Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2019

Shropshire League

Latest results for Shrewsbury Div. 3

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Tue 16th Jul
PosCastlefields BScoreScoreHanwood B
1Neil Thomas2117Phil J Price
2Peter Ashley2021Paul Charlesworth
3Alan Peach219Christine Phillips
4Craig Walker1421Vi Houston Best Result
5Graham Wall Best Result213Tony Beamond
6Liam Page2110Max Houston
7Dave Wall214Jason Houston
8Russell Tipton2116Wayne Edwards
9Ally Roberts2110Jack Phillips
10Shaun O1521Roger Houston

Tue 16th Jul
PosBicton BScoreScoreTelepost B
1John Sudlow721Craig Charles Best Result
2Billy Jones2111Margaret Flattley
3Val Roberts2021Derek Flattley
4Tony Dawson2115Robin Sprigg
5Roger Oldacre Best Result211John Bowater
6Steve Williams218Unlisted Player
7Shaun Phillips821Rob Morris
8Ant Williams1721Alan West
9Kevin Sudlow1621Glyn Rosser
10Julie Williams2115Martin Snow

Tue 16th Jul
PosCrescent BScoreScoreFrankwell
1Andy Maycock721John Binnersley Best Result
2Graham Hughes2115Haydon Jenkinson
3Brian Richards2118Chris Hose
4Paul Turford2113Richard Ewels
5John Wycherley Best Result216Mark Lloyd
6Darren Edwards1721Helen Edwards
7Dan Laurens2119Terry Brookes
8Dave Maycock1421Chris Knight
9Alan Hotchkiss2114Bob Simpson
10Mike Greaves1921Andy Dorsett

Tue 16th Jul
PosDorrington ScoreScorePrince of Wales B
1Trevor Parry Best Result218Lee Tipton
2Dave Higgins2114Geoff Tipton
3Roger Pearson2115John Evans
4Barry Patsalides2114Alan Potts
5Arnie Jones2112John Ford
6Anne Higgins2119Bryan Price
7Gordon Cooke1521Andy Lockley Best Result
8Peter Warhurst2116Glyn Harvey
9Chris Breakell2021Jack Price
10Peter Smith2118Darren Jones

Tue 16th Jul
PosPrince of Wales AScoreScoreCastlefields C
1Chris Slawson1721Matty Hyde
2Tom Gregory1521Dan Price
3Mike Binnersley1021Steve Peach Best Result
4Ryan Hutchings2115Steve Heath
5Tom Moseley1721Carl Martin
6Dan Guest Best Result218Terry Thorne
7Matthew Heath1321Luke Suter
8Michael Cooper1421Kieran Walker
9Alex Nicholls1721Steve Mackett
10James Mansell2110Steph Clarke

Tue 9th Jul
PosMeole Brace BScoreScoreBicton B
1Tony Crundell Best Result217John Sudlow
2Peter Morgan-jones2110Billy Jones
3Chris Davies2120Andy Gale
4Peter Phillips2116Paul Idris Evans
5Dan White2111Roger Oldacre
6Barry Lowe219Steve Williams
7Vernon Biggs2120Pat Oliver
8Neil Pickin2115Kevin Sudlow
9Gareth Davies2119Shaun Phillips
10Chris Kershaw1621Julie Williams Best Result

Tue 9th Jul
PosTelepost BScoreScoreDorrington
1Derek Flattley2113Roger Pearson
2Craig Charles Best Result217Dave Higgins
3Robin Sprigg1321Barry Patsalides
4Margaret Flattley1621George Morris
5John Bowater2117Joan Sadd
6Alan West2114Arnie Jones
7Rob Morris2118Gordon Cooke
8Gordon Draycott2117Dennis Oakley
9Martin Snow821Peter Smith Best Result
10Paul Pritchard1821Chris Breakell

Tue 9th Jul
PosHanwood BScoreScoreCrescent B
1Phil J Price217Darren Edwards
2Vi Houston1821Brian Richards
3Clive Goodwin2117Paul Turford
4Paul Charlesworth1321Andy Maycock
5Max Houston721Dan Laurens Best Result
6Christine Phillips1721John Wycherley
7Martin Sandells Best Result216Dean Alltree
8Roger Houston2117Dave Maycock
9Jack Phillips2112Alan Hotchkiss
10Wayne Edwards2110Dave Rowe

