Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2020


Important Dates:


Latest information:

Sat Oct 17th
The Royle (rochdale) will host a Super 8 Sat 1st May 2021.
We have 4 elite men paying £100 with the winner taking all £800.
2 top women paying £25 to win £150
And 2 legends fighting for £100 winner takes all prize.
Sponsored by The Royle B.C
Our elite line up is:
Gary Ellis
Graeme Wilson
Callum Wraight
Greg Smith
Our 2 top ladies are:
Karen Galvin
Linda Williams
And our 2 Legends are:
Brian Duncan
Noel Burrows.
We have got the creme de la creme together on 1 venue for what will be an unreal day of bowls. This will be a TICKET ONLY event with ticket details going out at a later date.
Obviously it is all covid dependant but fingers crossed the restrictions ease up and we can enjoy what will be an incredible day.
What a day of bowls to look forward to get the date booked in your calender πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
If these players brought along all the trophys there wouldn't be room for any spectators !!!!!!!
Thu Aug 20th

Names l have for Stockingford comp August 29th 30th Final 31st.last 16

Each session will be played down to 4 qualifiers.

Saturday 29th August morning session

T Lee
Glen Herbert
A Hartwell
G Miles
B Bayliss
B Percival
J Baddeley
C Mitchell
P Varney
P Welland
D Handley
N Wyer
M Denman
T Freeth
J Cosgrove

1 space left

Saturday 29th August afternoon session

M Burdett
Gareth Herbert
D Herbert
D Day.
P Lamb
J Tomlinson
S Berry
J College
N Hill
P May
C Howell
D Ord
L Dennis

3 spaces left

Sunday August 30th morning session

N Tonks
D Nicholls
A Davis
P Tonks
K McGranaghan (sorry if l spelt it wrong )
G Knight
T Eades
S Day
.C Baker
D Matkin
D Sinclair
.M Allen
J Saville
L Burdett
G Dunkley.

1 Space left

Sunday August 30th afternoon session

R Prosser
Ryan Prosser
A Knight
J Palmer
Richard Burdett (Minor)
N Keenan
S Simpson
D Murray
C Wraight
M Puffet
P Beechey.
J Galvin
S Homer.
J Wyer

2 spaces available

Names are on Facebook to check everyone is ok before we do the draw.
Draw will be done next week and will put on Facebook.
If anyone would like to enter please let me know
Please remember to put entre money in envelope with details name, bowls number,phone number for track and trace details.
Also please use hand gel ect, which will be provided around the green and also club .
Looking forward to seeing you all.
And once again big thankyou for your support.
If this goes well will run for more comps before it gets to cold .
Thanks Carol

Tue Aug 18th

Kirkheaton Con 64 - 2020

Sponsored by Armitage Leisure

£20 entry

Now we know where we stand with things I can now get this filled so first come first served basis on the remains spaces. If I don't get back to you straight away please be patient I will still take into the time at which you contacted me

Qualifying nights: (4 qualifiers per night)
Tuesday 1st September 2020 (5 spaces left)
Tuesday 8th September 2020 (5 spaces left)
Tuesday 15th September 2020 (FULL)
Tuesday 22th September 2020 (FULL)
(6.30pm practise, 7pm start)

Final 16 night:
Sunday 27th September 2020
(5pm practise, 5.30pm start)

Previous Winners:
2019 - Scott Fisher bt Joe Cranston 21-14
2018 - Ashley Daykin bt James Higgins 21-20
2017 - Liam Griffin bt Gareth Coates 21-20
2016 - Wayne Moseley bt Harry Seehra 21-18

All money will be paid out
Win 2 games to qualify and be in the money

Full prize money breakdown will be available closer to the time but winner at least £700

Paypal accepted

Message me for bank details


Club Address:
Kirkheaton Con
10 Town Road
West Yorkshire

Sun Aug 16th

Ribblesdale Wanderers C&BC

The Ribblesdale Classic 2020

Kindly sponsored by Greenacre Honda, The Edmondson Family and Ribblesdale Wanderers C&BC
Played for in memory of Mel Edmondson

64 Bowlers Men/Women
Entry Fee £25

Total Prize Money £2100

Winner £600
Runner Up £300
Semi Finalists £180
Quarter Finalist £110
Losing Qualifying Game £50

3 games to Qualify
Qualifying Dates (21 up):
Friday 28th August 6.00/6.30 (3 Spaces Left)
Sunday 30th August 1.30/2.00 (1 Space Left)
Sunday 30th August 5.30/6.00 (8 Spaces Left)
Friday 4th September 6.00/6.30 (FULL)

Final 8
Finals Night (31 up):
Saturday 5th September 5.00/5.30

Home bowlers start on -2 in qualifying rounds.

