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Mr. R Perry, Mr C Reid, Mr C Bordley, Mr RA Young
Mr Robert Moss
Mr. C Reid, Mr. RA Young, Mr. M Dobson 
Mr Martin Dobson
459 Walsgrave Road, Coventry, CV2 4AH
Tel: 024 7644 8916
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League Match Secretary
 Mr Damon Naile
Competitions Secretary
Mr Len Peach
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Welcome to the Coventry Bowling League.
The site comprises the Coventry Premier/Midweek League, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Leagues


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Wed Sep 22nd



With just a few games remaining in the Saturday League, there are some things still to decide. What isn't to decide is the D1 Champions - congratulation to Atherstone Cons A for what has pretty much been a romp. At the bottom it tight between five teams.


In D2, Walsgrave are favourites to win having pulled out a good advantage over Alvis A. Stoke Cov A could still overtake Alvis A for second as they host them in the final game of the season. Standard A are margainal favourites in D3, although Atherstone Cons B are in with a shout. D4 is done and dusted with a an exciting finsh seeing Griff & Coton B just pipping Stoke Cov B.


Saturday games have been difficult to rearrange due to their length and the shortened season. Some games have been voided through mutual consent and other will take place on or before October 3rd. Thank you to all teams for getting the games played - hopefully next season will be a little more straightforward. 



Tue Sep 21st


Quarter Finals

M GOODE 11 – R BURDETT mnr 21





Semi Finals –




The Final



A good evenings bowling on the excellent Bulkington green. Commiserations to Karl who bowled well all evening and Congratulations to Michael Warrington on winning this competition for the first time.




Mon Aug 30th

Midweek Merits Finals Results


The Midweek Merits finals have taken place with some incredibly tight matches. The pick of the quarters saw Paul Haylor scrape past Matt Horton 21-18. The Semis saw an epic battle between Liam Bench and Leigh Burdett that went the full distance in Liam's favour. He couldn't repeat that in the final though which saw Paul Haylor crowned.


L Bench 21 - 10 T Aubury
D Horbury 5 - 21 L Burdett
P Haylor 21 - 18 M Horton
R Burdett 10 - 21 P Lamb


L Bench 21 - 20 L Burdett
P Haylor 21 - 14 P Lamb

L Bench 9 - 21 P Haylor



Mon Aug 23rd

Sunday Roundup - The Final Games


With the final few games to come, let's look at how things stand on Sunday.


Copsewood A look set to win Sunday D1 after inflicting the first defeat on their B Team, meaning they draw level on points with a game in hand. Martin Puffett (Copsewood B) is in pole position for the Aggregates, although with games in hand, don't count out Chris Dunne (Gas) There is nothing to choose between Albany A, Gas and Lime Tree B for the bottom places.


In D2, Old Coventrians appear to be the most likely to finish bottom but it's tight at the top. Mathematically any of four teams can win but in reality it's a straight battle between Coronation A and Coundon. A win in either of the final two games would ensure Frazer Cameron (Coundon) the top spot in the Aggregates whatever anyone else does.



Sat Aug 14th

Thursday Roundup - The Run-in


It's time to take a look at the Thursday leagues as we head towards the conclusion of the season.

Attleborough Sports can clinch the title next week with a 8 - 3 or better win. This seems unlikely though as they are away to second place Stoke Cov A. In reality, anything other than a heavy loss should see them to the title. Other than that any one of the remaining five teams could finish bottom with just eight points covering them. Foleshill Gas A in third are in the odd position of having an outside chance for the title and finishing bottom!

Thursday two is even tighter with Walsgrave A and Foxes tied at the top and the former leading by just nine shots. At the bottom Newdigate A, Kenilworth A and Potters A are all fighting to not be last.

It's almost done and dusted for Stockingford A in D3. They need just four points from their remaining two games to ensure the title whatever anyone else does. Coundon B look down having secured just one win from their ten games so far.

Division 4 looks a straight battle between Dunlop B and Walsgrave C, although the former suffered a setback with a narrow loss at third placed Albany A. Gas and Bed Ex prop up the table.

