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Sun Dec 27th


Good afternoon All,


As 2020 winds to an end I wanted to reach out to all associated with the Coventry & District Bowling League, all Secretaries, Clubs, players, supporters and everyone else involved with the wonderful game of Crown Green Bowling.………


It does not need me to tell you all what a difficult year 2020 has been for everyone and I sincerely hope that your families, friends & Clubs have remained safe through these difficult times.


From a Bowling perspective we lost a complete season of League & Competition Bowling and if I am honest we do not really know what 2021 is going to bring us, we just hope & pray that the medical advances that are being put in place will enable us all to get back to some sort of normality in our lives.


However notwithstanding the unknown we must try to plan for our return to the Bowling Green in 2021 and whilst we will be guided by the Government & BCGBA guidelines to ensure it is safe to do so we do need to make plans of our own to start a 2021 season.


At this point in the year we would have already had our Rules Revision and formation meeting and would be in a good position to know what Teams would be playing the following Season and Leagues would have been arranged. However at this point we do acknowledge that Clubs will be unsure what they will be dealing with from teams & players perspective, we intend to be as flexible as possible to understand & help Clubs ensuring that as many Clubs, Teams & Players can get back on the Green next season.


In an ideal situation we would commence the 2021 season with the same League formation as we would have started 2020 however it is clear that this will not be the case and unfortunately we expect 2021 to not be the normal.


I will be in contact with each Club in the New Year to discuss the situation and options for 2021, it would be our target to have a good view of the options by the end of January 2021 so that Leagues & Fixtures can be confirmed.


Therefore taking into account where we are today the target to start the Coventry & District Bowling League in 2021 will be from week commencing the 3rd May, this is a couple of weeks after the standard start date but the intention would be to play some League Competitions at the end of April where players and Clubs have the choice to enter, nominally Competitions have been difficult to fill so we are hoping that providing this option will entice more players. Moving the season by a few weeks seems minimal but will give more time to have an informed & structured approach to the start and restructuring of the League if required, however as stated earlier all our plans will be in the hands of the authorities as to if and when it will be safe to Bowl.


On a sad note I am aware that we have lost a number of members throughout 2020 and I send my sincere condolences to all families, friends & Clubs concerned, I will not list each member individual but we will pay our upmost respect to them all when we are next allowed to meet.


On a final note I would like to send my Best Wishes for a Positive & Prosperous 2021 to you all, your Families, Friends all members of your Clubs, I hope to see you all on the Greens in 2021.


Happy New Year

Martin Dobson

Secretary & Treasurer – Coventry & District Bowling League.


Mon Jul 27th

Covid-19 update - Return to Bowling


Please find attached an announcement from Mark Bircumshaw regarding the next steps regarding the return to Bowling, please refer to the attachement in the Covid-19 dropdown menu "Phase 3 Opening of Crown Green__ Bowls July 2020b".


 ----- Forwarded message -----

From: Mark Bircumshaw <>
Sent: Monday, 27 July 2020, 09:21:22 BST
Subject: Community Level Sport update 27th July 2020
Following our submission to Department of Sport the following is now permitted as long as all Social distancing rules and bubble rules are followed. We have had to clarify the compliance with maximum of 30 and bubble size of 6. I have also have to clarify that our team games are a series of individual game.
Inter club friendlies up to a maximum of 12 singles games (maximum of 30 in the gathering)
This would also allow 6 doubles games etc.
League matches following social distancing as above.
Open Competitions / competitions
To comply with the social distancing the maximum rounds that could be played on a single days is 4, this would mean a total of 6 in the bubble assuming all other social distancing is maintained. In practice this would allow up to 16 (groups of) playing down to 4 with a finals day on a later day. (Singles)
To run an open competition the dates would need to be agreed in the normal way with the county secretary and an action plan completed to ensure the Covid issued have been addressed.
Hopefully this will allow a wider participation for those who want to organise matches. Each League will need to assess what they intend to do for the rest of the season.
Mark Bircumshaw
Fri Jun 5th

Coventry & District Bowling Leagues 2020


Throughout the ongoing situation with the Covid-19 pandemic we have kept a close eye on the recommendations and advice that has been coming from both Government and BCGBA and the impact this has on health & safety throughout both society and within the Crown Green Bowling community.


Whilst we have recently moved into phase 2 of the revised Government advice on the relaxation guidelines it is still unclear at which point in the future it could be possible to return to any form of competitive Bowling.


