Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2019

Shropshire League

Latest results for Shrewsbury Div. 2

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Tue 9th Jul
PosUnison ScoreScoreAlbert Road
1Simon Reynolds1621Bryan Bates
2Dave Renwick2113Terry Jones
3Bob Parry1221Dave Nicholls Best Result
4Matthew Parry Best Result216John Grenville
5Bill Moseley2112Tom Groome
6Mark Ramsey1521Dave Southerton
7Evelyn Jones2114Aaron Bishop
8Pete Oliver2111Terry Wilkinson
9Cameron Griffin218Chris Partridge
10Stephen Morris217Jeff Davies

Tue 9th Jul
PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreGreenfields Social A
1Jane Archer2116Chris Jones
2Nick Hughes821Ian Kilburn Best Result
3Lionel Morris Best Result2111Ted Wellard
4Norman Price1421John Judson
5Paul Richards1521Nigel Harris
6Mike Statham2116Kevin Williams
7Andy Davies1121June Massey
8Sylvia Morris1421Reg Reece
9Martin Cousins2115John Brown
10Jack Dale1821Ian Massey
Well played Greenfields your team Nigel played the Bayston Hill green very well.

Tue 9th Jul
PosPontesbury BScoreScoreBattlefield B
1Adam Morris Best Result215Ian Rose
2Mike Hampson2021Dave Pritchard
3Emlyn Jones1321Ian Foster
4Cliff Evans2119Bob Bishop
5Charlie Hotchkiss2021Ray Bourne
6James Davies1221Steve Drury Best Result
7Terry Jones1321Andy Bourne
8Ken Hayman1721Harold Banks
9Martin Jones1421Nobby Johnston
10Martin Green216Dave Cadwallader

Tue 9th Jul
PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreOxon
1Andy Cooke (6ta)2116Ken Davies
2Ricky Cooke (6ta)2117Colin Jones
3Dean Pritchard (6ta) Best Result217Roy Jenks
4Daniel Brookfield2021Roger Haydon
5Mick Fiest2113Sue Pugh
6Steve Bramall (6ta)1421Paul Thomas
7Ali Brown1321Pete Nicholls
8Matthew Griffiths1821Lol Evans
9Richard Saunders1021Danny Powell Best Result
10Stuart Dodd2110Andy Owens

Tue 9th Jul
PosBicton AScoreScoreMeole Brace V
1John Farmer2021Phil Wilkinson
2Gary Middleton2110Mark Davies
3Mark Spencer1621Martin Stott
4Rob Jones2111Tudor Bevan
5Julie Waters2116Scott Gibson
6Ben Middleton821Bob Chatham Best Result
7Tony Dawson2021Jan Wilkinson
8Pat Price1221Mike Jones
9Andy Wilson Best Result219Geoff Balshaw
10Andy Jones2116Bob Cliffe
Lovely evening for bowls. The Wilkinson family went home very happy. Lovely green, club in really nice condition and played in a competitive but friendly manner. Enjoyed.

Wed 3rd Jul
PosOxonScoreScoreMeole Brace V
1Ken Davies2118Tudor Bevan
2Emmet Mckinley (j)2118Mark Davies
3Colin Jones216John Cooper
4Paul Thomas2117Mike Jones
5Pete Nicholls2110Jan Wilkinson
6Martin Mckinley219Geoff Balshaw
7Sue Pugh Best Result215Dave Perks
8Lol Evans1621Phil Wilkinson Best Result
9Andy Owens218Bob Cliffe
10Roger Haydon219Scott Gibson

Tue 2nd Jul
PosAlbert RoadScoreScoreBattlefield B
1Martin Ryan1721Ian Foster
2Dave Nicholls1921Bob Bishop
3Bryan Bates Best Result219Harold Banks
4Terry Jones2114Dave Pritchard
5Aaron Bishop1321Ray Bourne
6John Grenville2116Steve Drury
7Terry Wilkinson821Andy Bourne Best Result
8Tom Groome1021Pete Drury
9Chris Partridge Best Result219Nobby Johnston
10Jeff Davies2117Bill Davies

Tue 2nd Jul
PosBicton AScoreScoreOxon
1John Farmer Best Result214Lol Evans
2Gary Middleton2119Colin Jones
3Mark Spencer2120Ken Davies
4Keith Thomas2113Sue Pugh
5Matt Statham321Martin Mckinley Best Result
6Ben Middleton821Paul Thomas
7Pat Price921Emmet Mckinley (j)
8Julie Waters1821Pete Nicholls
9Andy Wilson421Andy Owens
10Andy Jones2110Roger Haydon

