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Happy Xmas to all Bowlers and Supporters



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Mon Oct 5th 2020


                                                   Season 2020/21 

Due to the current Covid -19 virus the start of the new season will be delaying until all is clear 


Derek & Wayne 








Cup Final Report  The indoor season has now finished with the Finals of the Cup Competitions taking place on Monday 9th March, with some close games.

In the Winners Competition the Semi Finals resulted in a win for Rowley LC A over Tallboats A 16-13 and Woodman MP A accounting for Bouncers 23-8.  In the Final Woodman MP A won the first half 8-5 but Rowley came strong in the second half to wind 13-4 and therefore won 18-12 overall.

In the Supplementary Competition Cradley Sports beat Somers 17-13 losing the first half 6-9 and in the other semi final Wordsley Green got the better of Stourbridge 17-13.  In the Final this was a game of two halves for at one stage Cradley Sports were 13-5 down but recovered losing the first half 15-11 and in the second half it was close throughout with Cradley Sports gradually catching Wordsley up to eventually win 22-19.

Prizes were presented by the League Chairman Wayne Berry who thanked all for taking part in the first Cup Competitions in recent years in which was an enjoyable evening.

I would like to thank all teams taking part this year and for the team of mat layers on a Monday morning, and also to Barry and Jenny Jones for the Cup results on the web site.

Derek & Brenda Brookes


Thu Mar 5th 2020

End of Season League Report  The league programme finished with Division 1 winners being Show Ponies by some 10 points from Bouncers and Woodman MP A in third place just 1 point above Rowley LC A.  Woodman MP A scored a decisive win over Show Ponies in the last game winning 28-10 and 6 points to gain the third place

In Division 2 it was a much different story for three clubs in contention for top spot - Somers, Nomads and Cradley Sports - with only 1 point separating them before the final game.  Surprisingly Nomads only gained 1 point from Cradley Chain, Somers gaining no points from Tallboats B, leaving Cradley Sports who did best gaining 5 points from Tallboats B to top the table by 5 points.

Thu Mar 5th 2020

Cup Competition  The preliminary rounds were completed and there were wins for Tallboats A in the Winners Competition and for Cradley Sports in the Supplementary Competition.  The semi-final draws are as follows:

Winners Competition : Tallboats A v Rowley LC A  and Woodman MP A v Bouncers

Supplementary Competition : Cradley Sports +5 v Somers + 5  and  Wordsley Green v Stourbridge

The winners of each Semi-Final will play in the respective Final

The matches will be played on Monday 9th March starting at 6.45 pm with playing order as previously advised.

Trophies and payout will be at the end of the Finals.

Tue Jan 28th 2020

Cup Competition -  The draw for the final stages has been carried out by Wayne Berry and Chris Lambert as follows:

Winners Preliminary Round Rowley LC B +5 v Tallboats A  Mat 1

Supplementary Preliminary Round Cradley Sports +5 v Oddballs +5 Mat 2

All matches to be played on Tuesday 3rd March at 9.25 pm

Monday 9th March

Final Stages Winners of Winners Preliminary Round v Rowley LC A and Woodman MP A v Bouncers  Mat 2

Final Stages of Supplementary Winners of Preliminary Round v Somers +5 and Wordsley Green v Stourbridge  Mat 1

Semi Finals and the Finals to be played on Monday 9th March as indicated below

Each semi-final will be split into two sections, for example in the winners group the first 3 of semi-final 1 will play at 6.45 pm  Prelim Winners and Rowley LC A

7.25pm  First 3 Woodman MP A v Bouncers

8,05pm  Second 3 prelim Winners v Rowley LC A

8.45 pm Second 3 Woodman MP A v Bouncers

Final at 9.25 pm with change over of mats

The above repeated for Supplementary Competition i.e. 6.45 First 3 Prelim Winners v Somers

7.25 pm  First 3 Wordsley Green v Stourbridge

8.05 pm  Second 3 prelim winners v Somers

8.45 pm Second 3 Wordsley Green v Stourbridge

Final at 9.25 pm with change over mats

Obviously score is carried from first half matches to second half matches.  

As this is a cup competition players are tied. Players already played and lost cannot play again.

Results on to system please


Wed Dec 4th

Cup Competitions - The first round of the Cup Competition have been completed and all the results should shortly be on the website.  One match resulted in a drawn game after full time 20-20, in the extra end the Tallboats A wond and progress to the Winners competition.  The next round draw has been competed by the Bar Lady at the Wilson Hall, witnessed by Glyn Morton and myself which is as follows:

Winners : Monday 9th December Mat 2                   Supplementary Comp : Monday                                                                                        9th December Mat 1

Tallboats A v Cradley Chain +5  6.45pm.                       Stourbridge v Tallboats B +5 

Show Ponies v Rowley LC A +5 8.05pm                         Wilson Hall v Oddballs  + 5

Rowley LC B +5 v Halesowen +5 9.25pm                       Somers +5 v Wall Heath Sports +5


Winners : Tuesday 10th  December Mat 2                Supplementary Comp : Tuesday                                                                                      10th December Mat 1

Nomads +5 v Woodman MP A  6.45pm                           Rowley LC C +5 v Wordsley Green

Woodman MP B v Bouncers 8.05pm                                Misfits v Cradley Sports  +5 


The Final stages of the Competition will be completed at the end of the season.  More details later.


Draw on website - please enter results on line as before.    Derek

Tue Nov 19th



Cup Competitons 

The first round of the Cup Competition takes place on Monday and Tuesday 2nd and 3rd December. Full details can be found on the web site. The following week ie 9th and 10th December will see second set of games being played. Full details of these games will be added to the web site after the 3rd December , 



Mon Sep 23rd

New Season   Just a reminder that the Indoor Season starts next week, 30th September and 1st October with Cup Matches on 2nd and 3rd December.  Derek Brookes