Coundon C currently look favourites to pinch the D5 title from Standard B but due to bad weather and illness, there are a lot of games to play. They meet next week in a crunch match and should Standard lose out they will rue the one bad day they had against Herberts in July. One thing that is very likely is that Albany B will finish bottom of the league but having still got the top two left to play, they might just have a say about who wins the league.

As with Midweek the Aggregates are two close to call. Tighter than a [insert your own favourite saying here]. Good luck to all you Thursday Leaguers.


Fri Aug 13th

Midweek Roundup - The Final Push


It's crunch time in the Midweek and Thursday leagues with much to decide. Although one thing we are sure on is Bed Ex already securing the Midweek Division 4 title having gone unbeaten thus far. Congratulations.


Attleborough A are on the brink of following suit in MW1 title with a 18 point lead over Copsewood A. It's not nailed on yet because they meet in the final game of the season but five points in their next game will seal it anyway. At the bottom, Walsgrave C look in a whole host of trouble.


Midweek two is a tighter affair with Foxes narrowing leading Griff but have a game in hand and an easier run in. With a visit still to come to the leader's gaff, Dunlop B are the favourite to finish bottom.


Alttleborough B looked firm favourites in MW3 but a stunning run from Stoke Cov B has put it in the balance, although Attleborough have recovered after the unexpected loss to Albany A. They play each other next week with a win away almost guaranteeing Attleborough the title. Lose though and advantage will switch to Stoke Cov. Kenilworth B looks certain to finish bottom of the table.


There is still all to play for at thebottom of MW4 with Standard B and Stoke Cov C scrapping away to avoid the wooden spoon. They played out 141 point apiece thriller this week with four games each which, as they were the away side, gave Standard B a vital extra point.


It's still super close in the Aggregates in all the leagues. So, all to play for then in the final games. Good luck all.



Wed Aug 4th


Dear Secretary,


As you are all aware we unfortunately had to cancel Mondays scheduled League meeting due to the Newdigate Club being closed, we will try and organise another meeting soon however in the interim please find detailed below a summary of some key issues and what we are asking Clubs support for.


It is important that you read this information and ensure that all your Captains and Players are aware of the contents.


When we embarked on the reintroduction of this season Leagues we knew we could face some tough challenges and had in principle but our faith in Clubs to do their upmost to ensure that all fixtures are completed. The League have been very lenient on some rules this year to ensure that we could return to safe bowling and in most cases we have all done a fantastic job.


However one thing that is of concern is the number of fixtures that are currently not completed and we wish to work with all Clubs to ensure that we can complete these ASAP, yes we have seen some unforeseen situations COVID, Football, player shortage and more recently bad weather


We knew that the Midweek League was tight and had little room for cancelled games however we had reduced the Thursday Leagues to help for any fixture pile up that need to be reschedule. By the end of August all schedules fixtures in all Thursday & Midweek 1, 2, 3 & 4 leagues should have been completed - this leaves only Premier 1 & 2 fixtures scheduled within September so in principle there are plenty of evenings to schedule games within September that have not yet been can even split Saturdays to play over 2 nights.


At this point the League do not want to impose new dates for non-completed fixtures we want Clubs to resolve themselves, however we will do so if Clubs do not help the situation.


Important Timeline for rearranged Fixtures


If Clubs cannot agree a date for rescheduled fixtures before Monday 16th August 2021 - then the League will mandate a new date.

Once Clubs agree on a new date this cannot be changed.

All rearranged fixtures should be played on or before Thursday16th September.

In exceptional circumstances matches may be played by Sunday 26th September (last weekend of the scheduled season) but this must be requested to the League in writing.

Fixtures that are not completed by Sunday 26th September will be awarded or voided by the League Management Committee.

If Clubs cannot find a mutually agreeable date in the time frame provided then you must contact the League ASAP, who are happy to assist


As stated above there are plenty of clear dates within September, please work together to get this difficult season completed, the season will be completed on Sunday 26th September.




To reiterate what was said at the beginning of the season, it is our aim to have promotion and relegation. However, if we have to reorganise the leagues it may not be entirely obvious but we will be clear and transparent in what we do. The aim is always to have leagues of even numbers and clear breaks so that games can be pulled forward.