Tue 2nd Jul
PosUnison ScoreScoreMeole Brace V
1Simon Reynolds2111John Cooper
2Dave Renwick2114Mike Jones
3Matthew Parry2112Geoff Balshaw
4Bob Parry1221Mark Davies Best Result
5Bill Moseley1721Scott Gibson
6Alan Everall2115Dave Perks
7Mark Ramsey2117Jan Wilkinson
8Evelyn Jones Best Result219Tudor Bevan
9Cameron Griffin2116Phil Wilkinson
10Stephen Morris2115Bob Cliffe

Tue 2nd Jul
PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreOld Shrewsbury A
1Gwyn Jones2119Gwyn Jones
2Graham Dorricott1021John Griffiths
3Ruth Richards521John Harris Best Result
4Phil Davies1321Chris Jones Snr
5Nick Hughes Best Result215Clifford Dickinson
6Norman Price1021Matthew Whittaker
7Paul Richards2119Tony Poole
8Mike Statham1721Rich Jones
9John Hall2119Derek Jones
10Andy Davies1921Kev Farr
well played Old Shrewsbury good game played in a good spirit on a difficult weighted green

Tue 2nd Jul
PosPontesbury BScoreScoreGreenfields Social A
1Adam Morris2113Chris Jones
2Neil Hyde1621Ian Kilburn
3John Lumley2116Nigel Harris
4Emlyn Jones2117Reg Reece
5Mike Hampson219June Massey
6Terry Jones219Neil Harris
7Charlie Hotchkiss218Kevin Williams
8Joseph Green2111Jo Wellard
9Martin Green821John Brown Best Result
10Martin Jones Best Result217Ian Massey

Tue 25th Jun
PosBattlefield BScoreScoreBicton A
1Roger Whitfield721Gary Middleton Best Result
2Ian Foster Best Result216Mark Spencer
3Bob Bishop2114John Farmer
4Harold Banks2114Keith Thomas
5Andy Bourne2112Dave Price
6Ray Bourne218Ben Middleton
7Steve Drury1321Pat Price
8Dave Cadwallader Best Result216Matt Statham
9Bill Davies1221Andy Wilson
10Nobby Johnston2110Andy Jones

Tue 25th Jun
1Colin Jones2111Martin Jones
2Emmet Mckinley (j)2110Simon Reynolds
3Lol Evans1321Mark Ramsey Best Result
4Tony Manders1621Dave Renwick
5Paul Thomas2110Bill Moseley
6Pete Nicholls2118Alan Everall
7Sue Pugh2114Evelyn Jones
8Martin Mckinley2112John Pritchard
9Roger Haydon1421Stephen Morris
10Andy Owens Best Result212Cameron Griffin

Tue 25th Jun
PosGreenfields Social AScoreScoreAlbert Road
1Chris Jones2114Dave Nicholls
2Ian Kilburn2110Terry Jones
3Ted Wellard2021John Grenville
4Kian Parsons1721Bryan Bates Best Result
5Jo Wellard2111Terry Wilkinson
6June Massey2114Aaron Bishop
7Neil Harris Best Result211Pam Bird
8Nigel Harris2119Dave Southerton
9Ian Massey219Jeff Davies
10John Brown2113Chris Partridge

Tue 25th Jun
PosOld Shrewsbury AScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Gwyn Jones2114Mick Fiest
2John Griffiths2110Ricky Cooke (6ta)
3Russell Lea1521Dean Pritchard (6ta)
4John Burton1621Andy Cooke (6ta)
5Clifford Dickinson219Ali Brown
6John Harris2116Danny Mullreid
7Chris Jones Snr219Matthew Griffiths
8Matthew Whittaker1021Daniel Brookfield Best Result
9Kev Farr Best Result216Steve Bramall (6ta)
10Derek Jones2111Richard Saunders

Tue 25th Jun
PosMeole Brace VScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Phil Wilkinson2112Gwyn Jones
2Martin Stott2117Jane Archer
3Geoff Balshaw2120Graham Dorricott
4Mark Davies Best Result218Nick Hughes
5Mike Jones1921Norman Price
6Dave Perks621Mike Statham Best Result
7Jan Wilkinson1521Paul Richards
8Bob Chatham1921John Hall
9John Crundell721Jack Dale
10Bob Cliffe2110Andy Davies
Close game, well played Bayston Hill.

