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21st June 2021 - Brian

Due to the fact that there are no handbooks this season will all Clubs please make the effort to keep their Contact page on the website up to date.

You are able to do this  by logging in to your Club and clicking on Club Contacts then Click on your Club Name which will allow you to amend your Club Contacts.  Don't forget to Save the Details.

If you are unable to amend please contact either Maggie or myself and we will help.



 A page headed Sponsors has been added to the website which includes all companies who paid for adverts in last years handbook which was not distributed.  Please look at it and where possible use these companies.

  There is a change to the webb site as there is now a Club Page which will include all items notified by Clubs with the Home page being dedicated to Management Notices.


Thursday start times will be 7.00 p.m. until August when they will be 6.30 p.m.



As a League we are committed to encouraging competitive bowling in 2021.

Due to Covid restrictions this season is a shortened season and with some players still being uncertain of playing we have opted for both Leagues being based on 8 teams in a division with 6 bowlers in a team and this season to be a one off season with all teams reverting to their final placings from 2019 for next season with teams unable to field teams this year being able to re-join us next year.

This season, as an experiment, you will be able to play bowlers twice if necessary to be able to give opponents a game but with a 6 shot deduction for each player that bowls twice and their score will not be included in the averages.   We also suggest that if teams have a surplus of players that the respective Captains liaise with each other and arrange for extra players to play but not included in the actual match.

There will not be any handbooks or Result Cards this season so suggest you use any prior season cards that you still have or make up a simple form to put the scores on.  It doesn’t matter which team enters the result as long as the other team confirms the result.

It is up to Clubs to ensure that their players have access to fixtures which can be printed from the website.   Please contact me if you have any problems with this and I will be pleased to assist.

All other rules will still apply but if you have any problems please contact me, preferably on 01527 893525 but in an emergency 07857 624417 when a suitable outcome can be arranged.

I have left 30th July as a free Friday in the Over 60,s as if everything goes to plan I may be able to include further fixtures in a cup competition at the end of the season.

Will you all please check the player registration files, on the website, for your club as there have been a number of problems.  Any alterations to registrations must be notified to me.

May I remind all Clubs that they must abide by any government rules in accordance with Covid restrictions

If in doubt please ring – I really am not the ogre I am sometimes made out to be.

I hope you all enjoy whatever bowling you are able to do this season.


Brian Parkinson

Match Secretary

3rd May 2021.






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