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Tue Feb 23rd 2021

Following on from the Prime Minister's Covid road map announcement the BCGBA have issued the following statement:


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Further to the announcement earlier today, which is largely positive at this stage for our sport’s prospects this season, we have prepared the following for our counties and clubs utilising content within the joint statement.
This is a shared statement with Bowls England and Disability Bows England and further information will be distributed once the full guidance has been issued by the Dept. of Sport.

Today’s roadmap for the easing of lockdown restrictions enables BCGBA, counties and affiliated clubs to prepare with confidence for the 2021 outdoor season. The Prime Minister’s announcement confirmed that outdoor affiliated bowls clubs will be able to open from 29th March.

Our overriding objective is for as many bowlers as possible to enjoy our sport in a safe manner this summer. Bowls is a naturally socially-distanced, non-contact activity and plays a key role in the mental and physical health of many across the country. The positive prospects for the new season provides a great boost to bowlers and the sport in general.
Whilst the overwhelming majority of existing bowlers are eager to start playing and are likely to have received their first vaccine, we understand there is a degree of nervousness about returning to the sport. We will be working alongside our development partner, the Bowls Development Alliance, to support affiliated clubs across the country to create Covid-safe environments, building on the fantastic efforts of many club leaders last year. This work will include:
  • ‘Return to Play’ guidance for affiliated clubs
  • Resources and best practice to support the safe running of clubs
  • Online booking
  • Promotional material and funding advice
We also aim to facilitate as much domestic competition as possible. We have developed a series of Covid-contingency scenarios and, with the information now available, will look to reshape our national competition schedule.
The National Open Weekend 28th May 2021 planning will continue and we believe there’s a good opportunity to encourage people, who are looking for a new fun, family outdoor activity, into our sport. We will be working with affiliated clubs who sign up to empower them to deliver Open Weekend events that are Covid-safe and give new players a fantastic first experience.
We have been in discussions with our partner organisations to ensure a safe return to play, with the Prime Minister's road map we look forward to clubs being able to open safety within government guidelines.
We will be working in partnership with all stakeholders, notably affiliated clubs, to navigate through any challenges and, whilst mindful to retain a level of caution, are very excited about the outdoor bowls season beginning soon.
We understand today’s developments will provoke a range of questions and we would ask people to bear with us as we work through the various implications. As soon as we can, we will be issuing more detailed guidance on the BCGBA website.
Mon Jan 25th 2021

The minutes from the AGM on January 21st 2021 are now avaible to view in the Meetings link on the main menu on the left hand side of this page.



Sun Mar 15th

CORONAVIRUS 2020 – MDBL Statement No. 1. 15th March

Although this is not a time for panic, the League’s officers felt it only right to communicate directly with member clubs to keep them posted on their contingency plans for coping with the coronavirus outbreak. This policy has been put in place together with the Whitchurch League so we have continuity within our respective communities. 

We are now receiving helpful guidance from the SCGBA, BCGBA and Sport England which will be passed on. 

Your officers are very reluctant to make any firm decisions until after the County Executive meeting on Monday 23rd March – in the hope that the picture becomes a lot clearer by then - and will most likely get together to firm up proposals later before the next Executive Meeting. 

As you are aware we have an Executive Meeting on March 25th. We will then be able to talk directly to clubs before the season starts on April 3rd with all the latest advice and any emergency playing measures - if indeed we get to start as scheduled. 

That meeting is at Adderley Village Hall at 8.00pm and following health guidelines would be limited to only one representative per club – for this meeting we would suggest it is the club chairman or secretary please. 

Obviously, we all want to go ahead with the full playing schedule as planned, but we have been making contingency plans, some of which are listed below and they would need to be discussed by clubs in advance of the March 25th meeting. This letter will be posted on the Front Page section of the website this week so that all League bowlers can see what we are doing and considering. 

If the outbreak gets as widespread and serious as predicted one option is to just play the League’s fixtures in the second half of the season - starting in late June/early July when the peak should have passed - with no promotion or relegation and prize money reduced accordingly. 

The Team Knockouts would have to be called off for 2020 and what League competitions we hold could be decided at a management meeting - if indeed we get a green light then and clubs want to go ahead. 

It’s drastic we know, but it would only take one bowler in a member club to test positive and we would be in a real mess. 

And there is also the age of many of the League’s bowlers to consider. Being the most vulnerable to the disease, they may now want to make themselves unavailable to play – leaving clubs unable to field full teams for fixtures. 

If and when we do get to play fixtures washing hands before and after matches will be vital, cleaning jacks before and after games will be crucial as well. 

Let’s just hope it does not come to this – but we have to be prepared for the worst case scenario. 

Wendy Icke, MDBL Secretary

Wed Feb 26th

There is now a link called Honours Board to see all the past winners of each Division and Individual Competitions.