Wed 19th Jun
PosBicton AScoreScoreOld Shrewsbury A
1John Farmer2120John Harris
2Karen Bennett Best Result218Clifford Dickinson
3Gary Middleton1321John Griffiths
4Ken Barrow1021Gwyn Jones
5Ben Middleton821Rich Jones Best Result
6Pat Price1721Chris Jones Snr
7Dave Price1321Matthew Whittaker
8Keith Thomas2120John Burton
9Andy Wilson2115Tony Preece
10Becky Brown1121Derek Jones

Tue 18th Jun
PosUnison ScoreScoreBattlefield B
1Simon Reynolds2110Ian Rose
2Dave Renwick2112Bob Bishop
3Mark Ramsey821Ian Foster Best Result
4Alan Everall1621Roger Whitfield
5Bill Moseley Best Result217Dave Pritchard
6John Pritchard921Ray Bourne
7Mike A Hughes2118Steve Drury
8Pete Oliver1321Andy Bourne
9Stephen Morris1921Dave Cadwallader
10Cameron Griffin218Nobby Johnston

Tue 18th Jun
PosGreenfields Social AScoreScoreMeole Brace V
1Ian Kilburn2114Mike Jones
2Chris Jones1821John Cooper
3Nigel Harris1321Mark Davies
4June Massey1321Phil Wilkinson
5Reg Reece Best Result2110Dave Perks
6Neil Harris1321Bob Chatham
7Kian Parsons921Martin Stott Best Result
8Kevin Williams2114Jan Wilkinson
9Ian Massey2114John Crundell
10John Brown1321Bob Cliffe

Tue 18th Jun
PosPontesbury BScoreScoreOld Shrewsbury A
1Adam Morris1721John Griffiths
2John Lumley2115John Harris
3Neil Hyde Best Result219Chris Jones Snr
4Emlyn Jones1721Gwyn Jones
5Joseph Green821Matthew Whittaker Best Result
6Mike Hampson2116Clifford Dickinson
7Charlie Hotchkiss2111Kev Farr
8Terry Jones1821Rich Jones
9Martin Jones2119Tony Preece
10Martin Green1321Derek Jones

Tue 18th Jun
PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Andy Cooke (6ta)1421Gwyn Jones
2Mick Fiest1221Andy Davies
3Dean Pritchard (6ta) Best Result213Lionel Morris
4Ricky Cooke (6ta)216Graham Dorricott
5Daniel Brookfield1821Mike Statham
6Danny Mullreid1621Paul Richards
7Ali Brown1521Norman Price
8Matthew Griffiths1821Jane Archer
9Richard Saunders2119Jack Dale
10Steve Bramall (6ta)721Martin Cousins Best Result

Tue 18th Jun
PosAlbert RoadScoreScoreOxon
1Terry Jones Best Result2113Lol Evans
2Dave Nicholls1021Emmet Mckinley (j)
3Bryan Bates2120Tony Manders
4Dave Southerton621Martin Mckinley Best Result
5Margaret Lacourse1421Dave Wood
6Tom Groome1621Colin Jones
7Aaron Bishop921Pete Nicholls
8Pam Bird2021Paul Thomas
9Jeff Davies1721Andy Owens
10Chris Partridge1321Roger Haydon

Tue 11th Jun
PosMeole Brace VScoreScorePontesbury B
1Mike Jones1521Emlyn Jones
2Phil Wilkinson2116John Lumley
3Martin Stott1621Adam Morris
4Mark Davies621Neil Hyde
5Dave Perks1421Charlie Hotchkiss
6John Cooper2118Joseph Green
7Jan Wilkinson2115Mike Hampson
8Scott Gibson Best Result216Kieran Jones
9Tudor Bevan221Martin Green Best Result
10Bob Cliffe1821Martin Jones
Well done Pontesbury, bowled it well.

