Heath Town & District Over 50s Bowling League 2019

Chaiman Secretary Treasurer

Brian Chamberlain 

14, Sandringham Road



Alan Richards 

125,Cannock Road


WV10 8QR


Alan Richards 

125,Cannock Road


WV10 8QR

01902 894907  01902 737873 or 07950 145699  01902 737873 or 07950 145699   
Fri May 24th 19 Matches

Welcome to the Heath Town and District Over 50's Bowling League


Important Dates:


Fri Jul 5th




Qualifying Rounds Friday 31st May


Finals stages Friday 5th July


Closing date 18th May 2019

Latest information:

Tue May 21st

IMC  Friday 31st May   1.50 SCRATCH OUT AT PENNFIELDS BOTTOM GREEN  4 to qualify off each green

Ian Davis Willenhall Trinity

John Corbett Willenhall Nordley

Steve Wright Stile

Steve Evans Stile

Dave Williams Fordhouses

Brian Harman Woodfield

Derek Dace Bilston

Roy Evans Express and Star

David Johnston Express and Star

Maurice Blud Express and Star

Cliff Edwards Codsall Ex

Graham Adamson Bradmore

Terry Cockram Sedgley Ex

James Brookes Sedgley Ex

Roy Griffiths Short Heath Libs


Tue May 21st

IMC  Friday 31st May   1.50 SCRATCH OUT AT PENNFIELDS TOP GREEN  4 to qualify off each green

Mark Picknell Willenhall Nordley

Bill Harris Coseley Tavern

Pat Calvin Springvale

Bill Staite Stile

Terry Reep Stile

William Hardiman Fordhouses

Alan Matthews Woodfield

Mike Kirk Express and Star

Geoff Page Express and Star

Harry Cotterill Express and Star

Roy Cook Springvale

Dave Mole Codsall Ex

John Melia Codsall Ex

Terry Morris Bradmore

Paul Smith Sedgley Ex

Steve Taylor Short Heath Libs

Tue May 21st

IMC  Friday 31st May   1.50 SCRATCH OUT AT WILLENHALL TRINITY  4 to qualify off each green.

Terry Slater Segley Ex

John Hill Sedgley Ex

Steve Bircher Short Heath Libs

Alex Hamil Pennfields

David Davies Pennfields

Billy Owen Pennfields

Alan Grocutt Codsall Ex

Barry Davies Codsall Ex

Harry Worrall Pennfields

Vi Limbert Penn

Ian Charles Willenhall Nordley

Andy James Stile

Jim Queen Fordhouses

John Pearce Express and Star

Eddie Wright Sedgley Ex


Tue May 21st

IMC  Friday 31st May   1.50 SCRATCH OUT AT SEDGLEY EX  4 to qualify off each green.

Rob Hudson Pennfields

Len Hooper Pennfields

Graham Bird Pennfields

Len Hartree Pennfields

Phil Edwards Codsall Ex

Stuart Jones Penn

Peter Prescott Willenhall Trinity

Lol Ellis Woodfield

Martin Orme Willenhall Nordley

Ron Mansell Springvale

Sean Lockley Stile

David East Stile

John Elgerton Fordhouses

Eamon Daly Woodfield

Roy Thompson Express and Star



Tue May 21st


Due to the large increase in entries for the IMC,the final date of Friday 5th July will now be a qualifying round to get the last 16 bowlers down to 8 bowlers

The Final date will now be Friday 27th September.Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Fri May 17th

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Graham Wright Codsall Ex-Service passed away earlier this morning. Funeral details are as follows.

Monday 3rd June at Bushbury Crematorium West Chapel 11.15 am. and then on to Pavilion at 12.15 pm.

Thu May 16th
Brian Chamberlain  Funeral Details are as follows.
Thursday 6th June 2019
St Bernadettes Church Wombourne 11.30am
9 Rennison Dr, Wombourne, Wolverhampton WV5 9HW
Committal at Gornal Crematorium,
7 Chase Rd, Brierley Hill, Dudley DY3 2RL 12.20 pm
Refreshments at Wombourne Cricket and Bowling Club 13.30pm 
Church Rd, Wombourne, Wolverhampton WV5 9EZ

Wed May 8th

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that our Chairman Brian Chamberlain,of  Pennfields,and  passed President of the BCGBA, has passed away in the early hours of this morning. Funeral details to follow

Sun Apr 28th

To all Secretaries and Captains in Division 4.

Fordhouses B have resigned from the league due to the shortage of players ,all there games will now become byes.

Sun Apr 28th


Codsall A and Codsall B share their green for home matches that start at 2.00pm with a 2-2-2 format.

Mon Mar 18th

                                                                                                PLEASE NOTE

Express and Star C request a 11.30 start.

Express & Star D request a 11.30 start.

Willenhall Trinity C request a 11.30 start.

There other team at home then start at 2.15 start.

Will the captains please remind the away teams of the early start.

Tue Mar 12th

the paying in meeting is on Monday 18th March at Willenhall Libs Club commencing about 7:30 pm. 

Cheques for the Monday league should be made out to the Heath Town & District Bowls League, cheques for the Friday league made payable to the Heath Town Over 50’s Bowls League. 

Scorecards will be available on the evening at £10.00 per 500.