Last Four Game


The 'Last Four Game' rule is still on the books (not rearranged ones) but we do not want to see teams be short when there are players on the bench available. Therefore in certain circumstances where a lower team would be short we will be lenient in enforcing the rule, however this should not be considered by any Club where there is any impact to relegation or promotion of that team. The management Committee will be on the lookout for any abuse of this stance so if in doubt please speak to us in advance to get clearance.


For clarity, the rule is interpreted as such:

  • The last four games are the last four games for a team as per the original fixture dates
  • In the last four games, a player may not play for a team if they have played more than four games for a higher team
  • A higher team is one placed above them in the league structure
  • The only exception to this is if the player has been 'relegated' to the lower team before the last four games, i.e. they cannot have played for a higher team in the 5th from last game in that League

League Finances


The current League financial position is that we have £8,199.61 in the Banl with a cash flow of £46.33, cash expenditure this year amounts to £260.20 this principally covers insurance, printing of match sheets and postage.


As you are all aware we are combining both the May & October bills this year - these will be issued to Clubs in early October - the Bills will be on the same basis as 2019 so please check these to ensure you have sufficient funds to cover these when they arrive.


Presentation Evening


At this point there is no Presentation Evening organised for this year - this would normally be in early November .................this can be easily sorted but we want feedback from all Clubs if we should proceed this year - it takes a lot of organising and we definitely need the support from Clubs to make it worth arranging.


Can I please ask all Clubs to review this request and let me know your thoughts ASAP.




I have recently sent out a list of all Trophies that I need returning - can you please contact me so we can arrange collection or delivery.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me


Sun Jul 25th

Reminder of Rules

Just a reminder of two important rules, the first a League rule and the second a Law of the Game.

The away team must be given 15 minutes exclusive use of the green before matches, starting 20 minutes before the match is due to start. This time starts when the last home player leaves the green, and the full time must be given even if that means the game starting late.

A player who bowled the jack is not permitted to ask for the jack to be returned. The only time the jack is returned to the player who bowled it is if it hits or is hit by another object, 'jack up' is called by another end or the bowler's first wood hits or is hit by another object while in motion. It is not permissible to ask for the jack you have just bowled to be returned in any other circumstance unless it is to concede it to your opponent.

This is covered under rule 4 in the Laws of the Game.


Mon Jul 5th

Midweek June Round-up


Midweek 1 finds Attleborough atop, holding a 1 point lead over second place Copsewood , witha game in hand to boot. They hold a whopping 21 point gap over Potters in third. Unsurprising they hold four of the top ten players in the Aggregates with Pete Varney being their best in third. However, it is Barrie Shaw (Copsewood B) who is top of the pile, leading Christian Morey (Potters) by 2 points. There have been three 'perfect' home results with Potters achieving one and also been on the away end of one from Copsewood B. Attleborough A were the other team to achieve a perfect ten.


Midweek 2 is starting to look like a table of two halves. At the top there is a three horse race between Griff, Foxes and Herberts who sit at least 15 above the remaining five teams. It's tight between those five however with just five points covering them all. The top three players all have 100% records, Andrew Wetton (Griff) sits second, Matt Allen (Foxes) third and Dave Thompson (Herberts) top. The final round in June saw a thrilling draw between Standard A and Gas B. The away team, gas, achieved an impressive five winners but the home team hung on by two shots to claim the bonus points.


Attleborough B hold a nine point lead over Stoke Cov B and Albany in Midweek 3, but Stoke Cov B could close this with their game in hand. Dave Neal and Chris Reed (Attleborough B) head the aggregates, with the former ahead on shots alone.


Even with Councon C and Walsgrave D's game in hand, Bedworth Ex hold a handsome 18 point lead in Midweek 4. The picture is a bit murky further down given the amount of games postponed. Bed Ex hold five of the individual top ten including Stuart Gibbs in top spot. Both Old Covents and Walsgrave D achieved a perfect home score while Gas C sneaked an away win at Standard B by just seven shots thanks largely to single figure wins by Roger Randle, Tom Cope and Jayke Ward.