Tue 11th Jun
PosBattlefield BScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Ian Foster1921Dean Pritchard (6ta)
2Dave Pritchard2118Mick Fiest
3Bob Bishop Best Result215Ricky Cooke (6ta)
4Andy Bourne2119Andy Cooke (6ta)
5Ray Bourne1421Ali Brown
6Steve Drury921Daniel Brookfield Best Result
7Harold Banks2115Matthew Griffiths
8Pete Drury2116Richard Saunders
9Dave Cadwallader217Steve Bramall (6ta)
10Dave Beer210Walk Over

Tue 4th Jun
PosUnison ScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Simon Reynolds2113Graham Dorricott
2Dave Renwick2112Norman Price
3Pete Oliver1421Lionel Morris
4Matthew Parry2111Gwyn Jones
5Bill Moseley1121Paul Richards
6Bob Parry2113Martin Cousins
7Alan Everall2116Sylvia Morris
8Mark Ramsey1021Mike Statham Best Result
9Cameron Griffin1021Jack Dale Best Result
10Stephen Morris Best Result211Andy Davies

Tue 4th Jun
PosPontesbury BScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Adam Morris2118Stuart Dodd
2Emlyn Jones2112Dean Pritchard (6ta)
3Charlie Hotchkiss219Andy Cooke (6ta)
4Mike Hampson2117Mick Fiest
5Joseph Green1421Phil Whatmough Best Result
6Ken Hayman1421Daniel Brookfield Best Result
7Terry Jones Best Result217Richard Saunders
8Neil Hyde Best Result217Matthew Griffiths
9Martin Green Best Result217Ricky Cooke (6ta)
10Martin Jones2110Steve Bramall (6ta)

Tue 28th May
PosOld Shrewsbury AScoreScoreUnison
1Gwyn Jones2119Dave Renwick
2John Griffiths2117Matthew Parry
3Tony Poole1821Simon Reynolds Best Result
4John Harris1921Bob Parry
5Rich Jones213Susan Oliver
6Clifford Dickinson Best Result212Bill Moseley
7Kev Farr218Pete Oliver
8Matthew Whittaker217Alan Everall
9Tony Preece2021Cameron Griffin
10Derek Jones217Stephen Morris

Tue 28th May
PosBattlefield BScoreScoreOxon
1Bob Bishop2114Ken Davies
2Ian Rose2117Emmet Mckinley (j)
3Ian Foster219Jack Jones
4Dave Pritchard2110Martin Mckinley
5Harold Banks2114Sue Pugh
6Steve Drury Best Result217Lol Evans
7Alan Cadwallader2111Paul Thomas
8Pete Drury218Tony Manders
9Andy Bourne2120Danny Powell Best Result
10Dave Cadwallader2116Roger Haydon

Tue 28th May
PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreBicton A
1Andy Cooke (6ta)1321Gary Middleton
2Stuart Dodd921Mark Spencer
3Mick Fiest2116Matt Statham
4Dean Pritchard (6ta)2112John Griffiths
5Phil Whatmough1621Keith Thomas
6Daniel Brookfield2118Ben Middleton
7Ali Brown Best Result216Pat Price
8Matthew Griffiths1421John Farmer
9Richard Saunders2117Andy Wilson
10Ricky Cooke (6ta)621Andy Jones Best Result

Tue 28th May
PosMeole Brace VScoreScoreAlbert Road
1Mike Jones218Terry Jones
2Phil Wilkinson Best Result215Chris Partridge
3Mark Davies216John Grenville
4Martin Stott1021Bryan Bates Best Result
5Jan Wilkinson219Pam Bird
6Scott Gibson218Terry Wilkinson
7John Crundell2112Dave Southerton
8Dave Perks217Tom Groome
9Geoff Balshaw1121Dave Nicholls
10Bob Cliffe2115Nev Griffiths

Tue 28th May
PosBayston Hill AScoreScorePontesbury B
1Jane Archer Best Result213Cliff Evans
2Ray Jones2116Emlyn Jones
3Graham Dorricott2112Adam Morris
4Lionel Morris1921Neil Hyde
5Gwyn Jones1721Terry Jones
6Mike Statham2110Joseph Green
7Andy Davies1921Charlie Hotchkiss
8Norman Price921Mike Hampson Best Result
9Martin Cousins1221Martin Green
10Jack Dale2113Martin Jones

Tue 21st May
PosAlbert RoadScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1John Grenville1921Graham Dorricott
2Bryan Bates Best Result219Gwyn Jones
3Dave Nicholls2112Royston Wilcock
4Terry Jones2113Lionel Morris
5Pam Bird1621Mike Statham
6Tom Groome421John Hall Best Result
7Margaret Lacourse421Martin Cousins Best Result
8Terry Wilkinson2117Paul Richards
9Jeff Davies1421Jack Dale
10Chris Partridge2120Andy Davies