Tue 9th Jul
PosCastlefields CScoreScoreCastlefields B
1Carl Jones1521Neil Thomas
2Kieran Walker Best Result216Michael Rogers
3Dan Price2116Alan Peach
4Matty Hyde1321Craig Walker
5Luke Suter1121Liam Page
6Steve Peach1021Graham Wall Best Result
7Terry Thorne1421Russell Tipton
8Steve Heath Best Result216Peter Ashley
9Ben Atter1021Shaun O Best Result
10Steph Clarke1321Ally Roberts

Tue 9th Jul
PosPrince of Wales BScoreScorePrince of Wales A
1John Evans1221Chris Slawson
2John Ford1221Mike Binnersley
3Geoff Tipton1521Tom Gregory
4Lee Tipton2117Michael Cooper
5Bryan Price2116Dan Guest
6Glyn Harvey2113Matthew Heath
7Brian Austin Best Result2110Dan Beaman
8Andy Lockley2117Tom Moseley
9Darren Jones1121Alex Nicholls
10Jack Price821James Mansell Best Result

Tue 2nd Jul
PosMeole Brace BScoreScoreDorrington
1Tony Crundell219George Morris
2Chris Kershaw1921Dave Higgins
3Steve Phillips1721Roger Pearson
4Peter Morgan-jones219Gordon Cooke
5Dan White Best Result218Dennis Oakley
6Mary Woodcock1021Joan Sadd
7Barry Lowe1021Arnie Jones
8Neil Pickin921Peter Warhurst Best Result
9Gareth Davies2114Barry Patsalides
10Vernon Biggs1921Peter Smith

Tue 2nd Jul
PosTelepost BScoreScoreCastlefields B
1Margaret Flattley621Neil Thomas Best Result
2Robin Sprigg921Craig Walker
3Derek Flattley2120Michael Rogers
4Craig Charles Best Result217Peter Ashley
5Alan West219Liam Page
6John Bowater1221Graham Wall
7Rob Morris1321Russell Tipton
8Gordon Draycott2112Graham Evans
9Paul Pritchard2113Shaun O
10Martin Snow2120Dave Wall

Tue 2nd Jul
PosPrince of Wales BScoreScoreCrescent B
1Lee Tipton218Brian Richards
2John Ford Best Result217Dave Maycock
3John Ramsay2111Andy Maycock
4Bryan Price2114Kevin Barratt
5Alan Dean1521Dan Laurens Best Result
6Andy Lockley Best Result217Darren Edwards
7Alan Potts1521John Wycherley Best Result
8Glyn Harvey2118Paul Turford
9Brian Austin1721Dave Rowe
10Darren Jones1521Alan Hotchkiss Best Result

Tue 2nd Jul
PosFrankwellScoreScoreBicton B
1John Binnersley1821Roger Oldacre
2Chris Knight1721Pat Oliver
3Dilwyn Edwards216Billy Jones
4Richard Ewels2111John Sudlow
5Terry Brookes Best Result213Steve Williams
6Haydon Jenkinson2120Paul Idris Evans
7Helen Edwards1321Shaun Phillips
8Jack Haycocks2120Val Roberts
9Bob Simpson2115Julie Williams
10Chris Hose1021Kevin Sudlow Best Result
Another fine evening on the riverside at Frankwell with a few tight games which could have gone either way.

Tue 2nd Jul
PosHanwood BScoreScoreCastlefields C
1Phil J Price2114Matty Hyde
2Vi Houston2114Luke Suter
3Clive Goodwin2118Terry Thorne
4Roger Houston1421Steve Heath
5Max Houston Best Result2110Steve Mackett
6Jason Houston2116Carl Martin
7Paul Charlesworth1821Kieran Walker
8John Rowe1021Dan Price Best Result
9Jack Phillips1821Steph Clarke
10Wayne Edwards2115Steve Peach

Sun 30th Jun
PosHanwood BScoreScoreMeole Brace B
1Wayne Edwards2112Barry Lowe
2Jason Houston1821Tony Crundell
3George Burton1321Chris Davies
4Vi Houston1721Chris Kershaw
5John Rowe2112Dan White
6Max Houston721Steve Phillips Best Result
7John Baxter2119Peter Morgan-jones
8Roger Houston Best Result216Neil Pickin
9Phil J Price2111Vernon Biggs
10Jack Phillips2117Gareth Davies

