The Federation of Crown Green Bowls Sponsored by Dennis Mowers Uk & Sisis UK 2016
Fixtures for Sun 24th Apr
Division 1MiddletonVLeeds A
Division 1Airedale AVFylde A
Division 1HalifaxVBye
Division 2NuneatonVBarnsley
Division 2RochdaleVBury
Division 3Mid CheshireVWallasey
Division 3Colne ValleyVFurness
Division 3OrmskirkVBye
Division 4East LancsVNth Yorks
Division 4Leeds BVBye
Division 5DudleyVLiv/ St Helens
Division 5SouthPortVAiredale B
Division 5MenaiVBye
Division 6 North WestBoltonVFylde B
Division 6 North WestPreston BVRochdale Ladies
Division 6 Mid/YorkBradfordVDoncaster
Fixtures for Sun 22nd May
Division 1MiddletonVAiredale A
Division 1Fylde AVHalifax
Division 1Leeds AVBye
Division 2RochdaleVNuneaton
Division 2BuryVBye
Division 3Mid CheshireVColne Valley
Division 3FurnessVOrmskirk
Division 3WallaseyVBye
Division 4Sth LakesVEast Lancs
Division 4Nth YorksVLeeds B
Division 4Sth LancsVBye
Division 5DudleyVSouthPort
Division 5Airedale BVMenai
Division 5Liv/ St HelensVBye
Division 6 North WestBoltonVPreston B
Division 6 North WestFylde BVRochdale Ladies
Division 6 Mid/YorkBradfordVBurton
Division 6 Mid/YorkDoncasterVUK Police
Fixtures for Sun 26th Jun
Division 1MiddletonVFylde A
Division 1Leeds AVHalifax
Division 1Airedale AVBye
Division 2RochdaleVBarnsley
Division 2NuneatonVBye
Division 3Mid CheshireVFurness
Division 3WallaseyVOrmskirk
Division 3Colne ValleyVBye
Division 4Sth LakesVNth Yorks
Division 4Sth LancsVLeeds B
Division 4East LancsVBye
Division 5DudleyVAiredale B
Division 5Liv/ St HelensVMenai
Division 5SouthPortVBye
Division 6 North WestFylde BVPreston B
Division 6 Mid/YorkBurtonVUK Police
Fixtures for Sun 3rd Jul
Division 4Sth LakesVSth Lancs
Fixtures for Sun 24th Jul
Division 1MiddletonVHalifax
Division 1Leeds AVAiredale A
Division 1Fylde AVBye
Division 2BuryVNuneaton
Division 2BarnsleyVBye
Division 3Mid CheshireVOrmskirk
Division 3WallaseyVColne Valley
Division 3FurnessVBye
Division 4Sth LakesVLeeds B
Division 4Sth LancsVEast Lancs
Division 4Nth YorksVBye
Division 5DudleyVMenai
Division 5Liv/ St HelensVSouthPort
Division 5Airedale BVBye
Division 6 North WestBoltonVRochdale Ladies
Division 6 Mid/YorkBradfordVUK Police
Division 6 Mid/YorkBurtonVDoncaster
Fixtures for Sun 21st Aug
Division 1Leeds AVFylde A
Division 1Airedale AVHalifax
Division 1MiddletonVBye
Division 2BuryVBarnsley
Division 2RochdaleVBye
Division 3WallaseyVFurness
Division 3Colne ValleyVOrmskirk
Division 3Mid CheshireVBye
Division 4Sth LancsVNth Yorks
Division 4East LancsVLeeds B
Division 4Sth LakesVBye
Division 5Liv/ St HelensVAiredale B
Division 5SouthPortVMenai
Division 5DudleyVBye
Division 6 Play offBoltonVBurton
Division 6 Play offBradfordVFylde B