Sun Jul 4th

Premier League - June Update

In Premier 1, Copsewood lead the way with seven wins out of seven and have a handy ten point lead over Haunchwood A. It's no surprise that Darren Plenderleith (Newdigate) leads the aggregates but Tyler Dewis (Haunchwood) is currently matching his 100% record. Match of the month was undoubtly the encounter between Haunchwood A and Copsewood A. Although the away side, Haunchwood won three of the first four with a useful 15 point lead. A Tyler Dewis win to two which should have all but extinguished the challenge, but a hard faught 21-20 win by Andy Gibbs delivered the game to Haunchwood by a solitary point. had that result been flipped the 8-3 points away win would have become a 6-4 loss. Huge.


In Premier 2 there was nothing quite as dramatic but the finally round of matches in June saw all of the games being tight affairs. Earlier in the month Dunlop A registered an impressive shut-out against Cov Colliery A. The table is a whole lot tighter then P1 too; Stoke Cov A lead Kenilworth A by three points but with a game in hand the latter could easily bridge this gap. Atherstone Cons B are a further point back with the top five covered by just nine points. This looks like it will be an incredibly close league this year. Anthony Wood (Kenilworth A), Tony Bradley (Stoke Cov) and Neil Keenan (Lime Tree A) are first, seocnd and thrid respectively, all on the same points.



Fri Jul 2nd

Saturday League - June Round-up


Atherstone Cons A have a handsome lead in Saturday Division 1 and that's taking into account the extra game they have played. Attleborough Sports A are 19 points behind with Haunchwood a further 15 back. It is no surprise then that they occupy the top six positions in the aggregates with Jordan Baddeley, Carl Wilkins and Ben Percival all with 100% records and essentially tied at top. Attleborough Sports A managed a perfect home score in one match which takes some doing.


It's a whole lot closer in D2 which just a couple of points between Stoke Cov A, Alvis A and Walsgrave. Alvis are probably the true leaders with their game in hand even though they sit second in the table. Atherstone Grove A also achieved a perfect home score this month and bizarrely all three games finished 10 - 4 on the weekend of the 19th! Chris Pearson and Mark Roche (Stoke Cov A) top the aggregates with a 100% record.


Atherstone Cons B edged ahead of Coundon B after winning the top of the table clash. Attleborough Sports B are within striking distance of second now with their game in hand. Stockingford can feel a little hard done by in their game against Coundon B, losing by just five shots but only getting four winners. On the flip side, Coundon B played excellently to get the win with only 11 players. Six players tie on points at the top of the player's table, but it is Frazer Cameron (Coundon B) who lead Rob Horton (Atherstone Cons B) by a single shot. Stephen Arnold (Phoenix) is also in the the tie but has a game in hand.


Griff B lead Alvis B by a point in Division four. Stoke Cov B in third will have their ambitions for the league tested this month in a double header against Griff B. Steve Hudson (Griff B) leads a three way tie with Lewis Wildman and Matthew Brown (both Lime Tree B) in the aggregates. The 12th June saw al three matches land on a knife edge in favour of the away teams. Bed Ex beat Old Coventrians by four shots, Lime Tree beat Stoke Cov B by five shots, meaning they won 7 - 8 on points, and after finishing six games apiece Griff B beat Alvis by a single shot in a match that could have a lasting impression on the eventual outcome of the whole division.


Mon Jun 28th
Sunday League - June Round-up
Coundon head the Sunday Division 2 league on paper but, with their game in hand and just two shots behind, Coronation A could put in a claim to be the true leaders. The picture is mixed elsewhere with anywhere from four to six games having been played. The top five players all have 100% records, however by dint of having played more games, Frazer Cameron (Coundon) is top. Chris Reeve (Standard) in third has two games in hand though so things might get tight. Their respective teams played out a tense match a few weeks back at Coundon. With the game delicately poised at 3 - 2, Coundon's Owen Wood managed to get above 15 to ensure a points victory. Brian Foy's win was just worth a point then, rather than the four it would have been a few ends earlier. It's been said before; it's your losers that win you the game. 
Much like D2, in D1, Copsewood B lead the table but it's their A team that are in the driving seat, just a point behind and a game in hand. That being said, Wyken, Colliery A and Lime Tree A are very much in the mix. Wyken and Colliery A played out a close affair match at the Walsgrave Pub. It all went down to the final thrilling match which Colliery's Steve Downing won to 20 but that couldn't quite prevent a four shot victory for Wyken. Martin Puffett leads his Copsewood B team mate, Barrie Shaw, in the Aggregates but Dave Ord (Lime Tree A) is there in third with a game in hand.
Sat Jun 26th

