Coventry Bowling League 2019

Life Members:
Mr. R Perry, Mr C Reid, Mr C Bordley, Mr RA Young
Mr Robert Moss
Mr. C Reid, Mr. RA Young, Mr. M Dobson 
Sunday Match Secretary
Mr Ray Coles
4 Nova Croft Coventry
Tel: 07743036518
Saturday Match Secretary
Mr Mick Proctor
18 Beaumont Road
Keresley, Coventry. CV7 8LH
 Mob: 07909220601
Mr Martin Dobson
459 Walsgrave Road, Coventry.
Tel: 02476 448916
Mob: 07904 589480
 Midweek/Thursday Match Secretary
Mr David Hayward
31 Cadet Close, Coventry
Mob: 07814421871
Competitions Secretary
Mr Len Peach
2 Rectory Drive
Exhall, Coventry. CV7 9NZ
 Tel: 02476 311397



Welcome to the Coventry Bowling League.
The site comprises the Coventry Premier/Midweek League, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Leagues


Important Dates:


Latest information:

Mon Jun 17th

Qualifiers for the Midweek & Thursday merits Finals


Midweek June 19th at Dunlop No2 Start @ 6:15 Practice 5:45 to 6:10



Thursdays June 27th at Alvis. Start @ 6:15 Practice 5:45 to 6:10


Draw to be made on the night.

Apologies for not keeping the Prelims up to date but without results there is not much i can do.

Tue Jun 4th

All Blank Scoresheets can now be found in the Scoresheet tab.

Wed May 29th

The draw for the next round of the Brandish Cup can be found on the Competitions page.

Results can be filled in on line but MUST be sent to Len Peach for verification.

Fri May 24th

Thursday Merits 30th May 6:00pm start. Two to qualify

BBC No1: M Warrington, D Harvey, N Pritchard, F Cameron, S Stephenson, D Chapman, D Ord**, G Sampson, D Mann, S Horbury

Haunchwood No2: C Richardson, S Berry, L Blackmore, K Blackwell, D Simpson, B Shaw, P Welland**, R Coles, M Allen, B Quirke

Dunlop No1: D Edkins, R Smart, M Blackmore, J Tomlinson, K Shanks, C Dunne, J Sahan**, L Burdett, J Sherringham, A Holland, A Knight

Standard: N Tonks, S Pratt, T Aubury, G Ward, K McGranaghan, J Chapman**, G Chapman, N Keenan, M Jefferson, B Allen, A Young

Fri May 24th

Wal Prescott Midweek Merits. Wednesday 29th May.  6:00pm Roll Call.  One to Qualify.   **In Charge

Venues to Allow Access to Mats, Jacks & 19m Tape

BBC 2: M Horton, C Strong, G Ward, D Nicholls, C Richards**, N Keenan, J Whitehead, M Goode

Copeswood: D Elkins, D Harvey, D Smith, D Peach**, S Day, G Soller, A Knight

Coundon(Btm): N Tonks, R Smart, P Welland, T Dewis, D Ord, J Dunn, P Hayes**

Foleshill Gas: L Blackmore, K Blackwell, L Bench**, S Stephenson, M Jefferson, R Masters, D Edwards

Newdigate: M Warrington, S Pratt, N Pritchard, D Chapman, D Day, B Allen, A Holland, A Young**

Standard: S Berry, K Shanks, L Burdett, D Tring, G Sampson, M Allen, S Horbury**

Stoke Cov: T Aubury, B Shaw**, C Dunne, S Perry, J Sherringham, M Harvey, B Quirke

Walsgrave: C Richardson, M Blackmore, D Simpson, J Chapman, R Coles**, D Plenderleith, D Mann

Fri May 24th

Congratulations to Dean Nicholls & Chris Dunne on winning the Sunday League Pairs. The reults from the Quarter Finals onwards can be found on the Competions page. Thank you to Walsgrave for the use of their green.


Thu May 23rd

The Peter Merchant Competition will be on Coundon Top Green on Sunday 26th May. 1.15pm start.

Please make your members who have entered aware.