Tue 21st May
PosMeole Brace VScoreScoreBattlefield B
1Peter Phillips2118Ian Rose
2Tudor Bevan721Bob Bishop
3Mike Jones1521Ian Foster
4John Cooper621Roger Whitfield Best Result
5Scott Gibson1321Dave Pritchard
6Geoff Balshaw1921Andy Bourne
7John Crundell2110Harold Banks
8Dave Perks2119Ray Bourne
9Phil Wilkinson Best Result219Dave Cadwallader
10Bob Cliffe2111Nobby Johnston

Tue 21st May
PosUnison ScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Simon Reynolds1821Stuart Dodd
2Dave Renwick219Dean Pritchard (6ta)
3Matthew Parry2110Mick Fiest
4Mark Ramsey1621Andy Cooke (6ta) Best Result
5Bill Moseley2118Richard Saunders
6Alan Everall1921Phil Whatmough
7Bob Parry Best Result218Ali Brown
8Pete Oliver1821Daniel Brookfield
9Stephen Morris Best Result218Steve Bramall (6ta)
10Cameron Griffin2116Ricky Cooke (6ta)

Tue 21st May
PosGreenfields Social AScoreScoreOld Shrewsbury A
1Chris Jones2117John Griffiths
2Ted Wellard2116Tony Poole
3John Judson1121John Harris
4Reg Reece Best Result2115Russell Lea
5June Massey1721Clifford Dickinson
6Kian Parsons521Rich Jones Best Result
7Neil Harris1921Kev Farr
8Nigel Harris2021Matthew Whittaker
9Kevin Williams1821Derek Jones
10Ian Massey2119Tony Preece

Tue 21st May
PosPontesbury BScoreScoreBicton A
1Adam Morris1721Gary Middleton
2Neil Hyde2115Keith Thomas
3Cliff Evans2119Mark Spencer
4Emlyn Jones2119John Farmer
5Terry Jones219Ben Middleton
6Charlie Hotchkiss2116John Griffiths
7Mike Hampson2111Pat Price
8Martin Green Best Result218Dave Price
9Martin Jones2021Andy Jones
10Ken Hayman1421Andy Wilson Best Result

Tue 14th May
PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreAlbert Road
1Stuart Dodd1121Bryan Bates
2Dean Pritchard (6ta)219John Grenville
3Mick Fiest1921Terry Jones
4Andy Cooke (6ta)2115Dave Nicholls
5Richard Saunders2111Dave Southerton
6Ricky Cooke (6ta) Best Result216Pam Bird
7Ali Brown2115Terry Wilkinson
8Daniel Brookfield721Margaret Lacourse Best Result
9Steve Bramall (6ta)1021Chris Partridge
10Matthew Griffiths2118Jeff Davies

Tue 14th May
PosOld Shrewsbury AScoreScoreOxon
1Tony Poole2115Ken Davies
2John Harris2110Colin Jones
3John Griffiths2112Dave Wood
4Derek Jones1621Emmet Mckinley (j) Best Result
5Clifford Dickinson Best Result216Sue Pugh
6Chris Jones Snr2119Paul Thomas
7Kev Farr2113Tony Manders
8Matthew Whittaker218Martin Mckinley
9Rich Jones219Roger Haydon
10Tony Preece2116Pete Nicholls

Tue 14th May
PosBicton AScoreScoreGreenfields Social A
1Gary Middleton219Reg Reece
2Mark Spencer2112Ian Massey
3Dave Price1221Ian Kilburn
4Matt Statham1721Chris Jones
5Ken Barrow921June Massey
6Ben Middleton2116Kevin Williams
7Pat Price Best Result216Kian Parsons
8John Griffiths621John Judson Best Result
9Keith Thomas2114Nigel Harris
10Andy Wilson2111John Brown

Tue 14th May
PosBayston Hill AScoreScoreBattlefield B
1Jane Archer2112Ian Foster
2Lionel Morris1821Bob Bishop Best Result
3Royston Wilcock2118Steve Drury
4Graham Dorricott2113Dave Pritchard
5Paul Richards2115Ray Bourne
6Mike Statham2112Harold Banks
7Gwyn Jones1921Pete Drury
8Andy Davies2110Alan Cadwallader
9Martin Cousins2114Roger Whitfield
10Jack Dale Best Result214Nobby Johnston