Tue 25th Jun
PosBicton BScoreScoreHanwood B
1John Sudlow2110Paul Charlesworth
2Billy Jones1021Jason Houston
3Val Roberts1721Vi Houston
4Shaun Phillips921Phil J Price Best Result
5Steve Williams Best Result212Christine Phillips
6Pat Oliver2112Max Houston
7Andy Gale2112John Rowe
8Paul Idris Evans2119Jack Phillips
9Julie Williams2112Martin Sandells
10Roger Oldacre2116Roger Houston

Tue 25th Jun
PosCastlefields BScoreScorePrince of Wales B
1Graham Wall2116John Evans
2Michael Rogers216Lee Tipton
3Craig Walker215Geoff Tipton
4Neil Thomas214John Ford
5Russell Tipton Best Result211Alan Dean
6Shaun O2114Andy Lockley
7Dave Wall1321Brian Austin Best Result
8Liam Page1621Glyn Harvey
9Ally Roberts215John Ramsay
10Mark Walker218Darren Jones

Tue 25th Jun
PosDorrington ScoreScoreFrankwell
1Joan Sadd218Chris Knight
2Gordon Cooke2117Chris Griffiths
3George Morris2021Terry Brookes
4Roger Pearson219Haydon Jenkinson
5Peter Warhurst1821Mark Lloyd
6Chris Breakell Best Result217John Binnersley
7Arnie Jones2117Helen Edwards
8Barry Patsalides2116Andy Dorsett
9Trevor Parry1621Bob Simpson Best Result
10Dave Higgins2116Richard Ewels
Game was played in an excellent spirit through continuous drizzle.

Tue 25th Jun
PosPrince of Wales AScoreScoreMeole Brace B
1Dan Guest1521Chris Kershaw
2Tom Gregory721Tony Crundell
3Tom Moseley2113 Steve Rigby
4Chris Slawson2118Chris Davies
5Michael Cooper Best Result2110Neil Pickin
6Amanda Johnson521Barry Lowe Best Result
7Ivor Sargent2117Dan White
8Alex Nicholls1021Steve Phillips
9Mike Binnersley1521Vernon Biggs
10James Mansell2120Gareth Davies

Tue 25th Jun
PosCastlefields CScoreScoreTelepost B
1Matty Hyde Best Result218Robin Sprigg
2Kieran Walker2110Gordon Draycott
3Steve Heath2118Martin Snow
4Steve Mackett1721Alan West
5Andrew Evans1421Rob Morris Best Result
6Terry Thorne1621Margaret Flattley
7Robert Hartshorne1621Derek Flattley
8Steve Peach2111John Bowater
9Joe Hotchkiss1621Glyn Rosser
10Steph Clarke2115Paul Pritchard

Thu 20th Jun
PosFrankwellScoreScoreHanwood B
1John Binnersley1521Phil J Price Best Result
2Brian Bennett2114Jack Phillips
3Dilwyn Edwards2116Jason Houston
4Haydon Jenkinson214Paul Charlesworth
5Terry Brookes2118John Rowe
6Richard Ewels2114Vi Houston
7Helen Edwards Best Result213Steve Jones
8Mark Lloyd215Max Houston
9Chris Hose1721Wayne Edwards
10Bob Simpson2114Roger Houston
A sunny day at last and a very friendly bowls match. My compliments to all players and spectators.

Wed 19th Jun
PosCrescent BScoreScorePrince of Wales A
1Andy Maycock Best Result214Chris Slawson
2Graham Hughes2120Ryan Hutchings Best Result
3Paul Turford2117Dan Beaman
4Brian Richards219Michael Cooper
5John Wycherley217Amanda Johnson
6Dan Laurens2119Tom Gregory
7Dean Alltree2116Tom Moseley
8Darren Edwards2112Matt Cliffe
9Dave Rowe2118Mike Binnersley
10Alan Hotchkiss2115Alex Nicholls

Tue 18th Jun
PosMeole Brace BScoreScoreCastlefields B
1Chris Kershaw2119Neil Thomas
2Tony Crundell Best Result210Michael Rogers
3Chris Davies2112Peter Ashley
4Barry Lowe621Russell Tipton Best Result
5Dan White1721Liam Page
6Mary Woodcock2119Graham Evans
7 Steve Rigby210Walk Over
8Steve Phillips1721Dave Wall
9Vernon Biggs2115Shaun O
10Gareth Davies216Ally Roberts

