Lichfield Winter Bowls 2019

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Thu Mar 21st 2 Matches

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Fri Mar 1st


Can we aim for a 10.30 prompt start please to avoid the hockey players? 

Sun Feb 17th



       A few clarifications and amendments to the rules.


Start where you like with the "away" players having the Jack.

The scoring will be, one point for each game won plus 2 points for an aggregate win. However, if you use a player twice then 10 points will be deducted from the aggregate for each player used.

The position regarding whether balls and Jacks are in or out over the white line is covered by the illustration displayed at the green. If any part of them stops over the outer edge of the white line then that will be deemed to be out. 

On reflection,  I think that if a bowl or Jack hits the rope but doesnt go out then it will be deemed to be live. This is mainly to help speed up the proceedings and to avoid any "differences of opinion" over whether or not it hit the rope!