Thu May 2nd
Could I please ask all Secretrties and Captains to check all your registered players on the web site list - if you have any players missing then please make sure you let the match secretaries aware.
Please note Rule 11 on player registrations:
11. All players must be separately registered by name and B.C.G.B.A number for both Saturday, Mid-Week and Sunday Leagues, MALE only for the Mid-Week & Sunday Leagues and may not be registered by more than one Club for the same League. All registrations must be in the hands of the relevant Match Secretary 24 hours in writing before playing in a match. No player shall play in more than one team on the same day. No registration will be accepted or transfer granted to a player owing money to another Club. During the course of the season, players may play for any team except during the last 4 games with only players moved up during this period and players who have not played more than 4 games for a senior team may move down. However, players relegated before the last 4 games can continue to play for a lower team irrespective of how many games played for a senior team.
Also Clubs are AGAIN reminded of Rule 10.......................this must be adhered to !!! Clubs voted this rule in and are expected to adhere to it..........PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CAPTAINS ARE AWARE........
10. All matches must be played on or before the date in the handbook or by mutual consent on a date not more than 28 days after this date. A minimum of 7 days’ notice is required and the rearranged date must be agreed in writing with both clubs and the relevant match secretary before the match can be cancelled. Any matches cancelled during the last 4 weeks of the season must be played by 7 days of the last league fixture. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the match being declared null and void and a fine to the sum of £20 to the offending team(s). The NON-OFFENDING TEAM must send in a match sheet to the match secretary explaining why the match has not been completed. The non-offending team will then be awarded appropriate points by the League Committee and their players given scores of 21-11 at home and 21-15 away. A re-occurrence in the same season may result in a team being expelled from the League. If due to a green being unplayable, postponement of all or any part of a match is necessary, teams must agree and must complete the fixture within 28 days of the original date or within seven days following the end of the season. Coventry & District League matches shall take precedence over all Cup competitions and any outside League matches. Clubs with more than one green must inform the League by the formation meeting which green is being used throughout the season by each of their teams.

Fri Apr 26th

Please note that Coundon A v Herbert’s in the Brandish Cup has been moved to Albany’s green on 30th April. 

Wed Apr 24th
The draw for the next round of the Brandish Cup can be found on the 2019 cup Fixtures tab.
Note that Results can be entered on-line but result sheets MUST be sent to Mr Len Peach.

Thu Apr 18th
The draw for the Bill Carter Cup is now on line.

Mon Apr 8th
Just a little reminder that the Saturday division 4 and the Sunday leagues start this weekend. Good luck to all concerned 
Would all club secretarys and captains please familiarise yourselves with the changes made to rule 10 concerning the cancellation of matches. 

Mon Apr 1st

All clubs who have entered the Brandish Cup have received a bye through to the 2nd round.

Fri Mar 29th

Competition Dates:

Brandish Cup; Round Two 30th April, Round Three 4th June, Round Four 25th June, Semi-Finals 30th July, Final 20th August
Bill Carter Cup (Sunday League); Round One 26th April, Round Two 10th May, Round Three 7th June, Semi-Finals 5th July, Final 2nd August
Midweek Merits; Closing Date 6th May (Entry Fee £4). Preliminary Rounds 29th May, Finals 19th June
Thursday Merits; Closing Date 6th May (Entry Fee £4). Preliminary Rounds 30th May, Finals 27th June
Peter Merchant Trophy; Closing Date 6th May (Entry Fee £4). One Day Competition 26th May
Saturday Merits; Closing Date 8th June (Entry Fee £4). Preliminary Rounds 6th July, Finals 19th July
Sunday Merit; Closing Date 12th July (Entry Fee £4). One Day Competition 28th July
Jack Hughes Cup; Closing Date 2nd August (Entry Fee £3). One Day Competition 25th August
Jubilee Mens Pairs; Closing Date 19th July (Entry Fee £6). Preliminary Rounds 9th August, Finals 6th September
Mixed Pairs; Closing Date 19th July (Entry Fee £6). One Day Competition 18th August

Tue Mar 26th

Can all Secretaries please use the new registration form sent to you by Martin Dobson

Mon Mar 25th

Brandish Cup entries to be in to Len Peach by Friday 29th March 

Mon Mar 18th

Please Note that the Premier/Midweek and Thursday fixtures have changed.

This is to take into account the demise of Stockingford and to rebalance the divisions.

A number of clashes have been found and redated. Should you find any more before the

season starts please make us aware and we will try to find a solution.

Please bare with us as this has not been an easy task in a short space of time.

Thu Mar 7th

Coventry & District league rules now updated.

Sunday fixtures amended

Fri Feb 15th

Club Contacts Added

Thu Feb 14th

BCGBA New Member Application Form Added

Coventry & District League Rules Added (Need to be Updated)

Wed Feb 13th

Welcome to the new Coventry & District bowling site.

We will soon have the site filled with the information that you want/need to see.