Norley Bowling League 2019

Afternoon League

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The Act Position is based on average points to reflect true position when there are matches not played

Table for Section 1
Position MatchesAggregateAverages
10Castle S&SC A0000000.000000
20Comberbach A0000000.000000
30Delamere A0000000.000000
40Frodsham Red Lion 0000000.000000
50Halton RBL0000000.000000
60Hazel Pear A0000000.000000
70Helsby CSC A0000000.000000
80Knutsford BC0000000.000000
90Middlewich RBL A0000000.000000
100Mobberley Victory Hall A0000000.000000
110Rudheath BC A0000000.000000
120Wharton Cons A0000000.000000
Table for Section 2
Position MatchesAggregateAverages
10Castle S&SC B0000000.000000
20Davenham Rec A0000000.000000
30Davenham Rec B0000000.000000
40Goshawk 0000000.000000
50High Legh A0000000.000000
60Kingsley A0000000.000000
70Mere A0000000.000000
80Middlewich C Ch A0000000.000000
90Tarporley BC A0000000.000000
100Wharton Cons B0000000.000000
110Winnington Park A0000000.000000
120Winsford C&C A0000000.000000
Table for Section 3
Position MatchesAggregateAverages
10Barnton CC A0000000.000000
20Castle Park A0000000.000000
30Chetwode Arms0000000.000000
40Comberbach B0000000.000000
50Cuddington A0000000.000000
60Gt Budworth A0000000.000000
70Lions Over Park A0000000.000000
80Lostock Gralams0000000.000000
90Middlewich C Ch B0000000.000000
100Moulton RBL A0000000.000000
110Norley A0000000.000000
120Wharton Rec0000000.000000
Table for Section 4
Position MatchesAggregateAverages
10Bunbury A0000000.000000
20Hargrave & Huxley A0000000.000000
30Kingswood BC0000000.000000
50Middlewich C Ch C0000000.000000
60Middlewich RBL B0000000.000000
70Mobberley Victory Hall B0000000.000000
80Moulton RBL B0000000.000000
90Owley Wood Vets0000000.000000
110Rudheath BC B0000000.000000
120Winnington Park B0000000.000000
Table for Section 5
Position MatchesAggregateAverages
10Alpraham A0000000.000000
20Castle Park B0000000.000000
30Cranford BC0000000.000000
40Crowton Village Hall0000000.000000
50Davenham Rec C0000000.000000
60Delamere B0000000.000000
70Hartford A0000000.000000
80Helsby CSC B0000000.000000
90High Legh B0000000.000000
100Kelsall 0000000.000000
110Mere B0000000.000000
120Norley B0000000.000000
Table for Section 6
Position MatchesAggregateAverages
10Alpraham B0000000.000000
20Bunbury B0000000.000000
30Cuddington B0000000.000000
40Frodsham Cons 0000000.000000
50Gt Budworth B0000000.000000
60Hartford B0000000.000000
70Helsby CSC C0000000.000000
80Lions Over Park B0000000.000000
90Norley C0000000.000000
100Tarvin Village0000000.000000
110Winnington Park C0000000.000000
120Winsford C&C B0000000.000000
Table for Section 7
Position MatchesAggregateAverages
10Barnton CC B0000000.000000
20Barrow BC0000000.000000
30Cuddington C0000000.000000
40Davenham Rec D0000000.000000
50Hargrave & Huxley B0000000.000000
60Hazel Pear B0000000.000000
70Helsby CSC D0000000.000000
80Kingsley B0000000.000000
90Lions Over Park C0000000.000000
100Overton Memorial Hall 0000000.000000
110Tarporley BC B0000000.000000