Furness Short Mat Bowling League 2018/19

Chaiman Secretary Treasurer
  Joan Shaw  Eric Worsley 

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Mon Mar 18th



1. Apologies

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

3. Matters Arising

4. Chairmans Report

5. Treasurers Report

6. Secretarys Report

7. Election of Officers

8. A.O.B.


REMINDER: It will take place in The British Legion  this Wednesday @ 7.00pm.






Sat Jan 19th



This  years  AGM will be held on  Wednesday 20th March,  7.00pm. @ The British Legion in Ulverston.

All members are invited to attend. The main agenda item is alterations to the 2016 rules.

Wed Jan 16th


At the Captains meeting, held on the 15th January, it was unanimously agreed that all players have to change their outdoor footwear when entering the hall.  This rule comes in to effect as from Monday 21st January 2019. 


Mon Jan 14th

15/01/2019  AGENDA


1. Members Present


2. Apologies


3. Previous Minutes


4. Matters Arising - 2016 Rules; Venues


5. A.O.B.

Sun Dec 30th


Im calling an EGM for all 12 captains on Tuesday 15th January at 7.00pm in the British Legion Club, Ulverston. If you are unable to attend please send a representative - we will be voting on the 2016 set of rules, as there appears to be some confusion regarding a number of these rules. 

I am sorry  I issued everyone with the 2015 rules (as these were the only ones that were passed to me) but all captains should have a copy of the 2016 rules.  To save time please read through them prior to the meeting.

I will also report on any information I have regarding other venues.

Please email me with confirmation of your attendance or the name of your representative, and any  agenda item you wish to discuss.




Wed Oct 31st

I notice a number of teams are fielding unlisted players  Is this because I  need to add some new players to these teams? If so please email me so I can rectify this.

If it is because they are short of players, please consider asking the two Co-op guys who are eager to play.



Wed Oct 3rd

Hi All

I noticed a few teams have players that are not listed. Please can you email me the names of any players that are not listed.




Dave Jackson and John Proudfoot are looking for a team but in the meantime they are happy to play for any team that is short. CONTACT No: 07729612299


Kind Regards