Please follow the guidelines that are in place at the club which you will receive when arriving at Ribblesdale Wanderers C&BC. The competition will be run in a safe manner and we will require details of all competitors which I will ask for when you enter. Spectators will be asked upon arrival. Spectators are welcome as long as they follow the guidelines also.
We all want to get back bowling so here's to a successful competition.

Entries to:

Joshua Mordue
Either on Messenger or text 07780361147. Just send me a message with your name and where your from. (Please don’t don’t comment on the post to enter, send me a message)

All entries must be paid within 7 days of entering. I will send details upon entry, bank transfer or cheque.

Green Location:
Ribblesdale Wanderers Cricket and Bowling Club,
Church Meadow,
Brownlow Street,

Sun Aug 16th

Elland WMC Competition 2020 Cancelled

This competition has been canceled due to the current situation. If anybody who has entered wants a refund please contact Robert Hitchen on
07812 713881 or they can leave the entry fee with Elland WMC & be entered directly into next year's competition.

Sun Aug 16th


The 2020 Competition will be staged in a different format because of Covid 19 restrictions in place.
On entry to green, bowlers will be asked to complete a form with their contact details. This is for Track & Trace purposes should it be required.
Social Distancing restrictions MUST be adhered to.
There are various other restrictions in place, please follow signs displayed.

New Competition format is as follows –
SATURDAY 26th SEPTEMBER - 10.00am – 16 DOWN TO 2.
SATURDAY 26th SEPTEMBER – 2.30pm – 16 DOWN TO 2.
SUNDAY 27th SEPTEMBER – 10.00am – 16 DOWN TO 2.
SUNDAY 27th SEPTEMBER – 2.30pm – 16 DOWN TO 2.
2 Jacks (One Each) will be in operation for all games.

WINNER - £270.00.
RUNNER - UP - £170.00.
SEMI - FINAL - 2 x £100.00.
LAST EIGHT - 4 x £65.00.
HIGHEST BREAK - £25.00. - For losers in First 3 Rounds.

Bowlers who have previously entered and some paid, will be given priority. Please contact me a.s.a.p. to reserve your preferred date, and time.
Telephone – 01302 833540, or Mobile – 07856 220386.
e mail

Happy to take entries through pm to me on here too.

1. Roger Birdsall (P).
2. Danny Sillitoe (P).
3. Sarah Fox (P).
4. Simon Dinnie (P).
5. Adam Jones (P).
6. Andy Jones (P).
7. Joe Walton (P).
8. Paul Mc Intyre (P).
9. Martyn Watkin (P).
10. David Mallinson (P).
11. Bradley Massey (P).
12. Paul Bailey (P).
13. Duncan Robinson.
14. John Hardwick.
15. Ian Johnson (P).
16. Stuart Smith (P).
17. Dave Barrowcliffe (P).
18. Sahaun Goldthorpe (P).
19. Matty Griffiths.
20. Katie Morgan.
21. Adam Stones (P).
22. Andy Spragg (P).
23. Gary Hanson.
24. Jonathan Sneddon.
25. Paul Morgan.
26. Stephen Pickering.
27. Paul Drabble (P).
28. Steve Oliver (P).
29. Raymond Barrass (P).
30. Felix Abba.
31. Steve Marshall (P).
32. Tommy Jones (P).
33. Chris Jones (P).
34. Paul Lawrence (P).
35. Danny Hallas (P).
36. Gary Cooper (P).
37. Mel Hobson (P).
38. Donna Stancliffe (P).
39. Steve Shannon (P).
40. Craig Beck (P).
41. Craig Newton (P).
42. Ian Dowle (P).
43. Brian Lee (P).
44. Rob Thompson.
45. Matt Bower.
46. Ian Wassell (P).
47. Alan Greig (P).
48. Andrew Walker (P).
49. Andrew Whittaker (P).
50. Mick Hobson (P).
51. Paddy Moyles (P).
52. Nick White.
53. Ryan Lysons.
54. Paul Stancil (P).
55. Simon Memmott (P).
56. Ernie Wearing.
57. Ross Meese.
58. Andy Mailer (P).
59. Calum Mailer (P).
60. Sam Day.

Still places available.

2021 COMPETITION – Will revert back to a one day competition, which will be held on – SUNDAY 3rd OCTOBER 2021.

Sun Aug 16th

Stockingford Men's Open bank holiday weekend
Qualifying dates
Saturday 29th August morning 6 spaces left till 10.20am roll up start 10.30 am
Saturday 29th August afternoon 6 spaces left 1.30 pm till 1 .50 pm start 2.00 pm
Sunday. 30th August Morning 5 spaces left 10 am till 10.20am starting 10 30am
Sunday 30th August afternoon session now full.

Each season played down to 4
Finals day Bank holiday 31st August starting 11.30 am till 11.50 am roll up starting at 12.00 pm
Last 16 players.