Thursday League - June Round-up


As we reach the end of June, it's time to cast our eyes over the leagues, and as Thursday is done for this month, we'll start there. Unbeaten Attleborough Sports hold a hefty 11 point lead over their nearest rivals Stoke Cov A in Division 1. It's no surprise then that they occupy the top two slots in the Aggregates with Steve Pratt edging out Michael Warrington by 9 shots, with Daves Smith (Dunlop A) and Ord (Lime Tree A) just a whisker behind. Game of the month has to have been Lime Tree A v Gas A; a tight, low scoring affair with five players registering single figures. In the end it was a 21 - 14 win by Dean Nicholls in the final game that sealed the win for Gas by three shots.


In D2, five points cover the top four with Walsgrave A leading on 37 points. However with all the other teams have a game in hand, and going by 'points per game', Foxes are truely in top spot. Interestingly though Walsgrave B are also outdoing their A team on this measure. Brian Allen (Foxes) leads the way from Brian Thomas and Scott Horbury from Walsgrave A but Walsgrave B have an impressive four players in the top ten.


Stockingford A dominate the Aggregates in D3 with four of the top five. Steve Reed heads the table followed by his teammate Dave Ensor with only Mark Bradley (Herberts A) breaking the Stockingford stranglehold. In the league, however, they are just three points aheand of Alvis with Standard A a further two points behind. They have also lost more matches than the three teams below them. With their game in hand Herberts A are probably virtually sitting second. It felt like this was going to be a really tight division and that was reenforced this week with all three games ending four games apiece. Lime Tree B snatched an away win by just one shot in their match against Weddington, despite having two players lose to single figures.


There are just nine points covering the top five in D4. Walsgrave lead the table but have played a game more so it is Dunlop B lead the table if we look at 'points per game'. They are without a win in their last two games however, one of which was a rare draw. Albany A picked up five winners in the first five games away at Dunlop B, only to lose by eight shots. It marks a very odd season for Albany, having lost all three of their home games but remaining unbeaten away. Ronan Allen (Stoke Cov B) continues his excellent start (in all leagues) and tops the Aggregates with a 100% record. However, he is just 1 point and one shot ahead of Scott Crowther (Albany A) who likewise has a zero in the losses column. Steve Bates (Bed Ex) rounds out the top three.


It was always likely that D5 was going to suffer with postponements, but it isn't as bad as it might have been. The mid season break is proving a popular time to play rearranged games. That has left the league table a bit all over the place but, by any measure, Standard B are romping it right now. Herberts B are curently second but Coundon C with their game in hand could take that position. Matt Shaw (Copsewood) leads Paul Perry (Herberts B) by two shots while Ted Rogers (Coundon C) is not far behind in third. In fact he is only one of the three with a 100% record and with a game in hand is sitting pretty. Herberts B achieved a perfect home result against Albany B while confusion reigned in the Standard B v Coundon C game as the sides ended up on the same score. And (as we all know!) that means one point to the home side and two to the away, and as Standard managed five winners it was welcome 6 - 5 win to them.



Sat Jun 19th

While we are being flexible this season given the strangeness of these times, please remember that a game can only be postponed (other than for weather/safety) if 


  • A new date has been arranged
  • The League Match Secretary has ben infomred and agrees


Please ensure this procedure is followed to allow the League to operate in as smoothest way as possible. If you are one or two players short, it would be best to just play the game but please let the opposition know in advance.


Many thanks.


Thu Jun 17th

This week 25 of the 26 Midweek games were entered online by 10am the next day. This is incredible result entry activity. Well done all - keep it up!