Tue 18th Jun
PosFrankwellScoreScorePrince of Wales A
1John Binnersley2111James Mansell
2Chris Griffiths721Chris Slawson Best Result
3Haydon Jenkinson1021Ryan Hutchings
4Jack Haycocks1321Dan Guest
5Terry Brookes Best Result217Callum Gwilliams
6Richard Ewels1721Michael Cooper
7Helen Edwards1921Tom Gregory
8Mark Lloyd Best Result217Matthew Heath
9Chris Hose218Alex Nicholls
10Bob Simpson2111Ivor Sargent

Tue 18th Jun
PosCrescent BScoreScoreBicton B
1Andy Maycock219Paul Idris Evans
2Kevin Barratt1121Shaun Phillips Best Result
3Paul Turford219John Sudlow
4Brian Richards1621Kevin Sudlow
5John Wycherley Best Result215Ken Barrow
6Daz Hunting1821Julie Waters
7Dan Laurens2110Roger Oldacre
8Darren Edwards1621Steve Williams
9Dave Rowe219Val Roberts
10Alan Hotchkiss219Julie Williams

Tue 18th Jun
PosPrince of Wales BScoreScoreCastlefields C
1John Evans2115Steve Peach
2Lee Tipton215Robert Hartshorne
3Geoff Tipton Best Result214Carl Jones
4John Ford2116Dan Price
5Brian Austin217Alfie Jones
6Bryan Price1321Terry Thorne
7Andy Lockley2115Luke Suter
8Alan Potts821Joe Hotchkiss Best Result
9Jack Price219Steve Heath
10Darren Jones1821Kieran Walker

Tue 18th Jun
PosTelepost BScoreScoreHanwood B
1Derek Flattley2117Phil J Price
2Martin Snow2120Jason Houston
3Robin Sprigg1821Paul Charlesworth
4Margaret Flattley1521Wayne Edwards Best Result
5Rob Morris2114Vi Houston
6John Bowater2113Steve Jones
7Alan West2113Max Houston
8Gordon Draycott Best Result219Unlisted Player
9Paul Pritchard2111Roger Houston
10Glyn Rosser2117Jack Phillips

Tue 11th Jun
PosDorrington ScoreScoreCrescent B
1Dave Higgins2114Andy Maycock
2Joan Sadd1721Brian Richards
3Roger Pearson Best Result217Kevin Barratt
4George Morris2112Paul Turford
5Peter Warhurst1521Dan Laurens Best Result
6Gordon Cooke2114Dean Alltree
7Dennis Oakley2113Darren Edwards
8Anne Higgins2120John Wycherley
9Barry Patsalides2119Dave Rowe
10Peter Smith2118Alan Hotchkiss

Tue 11th Jun
PosPrince of Wales AScoreScoreTelepost B
1Tom Gregory2113Craig Charles
2Michael Cooper1821Gordon Draycott
3Chris Slawson Best Result215Alan West
4Dan Beaman219Robin Sprigg
5Amanda Johnson621John Bowater Best Result
6Ryan Hutchings217Margaret Flattley
7Mike Binnersley1221Derek Flattley
8Dan Guest2120Rob Morris
9Ivor Sargent1621Glyn Rosser
10Alex Nicholls2118Paul Pritchard

Tue 11th Jun
PosPrince of Wales BScoreScoreBicton B
1Geoff Tipton1321Andy Gale
2Lee Tipton Best Result214Steve Williams
3John Ramsay2116John Sudlow
4John Evans2117Julie Williams
5John Ford821Val Roberts Best Result
6Andy Lockley217Roger Oldacre
7Jack Price1521Rob Jones
8Brian Austin1821Paul Idris Evans
9Glyn Harvey2118Shaun Phillips
10Darren Jones2021Kevin Sudlow
Two names missing off the card and this fixture was reversed (POW B at home).