If anyone would like to enter please message me with the session you would like to enter

The outside green will be marked out with all Cov19 measures, hand gels ,wipes ect will be all stationed around green.
There will be in and out exits and will be manned, as we are only allowed 30 in total this would include players and markers ect, so will only be allowed few spectator's.
I will put benches and chairs around green for players ect, once finished each session all benches chairs will cleaned ready for next session.
When you leave green to go for any refreshments and food please use hand gel before and after when you come back to green
I will be Manning jacks and mats from the start as there will be a bowl with water and disinfectant for you to put jacks and mats in when finished game, will clean before next game
There will be hand gel if required after. Game plus face mask if required free.
Can l ask all players who have entered to put 15 pounds entry money in envelope with name address phone number and email address.
Reason that l have to do a track and trace form which BCGBA has they made it a rule with cov-19.
I will keep for 21 days and then shread it.

The bar will be open ,plus food if required .
When arriving please park in large car park as small car park will be closed .
There has been alot hard work organising this comp so PLEASE keep to 2 meter distancing and wash hands ect
David Burdett and Alan Belcher will be running comp inside bowls hut .
NO ENTRY in bowls hut only them .
I will be sitting outside bowls hut collecting money ect.

If we all work together and do things properly this will work and if does will run few more comps before it gets to cold .

Good luck to all that has entered

Yours in sport

Tue Jun 9th

Inevitably, this year's Brighouse Classic has had to be postponed because of Covid-19. It also appears unlikely that the situation will improve sufficiently for us to stage the event towards the end of this season. If this is the case, it will be played in 2021.
All this year's entries will be carried forward. If anyone finds they are unable to play on the new dates, they can request a refund. I am pleased to say that our sponsor, DAMART, has agreed to honour its sponsorship agreement with us, whenever it is played.

Tony Riley

Fri Jun 5th

Updates from the Isle of Man Festival below.

A decision of whether we go ahead or not has been held over by Steve, and the Government officials we work closely with, from the end of May for a further couple of weeks in the hope that the easing of restrictions continue enough to allow the Festival to take place.
Obviously border closures are an issue/concern but it seems our Chief Minister has 15th June pencilled in for major announcements so we are hopeful any changes are favourable enough to allow us run the Festival. However, we will obviously have to await the UK news.
Please bear with us, I/we will keep you informed.

JUNE 2020:
I still hold some entry fees for the NOW-CANCELLED June Festival which I wish to clear from the finances.
The options for those entrants are
1) if your cheque is still unbanked I can simply rip it up, or,
2) if it has been banked I can
a) transfer the entry/entries to September or either of the 2021 Festivals
b) refund the money by bank transfer; if so please send me your Sort Code and Account Number

Some dates for your diary:
Sept 2020 - entries close 3rd August (Subject to changes)
June 2021 - 21st to 25th
Sept 2021 - 6th to 10th

Hopefully we shall see you this September, in the meantime STAY SAFE.

Steve Moore (Festival Director)
Juan Kermode (Finance Officer)

Fri May 15th

Kirkheaton Con 64 2020 Update:

Thankfully we are fortunate enough to run our competition at the back end of the season.
Just for info as it stands we will make a decision closer to the date as to if we will proceed or not depending on how this all pans out. In the event of cancellation fees will be refunded.

I have seen several competitions suggest they may move their contests to the latter stages of the season if the situation improves. I hope they take into consideration ones that are already established at that time of the season. Here is the info anyway

Kirkheaton Con 64 - 2020

Sponsored by Armitage Leisure
£500 winner + Trophy

£20 entry

Qualifying nights: (4 qualifiers per night)
Tuesday 1st September 2020
Tuesday 8th September 2020
Tuesday 15th September 2020
Tuesday 22th September 2020
(6.30pm practise, 7pm start)

Final 16 night:
Sunday 27th September 2020
(5pm practise, 5.30pm start)

Previous Winners:
2019 - Scott Fisher bt Joe Cranston 21-14
2018 - Ashley Daykin bt James Higgins 21-20
2017 - Liam Griffin bt Gareth Coates 21-20
2016 - Wayne Moseley bt Harry Seehra 21-18

All money will be paid out
Win 2 games to qualify and be in the money

Full prize money breakdown will be available closer to the time but gaurenteed £500 winner

Paypal accepted

Message me for bank details


Club Address:
Kirkheaton Con
10 Town Road
West Yorkshire

Tue May 12th

Following discussions and County level survey on BCGBA National competitions, we have decided to roll over all competitions to 2021.

This means that the fixtures for County Championships 2020, will be moved to 2021 with a subsequent delay in the 5 year rota.

This also covers Mens, Juniors, Veterans and Ladies Competitions and will likewise be moved to 2021. The County rotation for the All Britain and Junior merits will also roll over to 2021. Senior Merit in Cumbria, Junior in Greater Manchester etc. Similarly in the Ladies competitions.

