Lichfield 50+ Bowling League 2021

Secretary Chairman President
Gill Duffell Les Simonczyk Peter Freeman



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Treasurer Committee Member (Merits)

Committee Members

 Will Bird Fred Perry Brian Girling  (Website)

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 Jean McGill

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Thu Jul 29th 13 Matches
Fri Jul 30th 1 Match




Important Dates:


Latest information:

Fri Jul 9th
Merits 2021. This years merits will take place on, (singles, Thursday 23rd, doubles, Thursday 30th. of September)
My thanks to the committees and green keepers from Crown Green, Lea Hall, Littleton and The Rag for their help
in the late running of the competition. More details to follow nearer the time. Fred
Sat Jun 12th

Sorry folks my mistake, I stand corrected.

Quote from the committee meeting 31st March:-

"  6. What happens if a club can’t field 8 players? When approached, all clubs agreed that they could field a team of 8. If we start to alter this and make allowances, then the system is open to abuse. Matches will be forfeited if a team is short of players."

If a player plays twice to make up the team they are shown as “UNLISTED” for their second game.

This gives the team the score but not the player otherwise their average would be affected.

This is for this year only and is not to be relied upon.



Tue Jun 1st


Unfortunately there are now 4 byes in division 4 due to another team having to withdraw.

I have looked at the possibility of re-scheduling division 4 to make it shorter and eliminate the byes.

This is not possible as all the teams share their green with teams in other divisions thereby disrupting the whole league.

Brian Girling.

Fri May 21st

My apologies to the teams involved I omitted to change Armitage with Handsacre to a bye due to their withdrawal from the league. I was tied up with personal matters and overlooked it.



Wed May 19th


Chase Terrace A will be providing light refreshments for their home games.



Mon May 17th






Thu May 6th

Please note that the Lichfield Museum over 50s will not be providing refreshments all this season.


Fri Apr 2nd

The fixture list for the 2021 season is now available, covid permitting.



5. All games are to commence at 1.00 pm or earlier (but only if prior arrangements have been
made), with greens being fully occupied throughout.




a) Practice time shall be permitted up to 12.50pm for the Home Team who shall then vacate
the green.




b) The Away Team shall not be permitted to practice the green.




c) Both captains to decide the eight match pairings. Pairings to be numbered one to eight.




d) The Home captain shall have the office to call the pairings to the green in the numbered
sequence one to eight after which time players who have been called upon to shall have ten
(10) minutes to present themselves, failing this a substitution shall be arranged.




e) In the event of no substitute being available, for each absentee the offending team shall
forfeit a score of one point (1) and 21 shots.