Tue 4th Jun
PosDorrington ScoreScoreBicton B
1Roger Pearson2114Billy Jones
2Peter Warhurst2021Pat Oliver
3George Morris2112John Sudlow
4Trevor Parry2113Paul Idris Evans
5Dave Higgins2116Shaun Phillips
6Joan Sadd2113Steve Williams
7Arnie Jones521Roger Oldacre Best Result
8Gordon Cooke1321Kevin Sudlow
9Chris Breakell Best Result216Val Roberts
10Peter Smith219Julie Williams

Tue 4th Jun
PosMeole Brace BScoreScoreCastlefields C
1Gareth Davies2112Steve Heath
2Peter Morgan-jones2120Dan Price
3Tony Crundell2113Matty Hyde
4Chris Davies1621Steph Clarke
5Sandra Crundell1121Luke Suter
6Dan White Best Result213Unlisted Player
7Barry Lowe321Kieran Walker Best Result
8Steve Phillips2114Carl Jones
9Neil Pickin2118Joe Hotchkiss
10Chris Kershaw2021Andrew Evans

Tue 4th Jun
PosPrince of Wales BScoreScoreTelepost B
1John Evans217Derek Flattley
2Lee Tipton Best Result214Robin Sprigg
3John Ford2113Craig Charles
4Geoff Tipton2112Margaret Flattley
5John Ramsay921Peter Shingler Best Result
6Glyn Harvey1621Rob Morris
7Brian Austin921Alan West Best Result
8Andy Lockley2111John Bowater
9Darren Jones2114Paul Pritchard
10Alan Potts2113Martin Snow

Tue 28th May
PosPrince of Wales AScoreScoreDorrington
1Ryan Hutchings2112Arnie Jones
2Matthew Heath2118Peter Warhurst
3Michael Cooper2110Roger Pearson
4Chris Slawson2118George Morris
5Alex Nicholls2110Dennis Oakley
6Dan Guest2119Gordon Cooke
7Tom Gregory2114Joan Sadd
8James Mansell Best Result216Dave Higgins
9Mike Binnersley1421Peter Smith Best Result
10Ivor Sargent2120Anne Higgins

Tue 28th May
PosTelepost BScoreScoreMeole Brace B
1Craig Charles2113Vernon Biggs
2Robin Sprigg2113Barry Lowe
3Margaret Flattley2115Chris Davies
4Derek Flattley2116Chris Kershaw
5John Bowater2120Dan White
6Alan West1421Steve Phillips Best Result
7Rob Morris2110Peter Morgan-jones
8Peter Shingler Best Result219 Steve Rigby
9Paul Pritchard2021Gareth Davies
10Martin Snow2113Tony Crundell

Tue 28th May
PosCastlefields BScoreScoreCrescent B
1Peter Ashley721Kevin Barratt Best Result
2Craig Walker Best Result216Darren Edwards
3Neil Thomas2117Andy Maycock
4Michael Rogers2116Brian Richards
5Liam Page218Dan Laurens
6Mike Pugh1321John Wycherley
7Dave Wall2117Dean Alltree
8Graham Evans2115Daz Hunting
9Ally Roberts1021Alan Hotchkiss
10Shaun O2113Dave Rowe

Tue 28th May
PosCastlefields CScoreScoreFrankwell
1Steve Heath2117Richard Ewels
2Steph Clarke2115John Binnersley
3Matty Hyde1221Mike Flanagan Best Result
4Kieran Walker1721Mel Yates
5Terry Thorne1921Helen Edwards
6Craig Brandon2113Mark Lloyd
7Alfie Jones1521Terry Brookes
8Steve Mackett1721Chris Hose
9Steve Peach Best Result219Bob Simpson
10Joe Hotchkiss2117Jack Haycocks

Tue 28th May
PosHanwood BScoreScorePrince of Wales B
1Clive Goodwin2112Glyn Harvey
2Jason Houston217John Evans
3Phil J Price Best Result213Geoff Tipton
4Wayne Edwards218Alan Potts
5Vi Houston2113John Ford
6Max Houston1221Andy Lockley Best Result
7Martin Sandells2112Brian Austin
8Steve Jones1921Jack Price
9John Baxter219John Ramsay
10Roger Houston1221Darren Jones Best Result

Wed 22nd May
PosDorrington ScoreScoreTelepost B
1Peter Warhurst2118Craig Charles
2Arnie Jones821Bob Yapp Best Result
3George Morris2114Robin Sprigg
4Trevor Parry2113Margaret Flattley
5Roger Pearson2119John Bowater
6Joan Sadd1321Rob Morris
7Dave Higgins1621Derek Flattley
8Gordon Cooke2119Paul Pritchard
9Chris Breakell2119Glyn Rosser
10Peter Smith Best Result2110Martin Snow

