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Whitchurch Predictions 2021

Competitive predictions of 1st Division Match Results each week. Entries can be made or changed up to 7:00pm on Match Day.


You may now enter a result for any match during the season by selecting the date from the drop down list
The default will always be the current week

   To Play
1. Register Your username, password and Email address.
(Email required in case you forget your username or password. It will not be disclosed to anyone)
2. Log In With username and password.
3. Enter Your prediction in table of current week's matches.
4. Click on the Joker box to play the Joker.
5. You must play a Joker
6. Save Entry

Proposed Scoring could be as follows:
5 points for correct score
4 points for one off
3 points for two off
2 points for three off
1 point for 4 off
Then a joker would score double points.