Mon May 31st


Good Morning All,


With a couple weeks into the season things are generally going OK, just a couple of reminders to all clubs and captains.


1.) Whilst we would like all fixtures played on the scheduled night it is expected that we will get some fixtures that can not be, in this situation Clubs should ideally play the fixture in advance of the scheduled date or must have agreed a new date prior to the scheduled fixture and played within 4 weeks. We are asking Clubs to be flexible with each other in this situation and for this season only will allow fixtures to be split in all Leagues. In all situations Clubs must inform the League of any agreement prior to the scheduled date - we expect Clubs to be able to mutually resolve these instances, we are not in a normal season and ask clubs to support each other and ensure all fixtures are played.


2.) Match Sheets - as long as Clubs have been able to load results onto the system then you do not need post the sheets, however you can email to  - please keep these and hand to League Committee at the next meeting. Only post if you are unable load the results on the system.


3.) Should you need to register a player in the Coventry and District League whom already holds a BCGBA number then please contact Damon Naile - 


4.) Should you need to register a player to obtain a new BCGBA registration number then please ensure you get the relevant form to Martin Dobson - North Midlands registrar.


Should you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact the League committe, please make sure all your captains are aware of the above.



Thu May 20th

It's great to be back on the green and to see so many entring results online. We encourage everyone to do this as it saves time and money for everyone! Could Secretaries check their players lists in the system and let me know if any players are missing or not added to a league. 


Can all players remember this important 'Law of the Game' which is particulary revelant in these times.


5.1 At no time may the footer be used with the centre less than one metre from the edge of the green.



Mon May 17th

Merits Dates

Midweek merit prelims Friday 6th August 6.15 pm. Finals Friday 20th August 6.30 pm
Thursday merit prelims Thursday 6th September 6 pm. Finals Thursday 9th September 6 pm.
Thu May 13th


Dear Secretary,


With the 2021 Coventry District Bowling season nearly on us I would like to send out my best wishes and good luck to all teams, I am sure you will all agree its been a very difficult time for everyone so hopefully being back on the green will be positive for every Player & Club. 


All fixtures have been produced and are available on the website : Coventry Bowling League ( can you please ensure that you check all your fixtures for any clashes, whilst every effort has been made to minimise clashes some may have slipped through the net.


All match sheets have been posted to all Clubs - please ensure that your results are posted on the Bowling results website and you completed & signed match sheet retained and provided at any subsequent League meetings.


For the 2021 season only we have slightly amended some of the Rules - a copy is attached (also available from the website or by clicking this link), any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Management Committee.


As with the past 18 months we have been guided by the Goverment & Bowling authorities with respect to the management and control of the pandemic, please continue to follow this advice from the relevant authority websites, BCGBA ( & UK Gov ( Welcome to GOV.UK (


I do think most Clubs are now fully aware of the recommendations however please be mindful of the following :

  • Recommendation from the League is for no food to be provided.
  • No handshakes
  • Important of social distancing as much as possible
  • To provide sanitizer
  • Toilet facilities must be available
  • Clubs to notify the League & opponents where it is not possible for the opposition to go back to the Club.
  • Where possible Clubs to let each other know if they are going to be short of players as soon as possible (opposition would need to have a full team available on the night to claim the non fulfilled game).
  • Try to avoid using shared equipment whenever possible – If you are sharing equipment, for example jacks/mats, practise strict hand hygiene including sanitisation after using any shared equipment.
League format - It is the intention of the League that the seasons will be a competitive format with promotion and relegation, however where the number of teams has been reduced in Leagues this season it will be our intention (where possible) to return the Leagues to the original formation for the 2022 season which in the some cases could impact promotion/relegation positions - the League rules as stated in handbook will be adhered to.


As the Premier Leagues are running as normal relegation & promotion will be in accordance with the handbook rules.


On a positive note we have had over 35 new membership requests to join BCGBA, this is fantastic news and hopefully this will continue. If you have any new members please contact myself as the North Midlands Registrar and I will provide the relevant joining information.


That's about it for now - please enjoy your bowling and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 



Martin Dobson

Secretary/Treasurer Coventry & District Bowling League