Tue 21st May
PosBicton BScoreScorePrince of Wales A
1Karen Bennett Best Result216Dan Guest
2Norman Barkley421Chris Slawson Best Result
3Paul Idris Evans1121James Mansell
4John Sudlow1821Michael Cooper
5Pat Oliver2113Ivor Sargent
6Ken Barrow2118Tom Gregory
7Val Roberts210Walk Over
8Steve Williams1821Joan Gregory
9Roger Oldacre1121Alex Nicholls
10Julie Williams2110Tom Moseley

Tue 21st May
PosFrankwellScoreScoreTelepost B
1Chris Knight1921Derek Flattley Best Result
2Dilwyn Edwards2113Gordon Draycott
3Jack Haycocks219Robin Sprigg
4Chris Hose Best Result218Craig Charles
5Mel Yates2116Alan West
6Richard Ewels2117Rob Morris
7Helen Edwards2021John Bowater
8Mike Flanagan2120Margaret Flattley
9Chris Dorsett2113Martin Snow
10Bob Simpson2113Peter Shingler

Tue 21st May
PosCrescent BScoreScoreCastlefields C
1Andy Maycock219Matty Hyde
2Paul Turford721Dan Price Best Result
3Darren Edwards821Steph Clarke
4Graham Hughes1921Steve Heath
5John Wycherley2114Steve Mackett
6Kevin Barratt2114Terry Thorne
7Dan Laurens2114Andrew Evans
8Daz Hunting2119Luke Suter
9Alan Hotchkiss Best Result213Robert Hartshorne
10Dave Rowe2116Kieran Walker

Tue 21st May
PosDorrington ScoreScoreCastlefields B
1Dave Higgins2021Michael Rogers
2George Morris2111Russell Tipton
3Joan Sadd1921Neil Thomas
4Trevor Parry Best Result217Peter Ashley
5Roger Pearson2115Mike Pugh
6Gordon Cooke1321Liam Page
7Peter Warhurst2115Dave Wall
8Arnie Jones2116Graham Evans
9Chris Breakell721Ally Roberts Best Result
10Peter Smith1821Shaun O

Tue 21st May
PosPrince of Wales BScoreScoreMeole Brace B
1John Evans1921Gareth Davies
2Geoff Tipton2111Chris Kershaw
3John Ford2115Mary Woodcock
4Lee Tipton2114 Steve Rigby
5Bryan Price1121Peter Morgan-jones Best Result
6Andy Lockley2110Sandra Crundell
7Alan Dean1421Steve Phillips
8Jack Price2110Jan Wilkinson
9Darren Jones1921Neil Pickin
10Brian Austin Best Result219Dan White

Tue 14th May
PosPrince of Wales BScoreScoreFrankwell
1John Ford Best Result216Mel Yates
2Geoff Tipton621John Binnersley Best Result
3John Evans2111Chris Griffiths
4Lee Tipton2114Chris Hose
5Andy Lockley Best Result216Terry Brookes
6Jack Price2120Helen Edwards
7Alan Potts2114Jack Haycocks
8John Ramsay2113Richard Ewels
9Glyn Harvey2112Dilwyn Edwards
10Brian Austin1521Bob Simpson

Tue 14th May
PosMeole Brace BScoreScoreCrescent B
1John Cooper Best Result213Darren Edwards
2Gareth Davies2114Andy Maycock
3Barry Lowe2117Brian Richards
4Chris Kershaw2021Paul Turford
5Mary Woodcock219Dean Alltree
6Sandra Crundell1821Kevin Barratt
7Dan White1421John Wycherley Best Result
8Neil Pickin1821Dan Laurens
9Bob Cliffe2113Dave Rowe
10Tony Crundell1521Alan Hotchkiss

Tue 14th May
PosCastlefields CScoreScoreDorrington
1Steph Clarke2116George Morris
2Steve Peach217Arnie Jones
3Kieran Walker219Roger Pearson
4Matty Hyde2110Peter Warhurst
5Steve Mackett1621Gordon Cooke
6Robert Hartshorne1421Barry Patsalides
7Terry Thorne2114Joan Sadd
8Andrew Evans Best Result215Tom Williams
9Steve Heath2021Peter Smith
10Carl Jones521Chris Breakell Best Result