The 2019 Ladies Champion of Champions; It is hoped we will be able to arrange a suitable date later in the year to complete this competition subject to restrictions allowing.

World Club Championships Qualifiers for 2020 will roll over to 2021 and we will issue further information a we are able to do so.

The Handbook 2020 will therefore cover β€ͺ2020-2021‬ and a addendum will be produced in 2021 to reflect date changes and this will be updated on the website as soon as we are able to confirm dates and agreement with relevant venues.

This decision has been taken to ensure that we are able to protect the safety of our membership and at this time it is not possible to ensure we would be able to complete the matches and qualifiers in a safe and secure way.

Please be aware this is for Phase 1 opening of greens and will be reviewed in light of any changes for Phase 2 when additional groups may be permitted, this is to ensure that we have a safe opening of greens and to give clubs a chance to get used to the process needed to keep everyone safe.

This currently only applies to English clubs!

I remind you that the Sport England Emergency fund closes on Thursday 14th May to enable the clearing of the backlog of applications.

Sat May 2nd

Waterloo statement 22/4/20
Hi all
First and foremost we hope you and your families are safe and well through these unbelievable times.
We last updated you in March and when we cancelled the spring tournaments and outlined what we needed to do to get the autumn tournaments on – which was quite a lot - both on getting to the bottom of the structural work on the stadium that the owner is insisting is completed as well as getting a new lease in place with them.
Covid-19 has obviously got in the way of that and our view now is that we should cancel all bowling for 2020 and focus on getting everything done for spring 2021, resuming then.
It’s a real shame but we think it if for the best to make an early decision on it and let everybody know – so if we are out of lockdown by the autumn people who perhaps would normally come to the Waterloo can make other arrangements for breaks/holidays etc. We also understand that the BCGBA are reviewing whether the Mens and Ladies Champion of champions tournaments will be able to run this year – so these tournaments are not certain to take place.
We have therefore been focussing on what we can do and there are three things we want to bring to your attention with a view to 2021.
1. Accounts – we have prepared some accounts from when we took over in August 2019 to April 2020. These will be released over the next week for you to look at with a full explanation of the numbers.

2. Structural work funding – when we do get to the bottom of the structural work required and the agreed cost – this will need funding.

In simple terms – if we can’t fund it – the work won’t be able to be done and we are unlikely to be able to continue bowling at the facility.

When you see the accounts – you will see that there will not be enough money in the ‘pot’ to fund the likely cost of this work – so once we have a firm number, any good ideas on how that funding might be able to be raised would be very welcome.

Equally (once we do hopefully all get back to normal) if there are any bowlers who have a business that could undertake any of the jobs – we’d be delighted to hear from you (we will issue details of the recommended jobs over the next week).

The first thing for us to do however, when we can, is issue a report confirming the work required, the cost and the programme for having it completed that we have agreed with the freeholder.

3. ‘Helpers/Volunteers’ – for both qualifiers and finals / finals week
We are woefully short on these.
Again, in simple terms – if we cannot get more help then we have now – we don’t feel we can run bowling at the facility.
If anybody who has time on their hands through the spring/summer is willing to commit to helping the Waterloo, please get in touch – whether that is helping for one day / a few days or for the whole spring summer and finals week – we need some more people ans would be delighted to hear from you.

Again, stay safe all - and we will be in touch soon
​The Waterloo team

Sun Apr 19th

Wharton Cons Open Update
The comp as it stands is cancelled in its current and usual format. However if the season can start at some point the club will run the comp in another format. If youve entered you can either get in touch for a refund or Ill hold on to your entry for hopefully later in the season.

Sat Apr 4th

Ok...In all this doom and gloom, I’m going to be the bearer of optimism and be hopeful. I am going to change the format for this years Competition at Florence with a 128 One day competition. With the lack of bowls that will be played this season I am hoping that we will fill the 128 spaces easily!

One day Competition on 2 green - 128 entries
Sunday 20th September
9:00am Start
£15 entry

£2320 prize money

£600 winner
£300 Runner up
£150 Semi
£75 Quarters
£50 last 16
£25 last 32

£20 highest break in 1st round

Homesters give 3 start

I will take names and contact number for entries. Will contact nearer the time regarding payment, payment not necessary at this stage.

Kitchen & Early bar (hopefully to celebrate freedom and the lives lost during this awful time).

Florence Tennis & Bowling Club
Cemetery Ave
Stoke on Trent

Message Jon Price on 07772907509.

Fri Apr 3rd

Richmond Classic 2020

It is with great regret that the Richmond classic 2020 has now been officially cancelled, I now have the unenviable task of paying entrance fees back, if you require bank transfer system please text me your name,sort code, and account number, Some people have asked me to keep their entry fees for next season, if you want to do this could you text me with confirmation please, Or if you want any other arrangements please contact me on 07803 164377, I hope to have it all sorted within the next couple of weeks.