Tue 14th May
PosPontesbury BScoreScoreUnison
1Adam Morris Best Result215Dave Renwick
2Neil Hyde1021Matthew Parry Best Result
3Cliff Evans216Pete Oliver
4Emlyn Jones2119Simon Reynolds
5Mike Hampson2113Bill Moseley
6Terry Jones2118Alan Everall
7Charlie Hotchkiss2112Bob Parry
8Joseph Green2119Mark Ramsey
9Martin Green2111Stephen Morris
10Martin Jones2111Cameron Griffin

Tue 7th May
PosOxonScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Ken Davies821Jane Archer Best Result
2Emmet Mckinley (j)2117Royston Wilcock
3Colin Jones1221Ray Jones
4Martin Mckinley1921Lionel Morris
5Sue Pugh1821Paul Richards
6Paul Thomas1821Graham Dorricott
7Lol Evans Best Result215Gwyn Jones
8Tony Manders217Martin Cousins
9Pete Nicholls219Mike Statham
10Roger Haydon2111Andy Davies

Tue 7th May
PosGreenfields Social AScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Ian Kilburn Best Result216Mick Fiest
2Ian Massey1321Dean Pritchard (6ta)
3Reg Reece1221Stuart Dodd
4Chris Jones921Andy Cooke (6ta) Best Result
5June Massey1021Daniel Brookfield
6Kian Parsons2112Matthew Griffiths
7Neil Harris1121Richard Saunders
8Kevin Williams2110Ali Brown
9Nigel Harris1821Ricky Cooke (6ta)
10John Brown2116Steve Bramall (6ta)

Tue 7th May
PosUnison ScoreScoreBicton A
1Simon Reynolds2120Mark Spencer
2Dave Renwick Best Result215Keith Thomas
3Matthew Parry2110Dave Price
4Bob Parry1121Gary Middleton Best Result
5Bill Moseley2110Ken Barrow
6Mark Ramsey1621Ben Middleton
7Alan Everall2113John Griffiths
8Mike A Hughes2021Pat Price
9Cameron Griffin217Tony Dawson
10Stephen Morris1721Andy Wilson

Tue 7th May
PosAlbert RoadScoreScorePontesbury B
1Dave Nicholls Best Result216Cliff Evans
2Dave Southerton2118Adam Morris
3Terry Jones621Neil Hyde Best Result
4John Grenville2119John Lumley
5Bryan Bates2110Terry Jones
6Terry Wilkinson1521Mike Hampson
7Tom Groome1221Joseph Green
8Pam Bird1021Charlie Hotchkiss
9Chris Partridge2112Martin Green
10Jeff Davies2117Martin Jones

Tue 7th May
PosMeole Brace VScoreScoreOld Shrewsbury A
1Martin Stott1621John Griffiths
2John Cooper1121Gwyn Jones
3Mark Davies1221Rich Jones
4Tudor Bevan621Tony Poole Best Result
5Scott Gibson2021Chris Jones Snr
6Dave Perks2118Kev Farr
7Geoff Balshaw2119Matthew Whittaker
8Bob Chatham Best Result2114John Harris
9John Crundell2120John Burton
10Bob Cliffe1921Derek Jones

Tue 30th Apr
PosOld Shrewsbury AScoreScoreBattlefield B
1Tony Poole1221Dave Pritchard
2Rich Jones1121Bob Bishop Best Result
3John Griffiths2115Ian Rose
4Gwyn Jones2114Ian Foster
5Chris Jones Snr Best Result2111Steve Drury
6John Harris2115Harold Banks
7John Burton1821Andy Bourne
8Matthew Whittaker1721Ray Bourne
9Kev Farr1221Dave Cadwallader
10Derek Jones2116Roger Whitfield

Tue 30th Apr
PosBicton AScoreScoreAlbert Road
1Gary Middleton1121Dave Nicholls Best Result
2Mark Spencer2111Bryan Bates
3Keith Thomas2118John Grenville
4Dave Price1521Terry Jones
5Matt Statham219Pam Bird
6Ben Middleton1321Chris Partridge
7Pat Price2118Dave Southerton
8John Griffiths2021Margaret Lacourse
9Andy Wilson2110Jeff Davies
10Andy Jones Best Result217Terry Wilkinson

