Gary Brookes
6John Hyland2112Peter Linstead
7Ray Bower2111Ken Williams
8Eric Russell721Alan Fraser

Wed 13th Jun
PosOld CoventriansScoreScoreHerberts B
1Norman Stephens2115Barry Hindson
2Bernard Keogh2116Harry Wilson
3Anthony Cooper2112Paul Perry
4Chris Reeve217Kevin Perry
5Malcolm Price1621Trevor Lyon
6Brian Foy1221Stuart Rendall
7Brian Walmsley2114Doug Cole
8John Holman1721Stuart Wilson

Wed 6th Jun
PosCoventry Colliery BScoreScoreFoleshill Gas C
1Peter Linstead2117Ken Ward
2Phil Host212Mark Johansson
3Alan Fraser1021Gwyn Richards
4Dave Emslie213Barry Smale
5Gary Brookes1821Dave Sahan
6Douglas Barnes1621Tom Cope
7Terry Fraser1221Roger Randle
8Ken Williams1021John Collins

Wed 6th Jun
PosHerberts BScoreScoreAlbany B
1Paul Perry1221Howard Tucker
2Kevin Perry2120Derek Grimely
3Stuart Rendall1621Trevor Salter
4Barry Hindson1421Gordon Gregor
5Trevor Lyon1621David May
6Stuart Wilson2110David Hyde
7Phil Watson2111Robert Elliot
8Steve Lyle1721Alan Checklin

Tue 5th Jun
PosStoke Coventry CScoreScoreOld Coventrians
1Den Wilkinson1721Norman Stephens
2Daniel Danbury321Bernard Keogh
3Ronan Allen2111Anthony Cooper
4Paddy Roche821Brian Foy
5Finlay Roche821Chris Reeve
6Joe Crichton2021Brian Walmsley
7Bill Harman2119John Holman
8Mark Roche217Chris Holman

Wed 23rd May
PosAlbany BScoreScoreStoke Coventry C
1Graham Burden2113Brian Ryder
2Howard Tucker2110Ronan Allen
3Derek Grimely2112Daniel Danbury
4Trevor Salter2113Finlay Roche
5David May1021Den Wilkinson
6Robert Elliot213Paddy Roche
7Alan Checklin218Jim Clarkson
8Gordon Gregor1221Ian Green

Wed 23rd May
PosStandard BScoreScoreCoventry Colliery B
1James Deasy2119Dave Emslie
2John Cooper2111Terry Fraser
3John Griffiths821Stuart Lamond
4Neville Hunt219Douglas Barnes
5Ken Brown1021Gary Brookes
6Wal Tarrant1821Phil Host
7Dave Taylor1321Peter Linstead
8James Tabor219Ken Williams

Tue 22nd May
PosFoleshill Gas CScoreScoreCoundon C
1Gwyn Richards1121Sam Bradley
2Lee Gilder1621Ted Rogers
3Ken Ward2114Bob Fackrell
4Chris Doughty214 Colin Cameron
5Craig Haley1821Geoff Edgington
6Barry Smale2111John Hyland
7Roger Randle2114Frazer Cameron
8John Collins213Eric Russell

Wed 16th May
PosCoundon CScoreScoreStandard B
1Sam Bradley218Ken Brown
2Ted Rogers2110James Deasy
3Ron Harries921Wal Tarrant
4Frazer Cameron2110John Griffiths
5Geoff Edgington2115Gordon Holland
6John Hyland217John Cooper
7Bob Fackrell2119Neville Hunt
8Eric Russell2111Dave Taylor

Wed 16th May
PosCoventry Colliery BScoreScoreOld Coventrians
1Peter Linstead2119Bernard Keogh
2Dave Emslie2114Anthony Cooper
3Ken Williams1421Bernard Bryant
4Gary Brookes1621Chris Reeve
5Douglas Barnes1721Brian Walmsley
6Alan Fraser2117Brian Foy
7Terry Fraser1621Malcolm Price
8Phil Host215Chris Holman
Bernard Bryant is registered Not unregistered

Wed 9th May
PosAlbany BScoreScoreCoventry Colliery B
1Howard Tucker2111Terry Fraser
2Gordon Gregor213Douglas Barnes
3Graham Burden1421Peter Linstead
4David May1121Alan Fraser
5Robert Elliot2118Dave Emslie
6Trevor Salter219Ken Williams
7Alan Checklin1021Phil Host
8David Hyde721Gary Brookes

Wed 9th May
PosStandard BScoreScoreFoleshill Gas C
1James Tabor1721Gwyn Richards
2John Griffiths2118Tom Cope
3Neville Hunt2113Ken Ward
4John Howard421Chris Doughty
5John Cooper219Lee Gilder
6Ken Brown1821Ralph Hood
7Wal Tarrant1921Roger Randle
8James Deasy1521John Collins

Wed 9th May
PosOld CoventriansScoreScoreCoundon C
1Bernard Keogh821Sam Bradley
2Norman Stephens2118Ted Rogers
3Anthony Cooper1421Bob Fackrell
4Chris Reeve212 Colin Cameron
5Brian Foy2021Geoff Edgington
6Brian Walmsley1421John Hyland
7Malcolm Price2110Frazer Cameron
8John Holman621Eric Russell
Our unlisted player is Anthony Cooper who is registered. His number is 4809.