Therefore taking into account all information that is available to us we have made the very difficult decision to cancel the Coventry & District League & Cup season for 2020 and all Leagues will be rolled over to the 2021 Season. (copy of letter attached in Covid-19 menu)


We had looked into several ways that bowling could be made possible but with no clear plan on when we could safely return there was unfortunately no other option available to us. We also reviewed the current situation at many Clubs, some have already opened within the guidelines others currently have no visibility on when they will safely be able to resume bowling, these combined with the continued shielding of many of our members are also contributing factors.


Whilst this a very difficult and disappointing decision I am sure that you will all be understanding of our position, ultimately the health & safety of all our members and families is imperative.


Sun May 31st

Coronavirus Update

Good morning please find attached in Covid-19 drop down menu a copy of the updated document from BCGBA regarding Phase 2 updated guidance.


Thu May 14th

Coronavirus Update

Please find below some links for additional Documents that will support your Clubs with the current Coronavirus assessments.
Also attached (in Covid-19 drop down menu) is a poster from BCGBA that outlines how you should manage your Clubs with respect to booking and playing on your green.
We come under Lawn Bowls in the reference to Bowls
Guidance for Provider of Outdoor Facilities
Guidance for Public on phased return of outdoor sport (bowls is specific mentioned again in this document)

Wed May 13th

Coronvirus Update

Following the recent Goverment announcement regarding Coronavirus and the impact to sporting activities please find detailed below a copy of an email from Mark Bircumshaw (BCGBA - CEO) regarding County Competitions for 2020 and a phased plan for the return of Bowling.


Also attached (within dropdown menu Covid - 19) are documents 1.) Guidance on the reopening of greens, 2.) a word version of the risk assessment and a 3.) PDF poster for Clubs remaining closed.


Please read this information carefully, discuss with your Committee and Members before any final decisions are made. 

Please note there are a number of constraints within Phase 1 that are required to be in place prior to any bowling commencing, can you please ensure all this information is available for review as required by the Coventry & District League & BCGBA, evidence of these will be requested.


I hope that you will all be clear about the requirements, however if there are any question then I am happy to try and answer or gain further guidance from North Midlands / BCGBA accordingly.




Martin Dobson - Secretary & Treasurer Coventry District Bowling Association.


From: Mark Bircumshaw <>

Date: 12 May 2020 at 12:03:58 BST
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Fwd: BCGBA Competitions 2020 Draft
Hi All,
Dist to: Management, Officers and County Secretaries.
Following discussions and County level survey on BCGBA National competitions, we have decided to roll over all competitions to 2021.
This means that the fixtures for County Championships 2020, will be moved to 2021 with a subsequent delay in the 5 year rota.
This also covers Mens, Juniors, Veterans and Ladies Competitions and will likewise be moved to 2021. The County rotation for the All Britain and Junior merits will also roll over to 2021. Senior Merit in Cumbria, Junior in Greater Manchester etc. Similarly in the Ladies competitions.
The 2019 Ladies Champion of Champions; It is hoped we will be able to arrange a suitable date later in the year to complete this competition subject to restrictions allowing.
World Club Championships Qualifiers for 2020 will roll over to 2021 and we will issue further information a we are able to do so.
The Handbook 2020 will therefore cover 2020-2021 and a addendum will be produced in 2021 to reflect date changes and this will be updated on the website as soon as we are able to confirm dates and agreement with relevant venues.
This decision has been taken to ensure that we are able to protect the safety of our membership and at this time it is not possible to ensure we would be able to complete the matches and qualifiers in a safe and secure way.
Guidance on the reopening of green is attached in PDF version and a word version of the Risk assessment.
A PDF poster for clubs remaining closed.
Please be aware this is for Phase 1 opening of greens and will be reviewed in light of any changes for Phase 2 when additional groups may be permitted, this is to ensure that we have a safe opening of greens and to give clubs a chance to get used to the process needed to keep everyone safe.
This currently only applies to Eng<

Thu Apr 2nd

 Coronavirus Updated

All Clubs should have received some information from BCGBA & North Midlands Bowling Associtaion with respect to the latest position regarding Crown Green Bowling in these current difficult times, I have uploaded these files together with an information pack from Bowls England, you will find these in the download file "Coronavirus". 

This information can also be found on the North Midlands CGBA website as detailed in post from Wednesday 1st April.

Wed Apr 1st

The North Midlands Crown Green Bowling Association has suspended all affiliated competitive leagues and issued new guidance that it strongly recommends against social bowling and that all clubs are closed until further notice, in line with our Governing Body (BCGBA) and the Uk Government. The full details can be found here.

Sat Mar 14th

Coronavirus update - The Coventry & District League is currently reviewing the developing situation regarding the Coronavirus outbreak. In the meantime below is the current position of our governing body:


BCGBA information about Coronavirus