Please look after yourselves and your families during this coronavirus pandemic and god bless you all and keep safe, Kind regards big John.

Sun Mar 22nd

I have updated the scores from last weekends qualifiers from St Georges, Meole Brace and Alkincoats. 

I have also posted all updates I have seen on Facebook about competitions. 

Obviously with no bowls I will try and update competition histories and get this page ready for when bowls resumes.

If there is anything that you think would be a good addition or needs changing or improving then let me know on or 07901 229623. 

Sat Mar 21st

Castle Private Classic 2020

Obviously looking extremely unlikely that the comps gonna run this year, rest assured that if we do indeed have to cancel then all people who have paid will get a refund in time!

Sat Mar 21st


Dear all, it is with regret that we have had to cancel the competition this year. Latest government guidance has led to this decision.
All entry money will be sent back as soon as we can.

We are hoping to try and run this later on the year when things have calmed down (hopefully).

Apologies again.

Sat Mar 21st

Weston Park Trophy

Following the recent announcement from the BCGBA, we will be cancelling the Weston Park Trophy 2020 which was due to be played on March 28th.

We are hoping that we might be able to run the competition later in the year, in which case all current entrants will be given first refusal.

As it stands, all entrants who have paid their entry fee will be refunded within 7 days.

Sat Mar 21st

Lune Road 31up competition

Following an emergency meeting today we have taken the decision to cancel the 2020 Lune Road 31up Competition due to be played next week (21/3/2020).

As someone who works in social care the last 2 weeks has seen unprecedented activity around guidance about Covid-19. The team want to be proactive in the face of slow directives from our governing body in the light of what seems to be current legislation being passed as of Thursday next week from the government.

Bowls is an ageing sport, it’s not about me or any of the younger players or helpers. It’s about safeguarding those at the highest risk, either in the age bracket or with poor immune systems. Therefore to safeguard those that are of the highest risk of infection/mortality we are not willing to run a competition when there is so much uncontrollable risk to those we need to safeguard.

We are also NOT looking at running it later on in the year as we are unsure what the aftermath of all calculations are following peak infection times. There maybe needs to be a time to readjust/solidify and build back services and businesses impacted on the virus.

We will look to run the comp again in 2021. Those that have entered through Bowls Comps can request a refund from them directly. I will be in consultation with them to ensure any entries are paid back. If you wish, you can keep your entry in for 2021 when we hope this has all settled and we are in a better place socially and economically.

It is a safeguarding measure to protect those target groups the virus is ravaging. Many of the helpers we have are in that age bracket. We have a duty of care towards these groups to help them get through, what will be, a very testing time.

Sat Mar 21st

Peter Lawrenson Trophy 2020.

Good evening Everyone

Having just spoken to Chris from bowls comps we have decided to suspend entries until 30th April and then make a decision on the competition.

We dont want to make this decision premature and regret our decision.

On the 30th April we will make our decision about the competition and should you require a refund after this date we will implement it immediately

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and we will keep you updated regarding the competition.

Any questions please email


St Albans Bowling Club

Sat Mar 21st

The Big Weekend competition.

Following on from everyone else we have no choice but to cancel the event this year and continue again in 2021!

Ill be contacting everyone who has paid over the next few days. I can either refund your entry of have free entry next year.

Keep safe everyone!

Sat Mar 21st

BIG Smash 2020 Update

Following the latest update from the UK Government today we have taken the tough decision to cancel the 2020 BIG Smash.

The event will take place in 2021 as normal and all 256 players who entered the 2020 event will be the 256 in the 2021 competition.

If any player would like to withdraw from the 2021 event then please message us and we will send you a refund.

We may look at doing a small event later in 2020 also if we are able too.

We hope all players and spectators understand this decision and it is one not taken lightly but health comes first.

Neil & Rob

Sat Mar 21st

Belvedere 2 man team

Evening all, with not being left much choice I’m going to have to cancel the 2 man team @ Belvedere for this year. I’ll look at trying to get it up and running again for 2021.

Even though this comp isn’t affiliated by the BGCBA there are a hand full of reasons to cancel this competition.

I will obviously sort all refunds out, if you could all message me please with your bank details etc I will get it sorted. So that I’m not keep doing one refund at a time I’ll be aiming to get them all sent back to you tomorrow evening. Giving you chance to get your details to me.

Thanks, Rikki

Sat Mar 21st

Cleckheaton Sports Classic Bowls competition 4th July 2020.

We are fully supportive of the decision made today by BCGBA to suspend all bowling leagues and competitions for the foreseeable future.
We will carefully monitor any developments over the next few weeks and make a decision about the Cleckheaton Sports Classic nearer the time.

Sat Mar 21st

Royle Summer Classic

In accordance with advice from the BCGBA the 2020 Royle Summer Classic has been postponed. At this stage it is impossible to put a time scale on things as we are basically following government and official advice.