Tue 30th Apr
PosUnison ScoreScoreGreenfields Social A
1Simon Reynolds2111Reg Reece
2Dave Renwick2113Chris Jones
3Alan Everall1921Ian Kilburn
4Matthew Parry2117Ian Massey
5Bill Moseley219Nigel Harris
6John Pritchard1221Kian Parsons Best Result
7Mark Ramsey1721Kevin Williams
8Pete Oliver2118June Massey
9Cameron Griffin Best Result211Neil Harris
10Stephen Morris218John Brown

Tue 30th Apr
PosPontesbury BScoreScoreOxon
1Adam Morris2113Emmet Mckinley (j)
2Neil Hyde Best Result214Lol Evans
3Mike Hampson217Colin Jones
4Cliff Evans218Ken Davies
5Charlie Hotchkiss2110Sue Pugh
6Joseph Green2021Paul Thomas
7Terry Jones2117Pete Nicholls
8Martin Jones1621Martin Mckinley Best Result
9Ken Hayman1621Roger Haydon Best Result
10Martin Green1821Andy Owens

Tue 30th Apr
PosMonkmoor AScoreScoreMeole Brace V
1Andy Cooke (6ta)2111John Cooper
2Stuart Dodd2115Martin Stott
3Dean Pritchard (6ta)521Scott Gibson Best Result
4Mick Fiest2110Geoff Balshaw
5Ali Brown2120Dave Perks
6Daniel Brookfield2113Tudor Bevan
7Matthew Griffiths921Mark Davies
8Richard Saunders1721Bob Chatham
9Ricky Cooke (6ta) Best Result219Bob Cliffe
10Steve Bramall (6ta)2114John Crundell

Tue 23rd Apr
PosBattlefield BScoreScorePontesbury B
1Roger Whitfield2117Terry Jones
2Ian Rose215John Potter
3Bob Bishop1621Mike Hampson Best Result
4Ian Foster2117Neil Hyde
5Harold Banks Best Result214Joseph Green
6Ray Bourne215Dan Davies
7Steve Drury2118Charlie Hotchkiss
8Pete Drury2119James Davies
9Andy Bourne2116Martin Jones
10Nobby Johnston2114Martin Green

Tue 23rd Apr
PosOxonScoreScoreMonkmoor A
1Lol Evans1521Dean Pritchard (6ta)
2Colin Jones2120Mick Fiest
3Ken Davies1321Stuart Dodd Best Result
4Dave Wood1721Andy Cooke (6ta)
5Sue Pugh2116Richard Saunders
6Paul Thomas2119Danny Mullreid
7Tony Manders2119Matthew Griffiths
8Pete Nicholls Best Result211Clive Griffiths
9Roger Haydon2116Ricky Cooke (6ta)
10Andy Owens2112Steve Bramall (6ta)

Tue 23rd Apr
PosAlbert RoadScoreScoreUnison
1Dave Nicholls1921Simon Reynolds
2Bryan Bates2120Dave Renwick
3John Grenville2117Alan Everall
4Terry Jones421Matthew Parry
5Margaret Lacourse2021Bill Moseley
6Dave Southerton Best Result2113Mark Ramsey
7Tom Groome121Bob Parry Best Result
8Chris Partridge2117Pete Oliver
9Terry Wilkinson1021Stephen Morris
10Jeff Davies2120Cameron Griffin

Tue 23rd Apr
PosMeole Brace VScoreScoreBicton A
1Mark Davies1221John Farmer
2Mike Jones2113Dave Price
3Tudor Bevan1321Gary Middleton
4Geoff Balshaw2021Mark Spencer
5Dave Perks2120Matt Statham
6Martin Stott Best Result217Ben Middleton
7Scott Gibson2111John Griffiths
8Bob Chatham1721Keith Thomas
9John Crundell2112Andy Wilson
10Bob Cliffe921Andy Jones Best Result

Tue 23rd Apr
PosGreenfields Social AScoreScoreBayston Hill A
1Ian Kilburn Best Result2111Gwyn Jones
2Chris Jones2117Mike Statham
3Ian Massey2113Graham Dorricott
4Reg Reece2120Lionel Morris
5June Massey1321Andy Davies Best Result
6Kian Parsons1821Paul Richards
7Kevin Williams2118Royston Wilcock
8Nigel Harris1421John Davies
9Neil Harris1521Jack Dale
10John Brown2120Martin Cousins