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Mr. R Perry, Mr C Reid, Mr C Bordley, Mr RA Young
Mr Robert Moss
Mr. C Reid, Mr. RA Young, Mr. M Dobson 
Mr Martin Dobson
459 Walsgrave Road, Coventry, CV2 4AH
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 Mr Damon Naile
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Mr Len Peach
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Tue May 11th 1 Match
Sun May 16th 2 Matches

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Sun Dec 27th 2020


Good afternoon All,


As 2020 winds to an end I wanted to reach out to all associated with the Coventry & District Bowling League, all Secretaries, Clubs, players, supporters and everyone else involved with the wonderful game of Crown Green Bowling.………


It does not need me to tell you all what a difficult year 2020 has been for everyone and I sincerely hope that your families, friends & Clubs have remained safe through these difficult times.


From a Bowling perspective we lost a complete season of League & Competition Bowling and if I am honest we do not really know what 2021 is going to bring us, we just hope & pray that the medical advances that are being put in place will enable us all to get back to some sort of normality in our lives.


However notwithstanding the unknown we must try to plan for our return to the Bowling Green in 2021 and whilst we will be guided by the Government & BCGBA guidelines to ensure it is safe to do so we do need to make plans of our own to start a 2021 season.


At this point in the year we would have already had our Rules Revision and formation meeting and would be in a good position to know what Teams would be playing the following Season and Leagues would have been arranged. However at this point we do acknowledge that Clubs will be unsure what they will be dealing with from teams & players perspective, we intend to be as flexible as possible to understand & help Clubs ensuring that as many Clubs, Teams & Players can get back on the Green next season.


In an ideal situation we would commence the 2021 season with the same League formation as we would have started 2020 however it is clear that this will not be the case and unfortunately we expect 2021 to not be the normal.


I will be in contact with each Club in the New Year to discuss the situation and options for 2021, it would be our target to have a good view of the options by the end of January 2021 so that Leagues & Fixtures can be confirmed.


Therefore taking into account where we are today the target to start the Coventry & District Bowling League in 2021 will be from week commencing the 3rd May, this is a couple of weeks after the standard start date but the intention would be to play some League Competitions at the end of April where players and Clubs have the choice to enter, nominally Competitions have been difficult to fill so we are hoping that providing this option will entice more players. Moving the season by a few weeks seems minimal but will give more time to have an informed & structured approach to the start and restructuring of the League if required, however as stated earlier all our plans will be in the hands of the authorities as to if and when it will be safe to Bowl.


On a sad note I am aware that we have lost a number of members throughout 2020 and I send my sincere condolences to all families, friends & Clubs concerned, I will not list each member individual but we will pay our upmost respect to them all when we are next allowed to meet.


On a final note I would like to send my Best Wishes for a Positive & Prosperous 2021 to you all, your Families, Friends all members of your Clubs, I hope to see you all on the Greens in 2021.


Happy New Year

Martin Dobson

Secretary & Treasurer – Coventry & District Bowling League.