Hopefully we can run a competition of some description later in the year, however if anybody would like their entry fee refunding please send me a private message or text with your bank details and I will ensure this is done.

Sorry, but it’s a choice out of our hands. Worst case scenario is that we will be back in 2021.

Sat Mar 21st

2020 Les/Mel Evans MBE Invitation Classic

Easter Monday 13th April

In light of both the Government and BCGBA announcements yesterday, it is with deep regret that I have made the decision to cancel the 2020 Les/Mel Evans MBE Invitation Classic.

I have been in contact with all 32 invitees and we discussed different options. All are in agreement that the event will return on Easter Monday 5th April 2021 and all 32 invitees from this year will be automatically invited to compete in 2021.

On a personal note this decision is made with a very heavy heart. That said the health, safety and welfare of us all has to be paramount.

Both our physical and mental health and well-being will be severely tested in the coming days, weeks and months. Please look after yourselves, your families and spare a thought for your friends and neighbours who may simply benefit from the odd phone call or message. This global crisis will have a long-lasting impact on physical, mental, emotional and financial health and well-being.

From my own personal experience I know the bowling community unites in times of hardship. There is nothing stopping the bowling community continuing that support for each other but it needs to be done in a different way until we come through the other end.

Stay safe everyone.


Sat Mar 21st

East Coast Festival (May)

With all bowling suspended by BCGBA I have decided that at the moment this competition will await further news before cancelling for this year.
This is because people have already booked accommodation and such it will be left until nearer time for final decision.
If Bcgba still dont sanction competitions then we have no choice but to cancel.
Anyone that has paid will be reimbursed if cancelled or can use for August Festival if that goes ahead. Anyone wishing to pull out now will be reimbursed immediately.
I will not take any more entries for August Festival until we know what the position is.
Lets hope this is short term but not in our hands as organisers.
Paul Morgan

Sat Mar 21st

BowlsComps West Brom Open 2020.

This years competition, like many others has been cancelled. Thanks to all those who entered.

I believe I have contacted everyone offering a refund. Thanks to those bowlers who have asked us to retain the entry fee to be used for the 2021 competition.

If you have not been contacted please message me.

Many Thanks
Steve B

Sat Mar 21st

Wharton Cons Open 2020

Its looking unlikely that the comp will be able to run this year given todays announcement, if we do have to cancel refunds will be processed as quickly as possible.

Sat Mar 21st


Out Rawcliffe Bowling Club
Chapel Lane, PR3 6TR


£15 Entry

Qualifying Nights
Monday 23rd March
Wednesday 25th March
Thursday 26th March
Friday 27th March

6pm Practice
Choice of 6.30 or 7.30 Start

Play 2 Games to Qualify for Finals Day


All Money Paid Out in Prizes


Contact Greg Raby on 07742332939 or Lee Jenkinson on 07792949191

Sat Mar 21st

Penwortham Sports Singles Competition

Following the recent announcement from BCGBA, we will be cancelling the Penwortham Sports Singles Competition.

We are hoping that we might be able to run the competition later in the year, in which case all current entrants will be given first refusal.

Myself and Sam will be in touch with all entrants as soon as possible with regards to refunds.

Owen & Sam

Sat Mar 21st

Woodley Spring Classic

Woodley Spring classic update, as I sure most of you will have realised this years competition is cancelled. Many thanks to those bowlers who have paid this year and told us to keep the money for next year as it will help ensure we are there next year with your name automatically entered. However if you do need your entry money refunded please just let us know. Stay safe and see you all next year. Gail x

Sat Mar 21st

Haunchwood Open Friday May 8th

This will come as no surprise that the competition is cancelled . Will try to look for an alternative date , however with things the way they’re not very hopeful of that . We will be back next year and thanks to all of those who entered . I will start contacting entrants who’ve paid for a refund ASAP . Alternatively if you direct message your bank details I will refund as soon as I can . Hope to see you all soon and hope you and your families stay safe . Shaun

Sat Mar 21st

Meole Brace Open 2020

After the announcements from the government this afternoon and a directive from the BCGBA we regret that we have made the tough decision to cancel the rest of this years competition.

For those players who have already played and qualified we are going to pay them £100 each as a reward for their achievement. The players who lost in their qualifying game have already been paid £40. Anyone who played and lost unfortunately we are unable to refund them.

For players that were due to play this coming weekend if you can message me your bank details we will refund your entry fee.

Apologies but the safety of everyone concerned including players, officials, spectators and our club members who help out is of paramount importance.

Barry & Ade Jennings

Sat Mar 21st

**2020 Littleover Comps**

5th April - Steve Gibson Memorial 64 Open
19th April - Village Grill 32

We will be reviewing these competitions and we will wait to see what happens over the next couple of weeks with a decision to be made on the 28th March 2020.

