Whitchurch Fantasy League 2018

To Play
To be able to play the Fantasy League you need to register first.
Once Registered just Login and enter you first week's team from the list of players.

You have 70 million to spend to make a squad.
A captain gets double points.
You can change your captain each week.
You can transfer one player a week.
Each player gets two wildcards for each half of the season meaning when you use it you can make as many changes to your team as you like.


Scoring System
1 point for a home win.
2 ponts for an away win.
1 point for a single figure home win.
2 points for a single figure away win.
5 points for only winner.
1 point for best home winner.
2 points for best away winner.
-1 point for loss at home.
-2 points for single figure home loss.
-1 point for single figure away loss.
-2 points for worst loser at home.
-1 point for worst loser away.
-5 points for only loser.
15 points for winning to 0 at home.
30 points for winning to 0 away.
-15 points for losing to 0 away.
-30 points for losing to 0 at home.

Fantasy League