Molson Coors Mid Shropshire Bowling League 2019


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Current Week's Fixtures/Results
WAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWPP
Wed 22nd May Friday Division 3
922212Chelmarsh AVMuch Wenlock A31593 
Thu 23rd May Thursday Thursday
616337St. GeorgesVTrench211092 
515735MadeleyVSJ Bayley241213 
615034HUSCVWrock Wood231182 
413529CharltonVBowring A301384 
413429Elephant and CastleVNewport281344 
212624Allscott HeathVPrince of Wales Hotel351576 
Fri 24th May Friday Division 1
923312Sinclair AVAllscott Heath A31773 
42234Horsehay AVSt Georges A112308 
822111Stockton AVH U S C A41964 
821611Trench AVNewport A42014 
721510Madeley C C AVBylet A52035 
62046Bowring AVSJ Bayley A92086 
51975Donn Wood AVWrock Wood A102207 
Fri 24th May Friday Division 2
1225215Charlton AVWrock Wood B01380 
52288Bylet BVHorsehay B72057 
721610Albrighton AVSinclair B51945 
721110Shifnal AVBroseley A51865 
62086Allscott Heath BVEdgmond A92106 
41954Newport BVBridgnorth A112258 
Fri 24th May Friday Division 3
1024213H U S C BVMadeley CC B21462 
823211St Georges BVNewport C41864 
1022813Bowring BVTrench B21772 
722810Bridgnorth BVShifnal B52085 
822111Worfield AVMaddocks A42014 
Wed 29th May Friday Division 3
Chelmarsh AVBowring B 
Wed 29th May Thursday Thursday
HUSCVElephant and Castle 
Thu 30th May Thursday Thursday
Bowring AVSinclair 
Elephant and CastleVMadeley 
Prince of Wales HotelVSt. Georges 
ShifnalVAllscott Heath 
Wrock WoodVCharlton 
Fri 31st May Friday Division 1
Allscott Heath AVTrench A 
Bylet AVBowring A 
H U S C AVMadeley C C A 
Newport AVStockton A 
SJ Bayley AVDonn Wood A 
St Georges AVSinclair A 
Wrock Wood AVHorsehay A 
Fri 31st May Friday Division 2
Bridgnorth AVShifnal A 
Broseley AVSJ Bayley B 
Edgmond AVCharlton A 
Horsehay BVAlbrighton A 
Sinclair BVAllscott Heath B 
Wrock Wood BVNewport B 
Fri 31st May Friday Division 3
Donn Wood BVSt Georges B 
Madeley CC BVWorfield A 
Much Wenlock AVH U S C B 
Newport CVBridgnorth B 
Shifnal BVBowring B 
Trench BVChelmarsh A 
Sat 1st Jun Saturday Saturday League
BridgnorthVAllscott Heath 
CharltonVDonnington Wood 
Wrockwardine WoodVSJ Bayley 
Mon 3rd Jun Monday Division 4
Allscott Heath CVSinclair C 
Horsehay CVSt Georges C 
Madeley CC CVH U S C C 
Shifnal CVDonn Wood C 
Wrock Wood CVBroseley B 
Mon 3rd Jun Monday Division 5
Bowring CVSJ Bayley D 
Bridgnorth CVMadeley CC D 
Charlton BVBylet C 
Newport DVHorsehay D 
Trench CVAlbrighton B 
Mon 3rd Jun Monday Division 6
Albrighton CVHighley 
Donn Wood DVNewport E 
Maddocks CVBridgnorth D 
Sinclair DVAllscott Heath D 
St. George‚Äôs DVShifnal D