Kingsway Indoor 2019/20

Chaiman Secretary Treasurer
Joan Fletcher  Arthur Holroyd   Joan Fletcher
Tue Sep 24th 4 Matches
Thu Sep 26th 4 Matches
Tue Oct 1st 4 Matches

Welcome to the Kingsway Indoor Bowling League



1The club will be known as Kingsway Indoor Bowling Club  

2The club will play at Kingsway Leisure Centre, Kingsway, Widnes,  under the ‘Conditions of Hire’ of Halton Borough Council  

3‘Conditions of Hire’ - The ‘hirer’ shall be the teams playing in the League and  

therefore the individual players making up the teams are deemed ‘hirers’. The 

fact that one individual person signs the hiring agreement will not make that person  

the ‘hirer’.  No claim can therefore be made against the secretary or treasurer. 

Visitors shall be the responsibility of the individual player (hirer) that invites them  

into the Centre.   

4Membership should consist of officers and members of the club  

All members will be subject to the regulations of the constitution and by joining the  

club will be deemed to accept these regulations and rules of the game  

5Membership fees will be set annually at the Annual General Meeting. 

6Officers of the Bowling Club will be:  

Chairperson/Treasurer  -  Mrs Joan D Fletcher 

Secretary                       -  Mr  Arthur Holroyd   

7All bowling club monies will be banked in an account in the name of the club which will be held with Santander Bank.

The Treasurer will present an audited statement of the accounts at the Annual General Meeting. Any transactions on the account 

can be authorised by the Treasurer or Secretary of the club.    


Kingsway Indoor Bowling Club hereby adopts and accepts this Constitution as a current operating guide.



Important Dates:


Latest information:

Thu Jun 20th

It is with great regret that I have received news of the death of Dave Howl. Dave worked hard and tirelessly for Kingsway Indoor Bowls and his presence will be sadly missed.

The bowls club as a whole sends its sympathy and good wishes to Daves family

Sat Jun 1st

This website contains the fixtures for 2019/20 and other information required to input results

There  will be a meeting of all clubs to explain the new results reporting before the start of the season

People can access the site now to familiarise themselves with the system and Team Captains will be provived with a password to input the scores when the season starts