Tue 14th May
PosHanwood BScoreScorePrince of Wales A
1Clive Goodwin1821James Mansell
2Vi Houston1821Dan Guest
3George Burton1721Alex Nicholls
4Phil J Price Best Result211Ryan Hutchings
5Christine Phillips1421Tom Moseley
6Jason Houston2113Michael Cooper
7Martin Sandells621Tom Gregory Best Result
8John Rowe1721Matthew Heath
9Wayne Edwards218Chris Slawson
10Roger Houston2116Ivor Sargent

Tue 14th May
PosCastlefields BScoreScoreBicton B
1Russell Tipton2113Norman Barkley
2Michael Rogers218Shaun Phillips
3Neil Thomas2114John Sudlow
4Craig Walker1821Kevin Sudlow Best Result
5Dave Wall217Tony Dawson
6Liam Page Best Result216Billy Jones
7Mike Pugh2118Roger Oldacre
8Peter Ashley2115Steve Williams
9Shaun O2112Val Roberts
10Ally Roberts Best Result216Julie Williams

Tue 7th May
PosFrankwellScoreScoreMeole Brace B
1John Binnersley2021Chris Davies
2Mel Yates821Gareth Davies Best Result
3Chris Griffiths2117Chris Kershaw
4Chris Knight2117 Steve Rigby
5Terry Brookes2115Barry Lowe
6Helen Edwards1821Dan White
7Mark Lloyd Best Result2114Steve Phillips
8Jack Haycocks1721Peter Morgan-jones
9Chris Hose1421Tony Crundell
10Bob Simpson2118Vernon Biggs
Great match with some tight games.

Tue 7th May
PosBicton BScoreScoreCastlefields C
1Norman Barkley821Dan Price Best Result
2Karen Bennett2113Luke Suter
3Andy Gale2115Terry Thorne
4John Sudlow1421Matty Hyde
5Pat Oliver2114Robert Hartshorne
6Shaun Phillips Best Result218Alfie Jones
7Kevin Sudlow1221Kieran Walker
8Roger Oldacre2115Steph Clarke
9Julie Waters2111Ben Atter
10Val Roberts2117Carl Jones

Tue 7th May
PosCrescent BScoreScoreTelepost B
1Andy Maycock2021Derek Flattley
2John Wycherley Best Result217Rob Morris
3Dean Alltree1821Gordon Draycott
4Paul Turford2120Paul Pritchard
5Dan Laurens219Alan West
6Brian Richards2112Robin Sprigg
7Darren Edwards1321Craig Charles Best Result
8Kevin Barratt Best Result217Margaret Flattley
9Alan Hotchkiss2115Glyn Rosser
10Dave Rowe1421Martin Snow

Tue 7th May
PosPrince of Wales AScoreScoreCastlefields B
1Tom Gregory2118Neil Thomas
2Chris Slawson Best Result219Graham Evans
3Matthew Heath2118Craig Walker
4Michael Cooper1621Michael Rogers
5Dan Guest2111Dave Wall
6Mike Binnersley1621Russell Tipton
7Tom Moseley1221Liam Page Best Result
8James Mansell2111Mike Pugh
9Alex Nicholls2113Shaun O
10Walk Over021Ally Roberts

Tue 7th May
PosDorrington ScoreScoreHanwood B
1Gordon Cooke2114Vi Houston
2George Morris2111Christine Phillips
3Peter Warhurst2117Jason Houston
4Roger Pearson2120Clive Goodwin
5Tom Williams1121Wayne Edwards
6Joan Sadd2113George Burton
7Dennis Oakley217Max Houston
8Dave Higgins821Phil J Price Best Result
9Arnie Jones2116Roger Houston
10Chris Breakell Best Result216John Baxter

Tue 30th Apr
PosTelepost BScoreScoreBicton B
1Derek Flattley2115Shaun Phillips
2Craig Charles2110Norman Barkley
3Margaret Flattley2119Billy Jones
4Robin Sprigg1921John Sudlow
5John Bowater1921Roger Oldacre
6Alan West2115Kevin Sudlow
7Rob Morris Best Result217Steve Williams
8Martin Snow1221Pat Oliver Best Result
9Paul Pritchard1621Julie Williams
10Glyn Rosser2113Val Roberts