Sat Mar 21st

Sunnybank Classic 2020 - Cancelled.

Due to the club having to shut and key members of the club undertaking self-isolation for health reasons we have no choice but to reluctantly cancel this years event. For those of you that entered; thank you but you can have your Saturday back. We will be looking to run the competition again in 2021; as soon as we have a date sorted, Ill get it advertised. If youve already paid, Ill be in touch about refunds. Thanks for your understanding and be safe!

Sat Mar 21st

Isle of Man June Crown Green Bowls Festival cancelled for 2020

The Isle of Man June Crown Green Bowls Festival has been cancelled. The event was scheduled to take place 22-26 June 2020. The decision was taken jointly between Festival Director Steve Moore and Visit Isle of Man Executive Agency.

Steve said: ‘ The decision to cancel the June event has not been taken lightly, but the emerging coronavirus situation has forced our hand. It is disappointing for both local players and the hundreds of visitors who usually come for the Festival. At present the September Crown Green Bowls Festival is set to go ahead as scheduled over five days 7-11 September 2020. ‘

This decision is also linked to the fact that visitors currently arriving on the Island are required to self-isolate for 14 days.

If you have already entered the June Festival and have any enquiries then please email

Sat Mar 21st


Firstly, we would like to thank all the competitors who supported the first time running of the competition over the weekend. We managed to get through all our qualifying sessions and the line up for the last 16, scheduled for 21st March, looked hugely competitive with some great games in-store.

However, after the announcements from the government this afternoon and a directive from the BCGBA we regret that we have made the tough decision to POSTPONE the finals day. We have not yet set a new date and this will only be proposed once we have further clarity from both future government announcements and BCGBA directives.

Any future proposed date will require ALL finalists to be available and we hope that a mutually satisfactory date can be reached so that no competitor is disadvantaged. This would be a great advert in bringing both the local communities together as well as giving the wider bowling community something positive to shout about after what is going to be a strained period of time.

We are hopeful of the above but should this prove to be impossible we will have no choice but to split the prize fund equally across all 16 qualifiers - which I’m sure isn’t the conclusion that anyone would have wanted at the point of entry.

We would also like to pass on our gratitude to everyone who helped out over the weekend from the teams in the cafe, cabin, markers, measurers, green keepers and anyone else who helped - no matter how big or small. The competition can’t run without everyone.

Once again we are sorry to have had to come to this decision but the safety of everyone concerned including players, officials, spectators and our club members who help out is of paramount importance.

Aaron Harrison & Daryl Wright

Mon Mar 16th

To County Secretaries, Management and Officers, Leagues and Members.

Following the Government announcement this afternoon it is with great sadness that we now have to suspend all bowling for the foreseeable future.

Based on the advice announced we need to avoid all mass gatherings and sporting event as these will no longer be supported by the emergency services.

If anyone within your household has symptoms then the whole family need to isolate for 14 days.

Limit social contact wherever possible and encourage working from home.

At risk groups – those over 70 and those with medical conditions need to take additional care.

All BCGBA meetings should now be postponed as un-necessary travel should be avoided. Contact in Pubs, Clubs and restaurants to be avoided.

Taking this all into account all leagues should now suspend matches until such time as we are given an all clear to resume competition.

All BCGBA and BCGLCC Competitions are now suspended until further notice this should include all qualifier events.

As a Bowls community we need to look after our members and I encourage you to follow the advice being given and support those we are able to at this very difficult time.

I will add links onto the website / face-book as these are updated.

Please take care of yourself and stay safe.

On behalf of the Management Committee BCGBA
Chris Hasselby (BCGBA Chairman)
Mark Bircumshaw (CEO)

Mon Mar 9th

Waterloo Update


Hi All

We can update you on the latest position regarding bowling at the Waterloo in 2020.

Negotiations to get the new lease in place are dragging out and we cant now see a position where it will be in place in time for the Spring tournaments to happen (I.e. April and Mays bowling). We therefore have no option other than to cancel the following tournaments

Mens Spring Waterloo
Ladies Spring Waterloo
VE Day Invitation 16

If we have the new lease in place in time - we will still go ahead with the Autumn tournaments (with some amendments to some of the provisional dates weve issued i.e. the April and May qualifiers for tournaments like the Ladies Waterloo and Charlie Tattersall will be rearranged to later dates).

If we dont have the new lease in place in time for the Autumn tournaments - there will be no bowling in 2020 and wed then intend to resume in 2021.

As explained in our previous post - the new lease will be subject to some structural work being completed on the stands and we are still working on having this work costed and agreed with the freeholder - once we have got to the bottom of that we will also need to find a solution for how it will be financed.

We wont be taking any entries for the Autumn tournaments until we are more definite on them going ahead and we have revised qualifying dates where necessary.

If anybody has any questions by all means call me - 07764699881

Gary Ellis

Mon Jan 6th

A Happy New Year to everyone!

