Shrewsbury Senior Citizens Bowling League 2016

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2016 Fixtures for Division 3
Wed 13th Apr
Meole Brace EVMeole Brace C
Thu 14th Apr
Atcham AVLlanrhaeadr A
Bicton AVPontesbury E
Bowring VBaschurch A
Oxon BVBagley A
Prince Of WalesVBicton B
Thu 21st Apr
Bagley AVPrince Of Wales
Baschurch AVAtcham A
Bicton BVOxon B
Llanrhaeadr AVMeole Brace E
Meole Brace CVBicton A
Pontesbury EVBowring
Wed 27th Apr
Meole Brace EVBagley A
Thu 28th Apr
Atcham AVBicton B
Baschurch AVPontesbury E
Bicton AVLlanrhaeadr A
Bowring VMeole Brace C
Oxon BVPrince Of Wales
Thu 5th May
Bagley AVAtcham A
Bicton BVBicton A
Llanrhaeadr AVPontesbury E
Meole Brace CVBaschurch A
Oxon BVBowring
Prince Of WalesVMeole Brace E
Wed 11th May
Meole Brace EVOxon B
Thu 12th May
Atcham AVPrince Of Wales
Baschurch AVLlanrhaeadr A
Bicton AVBagley A
Bowring VBicton B
Pontesbury EVMeole Brace C
Wed 18th May
Meole Brace EVBicton A
Thu 19th May
Bagley AVMeole Brace C
Bicton BVBaschurch A
Llanrhaeadr AVBowring
Oxon BVAtcham A
Prince Of WalesVPontesbury E
Thu 26th May
Atcham AVMeole Brace E
Baschurch AVOxon B
Bicton AVPrince Of Wales
Bowring VBagley A
Meole Brace CVLlanrhaeadr A
Pontesbury EVBicton B
Wed 1st Jun
Meole Brace EVBowring
Thu 2nd Jun
Atcham AVBicton A
Bagley AVPontesbury E
Bicton BVMeole Brace C
Oxon BVLlanrhaeadr A
Prince Of WalesVBaschurch A
Thu 9th Jun
Baschurch AVBagley A
Bicton AVOxon B
Bowring VAtcham A
Llanrhaeadr AVBicton B
Meole Brace CVPrince Of Wales
Pontesbury EVMeole Brace E
Wed 15th Jun
Meole Brace EVBicton B
Thu 16th Jun
Atcham AVMeole Brace C
Bagley AVLlanrhaeadr A
Bicton AVBaschurch A
Oxon BVPontesbury E
Prince Of WalesVBowring
Thu 23rd Jun
Baschurch AVMeole Brace E
Bicton BVBagley A
Bowring VBicton A
Llanrhaeadr AVPrince Of Wales
Meole Brace CVOxon B
Pontesbury EVAtcham A
Thu 30th Jun
Llanrhaeadr AVAtcham A
Pontesbury EVBicton A
Baschurch AVBowring
Meole Brace CVMeole Brace E
Bagley AVOxon B
Bicton BVPrince Of Wales
Wed 6th Jul
Meole Brace EVLlanrhaeadr A
Thu 7th Jul
Prince Of WalesVBagley A
Atcham AVBaschurch A
Oxon BVBicton B
Bicton AVMeole Brace C
Bowring VPontesbury E
Thu 14th Jul
Bicton BVAtcham A
Pontesbury EVBaschurch A
Llanrhaeadr AVBicton A
Meole Brace CVBowring
Bagley AVMeole Brace E
Prince Of WalesVOxon B
Wed 20th Jul
Meole Brace EVPrince Of Wales
Thu 21st Jul
Atcham AVBagley A
Bicton AVBicton B
Pontesbury EVLlanrhaeadr A
Baschurch AVMeole Brace C
Bowring VOxon B
Thu 28th Jul
Prince Of WalesVAtcham A
Llanrhaeadr AVBaschurch A
Bagley AVBicton A
Bicton BVBowring
Oxon BVMeole Brace E
Meole Brace CVPontesbury E
Thu 4th Aug
Meole Brace CVBagley A
Baschurch AVBicton B
Bowring VLlanrhaeadr A
Bicton AVMeole Brace E
Atcham AVOxon B
Pontesbury EVPrince Of Wales
Wed 10th Aug
Meole Brace EVAtcham A
Thu 11th Aug
Oxon BVBaschurch A
Prince Of WalesVBicton A
Bagley AVBowring
Llanrhaeadr AVMeole Brace C
Bicton BVPontesbury E
Thu 18th Aug
Bicton AVAtcham A
Pontesbury EVBagley A
Meole Brace CVBicton B
Bowring VMeole Brace E
Llanrhaeadr AVOxon B
Baschurch AVPrince Of Wales
Wed 24th Aug
Meole Brace EVPontesbury E
Thu 25th Aug
Bagley AVBaschurch A
Oxon BVBicton A
Atcham AVBowring
Bicton BVLlanrhaeadr A
Prince Of WalesVMeole Brace C
Thu 1st Sep
Meole Brace CVAtcham A
Llanrhaeadr AVBagley A
Baschurch AVBicton A
Bicton BVMeole Brace E
Pontesbury EVOxon B
Bowring VPrince Of Wales
Wed 7th Sep
Meole Brace EVBaschurch A
Thu 8th Sep
Bagley AVBicton B
Bicton AVBowring
Prince Of WalesVLlanrhaeadr A
Oxon BVMeole Brace C
Atcham AVPontesbury E