Tue 30th Apr
PosPrince of Wales BScoreScoreDorrington
1Lee Tipton Best Result219Roger Pearson
2John Ford2113Gordon Cooke
3John Evans2117Barry Patsalides
4Geoff Tipton2116George Morris
5Pip Pugh1921Dave Higgins
6Andy Lockley2117Peter Warhurst
7John Ramsay2119Arnie Jones
8Alan Potts2113Dennis Oakley
9Jack Price2115Peter Smith
10Brian Austin1621Chris Breakell Best Result

Tue 30th Apr
PosHanwood BScoreScoreCastlefields B
1Sam Downes Best Result217Peter Ashley
2Clive Goodwin1621Russell Tipton
3Vi Houston2118Neil Thomas
4Christine Phillips221Liam Page Best Result
5John Rowe621Mike Pugh
6Max Houston1921Fred Wear
7Wayne Edwards1921Michael Rogers
8George Burton1421Shaun O
9Jack Phillips2115Ally Roberts
10Roger Houston1421Dave Wall

Tue 30th Apr
PosFrankwellScoreScoreCrescent B
1Chris Knight Best Result211Dean Alltree
2Terry Brookes1221Brian Richards Best Result
3Mel Yates1821Andy Maycock
4Dilwyn Edwards Best Result211Graham Hughes
5John Binnersley2119Kevin Barratt
6Helen Edwards1821John Wycherley
7Jack Haycocks2114Paul Turford
8Richard Ewels1621Dan Laurens
9Chris Hose1621Alan Hotchkiss
10Bob Simpson213Dave Rowe

Tue 30th Apr
PosCastlefields CScoreScorePrince of Wales A
1Luke Suter1221James Mansell
2Dan Price2116Mike Binnersley
3Steph Clarke219Chris Slawson
4Matty Hyde2117Tom Gregory
5Steve Mackett1021Dan Guest Best Result
6Steve Peach2115Alex Nicholls
7Terry Thorne2119Tom Moseley
8Robert Hartshorne219Amanda Johnson
9Steve Heath Best Result214Joan Gregory
10Ben Atter2021Ivor Sargent

Tue 23rd Apr
PosCastlefields BScoreScoreCastlefields C
1Craig Walker2120Steve Peach
2Russell Tipton2111Ade Clarke
3Neil Thomas2119Matty Hyde
4Michael Rogers2115Steph Clarke
5Liam Page Best Result219Robert Hartshorne
6Peter Ashley2114Steve Mackett
7Graham Evans1821Terry Thorne
8Mike Pugh021Kieran Walker Best Result
9Dave Wall1521Steve Heath
10Craig Elson2112Ben Atter

Tue 23rd Apr
PosCrescent BScoreScoreHanwood B
1Andy Maycock2114Paul Charlesworth
2Graham Hughes421Sam Downes Best Result
3Darren Edwards921Clive Goodwin
4Brian Richards2115Wayne Edwards
5John Wycherley2120Vi Houston
6Paul Turford Best Result2112Jason Houston
7Dan Laurens2117George Burton
8Daz Hunting2117John Rowe
9Dave Rowe1621Roger Houston
10Alan Hotchkiss2118Jack Phillips

Tue 23rd Apr
PosPrince of Wales AScoreScorePrince of Wales B
1James Mansell Best Result2110Brian Austin
2Chris Slawson1821Lee Tipton
3Tom Gregory2115Geoff Tipton
4Dan Guest1221John Evans
5Mike Binnersley2118John Ford
6Tom Moseley821Jack Price Best Result
7Michael Cooper2113John Ramsay
8Ryan Hutchings1421Andy Lockley
9Ivor Sargent Best Result2110Alan Potts
10Alex Nicholls2119Glyn Harvey

Tue 23rd Apr
PosBicton BScoreScoreMeole Brace B
1Norman Barkley921Chris Kershaw
2Shaun Phillips2120 Steve Rigby
3Paul Idris Evans1421Gareth Davies
4Billy Jones2111Barry Lowe
5Ken Darlington821Alan Lloyd Best Result
6Steve Williams1421Steve Phillips
7Kevin Sudlow Best Result216Sandra Crundell
8Roger Oldacre2114Dan White
9Val Roberts2117Vernon Biggs
10Julie Williams2120Tony Crundell