Wed 2nd May
PosCoventry Colliery BScoreScoreHerberts B
1Ken Williams2116Terry Fisher
2Graham Downing2116Trevor Lyon
3Peter Linstead1921Doug Cole
4Douglas Barnes2119Kevin Perry
5Terry Fraser2119Stuart Rendall
6Phil Host2115Paul Perry
7Gary Brookes1421Stuart Wilson
8Dave Emslie218Phil Watson

Wed 2nd May
PosCoundon CScoreScoreAlbany B
1Sam Bradley216David Hyde
2Ted Rogers217Howard Tucker
3Frazer Cameron2114Graham Burden
4Ron Harries2116Derek Grimely
5Geoff Edgington2116Trevor Salter
6John Hyland2116David May
7Bob Fackrell1521Robert Elliot
8Eric Russell1521Alan Checklin

Tue 1st May
PosFoleshill Gas CScoreScoreOld Coventrians
1Chris Doughty218Bernard Keogh
2Tom Cope821Brian Foy
3Craig Haley721Chris Reeve
4Ken Ward2115Norman Stephens
5Barry Smale216Unlisted Player
6Roger Hood2118Brian Walmsley
7Roger Randle2115Malcolm Price
8John Collins2115John Holman
Unlisted players are Roger Hood (on the list as Ralph Hood) and Anthony Cooper

Wed 25th Apr
PosAlbany BScoreScoreFoleshill Gas C
1David Hyde2119Gwyn Richards
2Graham Burden821Barry Smale
3Robert Elliot2112Dave Sahan
4Trevor Salter216Mark Johansson
5Gordon Gregor217Ralph Hood
6Howard Tucker2110Lee Gilder
7Alan Checklin2114Craig Haley
8David May218John Collins

Wed 25th Apr
PosOld CoventriansScoreScoreStandard B
1Bernard Keogh2118Wal Tarrant
2Norman Stephens211John Howard
3Anthony Cooper1521James Tabor
4Brian Foy2118John Griffiths
5Chris Reeve214Neville Hunt
6Brian Walmsley214John Cooper
7Malcolm Price1221Ken Brown
8John Holman1021James Deasy
New player, Anthony cooper registered. NM4809.

Wed 25th Apr
PosHerberts BScoreScoreCoundon C
1Barry Hindson1021Sam Bradley
2Stuart Wilson218 Colin Cameron
3Doug Cole621Ted Rogers
4Trevor Lyon721Frazer Cameron
5Steve Lyle2116Geoff Edgington
6Phil Watson2119John Hyland
7Kevin Perry321Bob Fackrell
8Unlisted Player721Eric Russell

Tue 24th Apr
PosStoke Coventry CScoreScoreCoventry Colliery B
1Greg Maher2115Dave Emslie
2Finlay Roche1321Ken Williams
3Paddy Roche1721Terry Fraser
4Daniel Danbury1221Stuart Lamond
5Den Wilkinson1721Gary Brookes
6Ronan Allen1621Peter Linstead
7Brian Allen2021Phil Host
8Mark Roche2115Ian Linstead

Wed 18th Apr
PosStandard BScoreScoreAlbany B
1John Cooper1021David Hyde
2Gordon Holland121David Chater
3John Griffiths1121Gordon Gregor
4Wal Tarrant2115Alan Checklin
5Ken Brown219Graham Burden
6James Deasy2117Derek Grimely
7James Tabor2114David May
8Neville Hunt1221Paul Kelly

Wed 18th Apr
PosCoundon CScoreScoreStoke Coventry C
1Sam Bradley216Ronan Allen
2Ted Rogers216Paddy Roche
3 Colin Cameron2117Daniel Danbury
4Ron Harries219Brian Ryder
5Geoff Edgington2110Finlay Roche
6John Hyland218Eddie Bazel
7Bob Fackrell215Bill Harman
8Eric Russell2110Den Wilkinson

Tue 17th Apr
PosFoleshill Gas CScoreScoreHerberts B
1Gwyn Richards2110Paul Perry
2Dave Sahan219Doug Cole
3Lee Gilder1121Stuart Wilson
4Roger Hood2116Stuart Rendall
5Craig Haley2116Phil Watson
6Tom Cope821Trevor Lyon
7Roger Randle2113Kevin Perry
8John Collins212Barry Hindson

Wed 11th Apr
PosAlbany BScoreScoreOld Coventrians
1David Hyde2114Norman Stephens
2Howard Tucker219Bernard Keogh
3Derek Grimely1721Chris Reeve
4Tom Collins1821Brian Foy
5Graham Burden1321Brian Walmsley
6Gordon Gregor1321Malcolm Price
7Alan Checklin2119John Holman
8Paul Kelly215Chris Holman

Wed 11th Apr
PosHerberts BScoreScoreStandard B
1Kevin Perry1321James Deasy
2Doug Cole2112John Cooper
3Trevor Lyon1921Gordon Holland
4Phil Watson216Ken Brown
5Stuart Rendall921Neville Hunt
6Paul Perry1521Dave Taylor
7Terry Fisher2113John Griffiths
8Steve Lyle2118James Tabor

Tue 10th Apr
PosStoke Coventry CScoreScoreFoleshill Gas C
1Brian Ryder2117Gwyn Richards
2Ronan Allen521Chris Doughty
3Daniel Danbury221Lee Gilder
4Finlay Roche2112Tom Cope
5Paddy Roche2113Ralph Hood
6Bill Harman1721Charlie Healey
7Den Wilkinson621Roger Randle
8Mark Roche2112John Collins