I will start to develop this website ahead of the 2020 competitions and seasons starting. 

If there are any competitions not on here please let me know on 07901 229623 or



Mon Jan 6th

Craig Roberts Memorial 2020

Thursday July 30th 2020
6pm Start

Running in line with the
Conwy County Bowling Festival
(July 26th - 31st)

All proceeds from the evening will go to Craig’s Family’s chosen charity

“Once, We Were Soldiers”

Rhos Park Bowling Club
Rhos on Sea
North Wales
LL28 4NA

The players confirmed

John Bailey (Llanrwst)
Glynn Cookson (Winsford)
Simon Coupe (Preston)
Wayne Ditchfield (Eccleston)
Gary Ellis (Whitefield)
Matt Gilmore (Wallasey)
Greg Smith (Birmingham)
Callum Wraight (Shrewsbury)

Prize Money
Winner £400
Runner Up £200
Semi Finalist £100
Highest Break of the evening £50

Previous Winners
2019 John Bailey
2018 Wayne Ditchfield
2017 Glynn Cookson
2016 Callum Wraight
2015 Glynn Cookson
2014 Glynn Cookson

In association with
Blue Border Sports


More details to follow in the new season

Many thanks

Daniel Jones (Organiser)

More details to follow in the new season

Many thanks

Daniel Jones (Organiser)

Thu Nov 7th 2019

Waterloo Dates 2020

Tournament Date Time Number of players Entrance fee

Mens Spring Waterloo

Qualifier - 3 rounds 20/04/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 21/04/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 22/04/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 24/04/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 25/04/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 26/04/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 27/04/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 28/04/2020 1pm 32

Total 256 £15

Final day 09/05/2020 10am 32


Mens Autumn Waterloo

Qualifier - 3 rounds 02/07/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 03/07/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 09/07/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 10/07/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 11/07/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 16/07/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 17/07/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 18/07/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 19/07/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 23/07/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 26/07/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 01/08/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 07/08/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 14/08/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 15/08/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 3 rounds 16/08/2020 1pm 32

Total 512 £15

Last 64 - 1 round 19/09/2020 10am 64

Last 32 - 1 round 21/09/2020 10am 32

Last 16 - 1 round 22/09/2020 10am 16

Final day 23/09/2020 10am 8

Tournament Date Time Number of players Entrance fee

Ladies Spring Waterloo

One day 19/04/2019 10am 64 £15


Ladies Autumn Waterloo

Qualifier - 2 rounds 16/05/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 2 rounds 27/06/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 2 rounds 28/06/2020 1pm 32

Qualifier - 2 rounds 02/08/2020 1pm 32

Total 128 £15

Final Day 20/09/2020 10am 32


Charlie Tattersall

Qualifier - 3 rounds 29/04/2020 1pm 16

Qualifier - 3 rounds 01/05/2020 1pm 16

Qualifier - 3 rounds 02/05/2020 1pm 16

Qualifier - 3 rounds 19/06/2020 1pm 16

Qualifier - 3 rounds 20/06/2020 1pm 16

Qualifier - 3 rounds 26/06/2020 1pm 16

Qualifier - 3 rounds 04/07/2020 1pm 16

Qualifier - 3 rounds 24/07/2020 1pm 16

Total 128 £20

Final Day 25/09/2020 10am 16


Junior World Cup

One day 22/08/2020 10am 64 £5


Junior Waterloo

One day 23/08/2020 10am 64 £5


Mixed Pairs

One day 31/08/2020 10am 32 £20


VE day Invitation 16

One day 08/05/2020 10am 16 To be confirmed

Tue Jul 2nd 2019

I have updated all of the Weekend scores from qualifiers and finals day. 


Most of the Merits have results now too. 

Mon Jun 24th 2019

I have updated most of the competitions now for most of them to be up to date.

If there are any gaps please let me know.

Fri May 31st 2019

I have added scores for the:

  • Red River Classic
  • Red River Rumble
  • First two qualifiers of Royle Summer Classic

Tue May 21st 2019

I have added the results for:

  • Rudheath Open Finals Day
  • Allens Green (Jim Halstead Trophy) Finals Day
  • Wharton Cons Qualifier
  • Hillcrest Open Qualifier
  • Wigan Subscription Classic Qualifiers


I have also added the draw for the Red River Rumble and the odds for the Red River Classic. 


Sun May 12th 2019

I have added:

  • Peter Okonski Memorial
  • Tom Barron Open Singles
  • Penwortham Open Singles Final
  • Finals day draw for Jim Halstead Trophy at Allens Green
  • Rudheath Open Singles last three qualifiers & Finals day draw


Thu May 2nd 2019

I will update on here when I add any scores or draws.

I have added the Tom Barron Open Singles, Red River Classic and the Haunchwood Open, along with the odds of those.