Molson Coors Mid Shropshire Bowling League 2019


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Current Week's Fixtures/Results
WAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWPP
Mon 13th May Monday Division 4
719810Allscott Heath CVDonn Wood C31403 
51868Horsehay CVH U S C C51625 
61829Wrock Wood CVSt Georges C41644 
41744Sinclair CVBroseley B91886 
Mon 13th May Monday Division 5
1021013Trench CVHorsehay D01120 
719710Bridgnorth CVSJ Bayley D31333 
719110Newport DVMuch Wenlock B31543 
51888Charlton BVMadeley CC D51285 
51708Bylet CVAlbrighton B51665 
Mon 13th May Monday Division 6
719610St. George’s DVBridgnorth D31343 
61899Shifnal DVNewport E41484 
61709Maddocks CVEdgmond B41644 
51585Albrighton CVAllscott Heath D81915 
21172Donn Wood DVHighley111738 
Wed 15th May Thursday Thursday
Thu 16th May Thursday Thursday
716739SJ BayleyVSinclair231251 
515834Prince of Wales HotelVHUSC261253 
615636Elephant and CastleVAllscott Heath201022 
615034St. GeorgesVNewport231222 
312025Bowring AVWrock Wood291315 
Fri 17th May Friday Division 1
723210H U S C AVHorsehay A52075 
1023013SJ Bayley AVStockton A21352 
721810Bylet AVDonn Wood A52005 
721810Madeley C C AVBowring A52035 
821611Wrock Wood AVTrench A42004 
720710Newport AVSinclair A51795 
51945Allscott Heath AVSt Georges A102067 
Fri 17th May Friday Division 2
62349Albrighton AVAllscott Heath B62006 
922512Broseley AVBridgnorth A31483 
62179Sinclair BVCharlton A62016 
42074Horsehay BVNewport B112228 
62046Edgmond AVBylet B92106 
52035Wrock Wood BVSJ Bayley B102167 
Fri 17th May Friday Division 3
723510Trench BVSt Georges B52105 
1023213Shifnal BVChelmarsh A21452 
722710Bridgnorth BVBowring B51815 
62189Maddocks AVMadeley CC B62046 
62066Newport CVH U S C B92136 
51805Donn Wood BVWorfield A102137 
Mon 20th May Monday Division 4
Broseley BVAllscott Heath C 
Donn Wood CVSinclair C 
H U S C CVWrock Wood C 
Shifnal CVMadeley CC C 
St Georges CVSJ Bayley C 
Mon 20th May Monday Division 5
Albrighton BVCharlton B 
Horsehay DVBridgnorth C 
Madeley CC DVTrench C 
Much Wenlock BVBowring C 
SJ Bayley DVBylet C 
Mon 20th May Monday Division 6
Bridgnorth DVDonn Wood D 
Edgmond BVShifnal D 
HighleyVMaddocks C 
Newport EVSt. George’s D 
Sinclair DVAlbrighton C 
Thu 23rd May Thursday Thursday
Allscott HeathVPrince of Wales Hotel 
CharltonVBowring A 
Elephant and CastleVNewport 
HUSCVWrock Wood 
MadeleyVSJ Bayley 
St. GeorgesVTrench 
Fri 24th May Friday Division 1
Bowring AVSJ Bayley A 
Donn Wood AVWrock Wood A 
Horsehay AVSt Georges A 
Madeley C C AVBylet A 
Sinclair AVAllscott Heath A 
Stockton AVH U S C A 
Trench AVNewport A 
Fri 24th May Friday Division 2
Albrighton AVSinclair B 
Allscott Heath BVEdgmond A 
Bylet BVHorsehay B 
Charlton AVWrock Wood B 
Newport BVBridgnorth A 
Shifnal AVBroseley A 
Fri 24th May Friday Division 3
Bowring BVTrench B 
Bridgnorth BVShifnal B 
Chelmarsh AVMuch Wenlock A 
H U S C BVMadeley CC B 
St Georges BVNewport C 
Worfield AVMaddocks A