Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2019

Shropshire League

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2019 Fixtures for Shrewsbury Div. 3
Tue 23rd Apr
Bicton BVMeole Brace B
Castlefields BVCastlefields C
Crescent BVHanwood B
Prince of Wales AVPrince of Wales B
Tue 30th Apr
Castlefields CVPrince of Wales A
FrankwellVCrescent B
Hanwood BVCastlefields B
Meole Brace BVBye
Prince of Wales BVDorrington
Telepost BVBicton B
Tue 7th May
Bicton BVCastlefields C
ByeVPrince of Wales B
Crescent BVTelepost B
Dorrington VHanwood B
FrankwellVMeole Brace B
Prince of Wales AVCastlefields B
Tue 14th May
Castlefields BVBicton B
Castlefields CVDorrington
Hanwood BVPrince of Wales A
Meole Brace BVCrescent B
Prince of Wales BVFrankwell
Telepost BVBye
Tue 21st May
Bicton BVPrince of Wales A
ByeVHanwood B
Crescent BVCastlefields C
Dorrington VCastlefields B
FrankwellVTelepost B
Prince of Wales BVMeole Brace B
Wed 22nd May
Dorrington VTelepost B
Tue 28th May
Bicton BVBye
Castlefields BVCrescent B
Castlefields CVFrankwell
Hanwood BVPrince of Wales B
Prince of Wales AVDorrington
Telepost BVMeole Brace B
Tue 4th Jun
ByeVCastlefields B
Dorrington VBicton B
Meole Brace BVCastlefields C
Prince of Wales BVTelepost B
Tue 11th Jun
Castlefields BVFrankwell
Castlefields CVBye
Dorrington VCrescent B
Prince of Wales AVTelepost B
Prince of Wales BVBicton B
Tue 18th Jun
Crescent BVBicton B
FrankwellVPrince of Wales A
Meole Brace BVCastlefields B
Prince of Wales BVCastlefields C
Telepost BVHanwood B
Wed 19th Jun
Crescent BVPrince of Wales A
Thu 20th Jun
FrankwellVHanwood B
Tue 25th Jun
Bicton BVHanwood B
Castlefields BVPrince of Wales B
Castlefields CVTelepost B
Crescent BVBye
Dorrington VFrankwell
Prince of Wales AVMeole Brace B
Sun 30th Jun
Hanwood BVMeole Brace B
Tue 2nd Jul
ByeVPrince of Wales A
FrankwellVBicton B
Hanwood BVCastlefields C
Meole Brace BVDorrington
Prince of Wales BVCrescent B
Telepost BVCastlefields B
Tue 9th Jul
Meole Brace BVBicton B
Castlefields CVCastlefields B
Hanwood BVCrescent B
Telepost BVDorrington
Prince of Wales BVPrince of Wales A
Tue 16th Jul
Prince of Wales AVCastlefields C
Crescent BVFrankwell
Castlefields BVHanwood B
ByeVMeole Brace B
Dorrington VPrince of Wales B
Bicton BVTelepost B
Tue 23rd Jul
Castlefields CVBicton B
Prince of Wales BVBye
Telepost BVCrescent B
Hanwood BVDorrington
Meole Brace BVFrankwell
Castlefields BVPrince of Wales A
Tue 30th Jul
Bicton BVCastlefields B
Dorrington VCastlefields C
Prince of Wales AVHanwood B
Crescent BVMeole Brace B
FrankwellVPrince of Wales B
ByeVTelepost B
Tue 6th Aug
Prince of Wales AVBicton B
Hanwood BVBye
Castlefields CVCrescent B
Castlefields BVDorrington
Telepost BVFrankwell
Meole Brace BVPrince of Wales B
Tue 13th Aug
ByeVBicton B
Crescent BVCastlefields B
FrankwellVCastlefields C
Prince of Wales BVHanwood B
Dorrington VPrince of Wales A
Meole Brace BVTelepost B
Tue 20th Aug
Castlefields BVBye
Prince of Wales AVCrescent B
Bicton BVDorrington
Hanwood BVFrankwell
Castlefields CVMeole Brace B
Telepost BVPrince of Wales B
Tue 27th Aug
FrankwellVCastlefields B
ByeVCastlefields C
Crescent BVDorrington
Meole Brace BVHanwood B
Telepost BVPrince of Wales A
Bicton BVPrince of Wales B
Tue 3rd Sep
Dorrington VBye
Bicton BVCrescent B
Prince of Wales AVFrankwell
Castlefields BVMeole Brace B
Castlefields CVPrince of Wales B
Hanwood BVTelepost B
Tue 10th Sep
Hanwood BVBicton B
Prince of Wales BVCastlefields B
Telepost BVCastlefields C
ByeVCrescent B
Meole Brace BVPrince of Wales A
Tue 17th Sep
Prince of Wales AVBye
Bicton BVFrankwell
Castlefields CVHanwood B
Dorrington VMeole Brace B
Crescent BVPrince of Wales B
Castlefields BVTelepost B