Coors Mid Shropshire Bowling League 2019

Ashton cup

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Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before 07/08/19
1Newport D(+23)    Allscott Heath C(+6)AtNewport D
1Allscott Heath C(+6)    Newport D(+23)AtAllscott Heath C
2Maddocks C(+32)7905105St Georges C(+11)AtMaddocks C
2St Georges C(+11)944162Maddocks C(+32)AtSt Georges C
Combined Result with handicapSt Georges C(+11)21091173Maddocks C(+32)  
3Bowring C(+15)    Much Wenlock B(+18)AtBowring C
3Much Wenlock B(+18)    Bowring C(+15)AtMuch Wenlock B
4Trench C(+19)    Donn Wood C(+5)AtTrench C
4Donn Wood C(+5)    Trench C(+19)AtDonn Wood C

First Round Round must be played on or before 15/05/19
1Newport D(+23)872381H U S C C(+2)AtNewport D
1H U S C C(+2)8914100Newport D(+23)AtH U S C C
Combined Result with handicapNewport D(+23)21064172H U S C C(+2)  
2Allscott Heath C(+6)1013276Sinclair C(+3)AtAllscott Heath C
2Sinclair C(+3)702390Allscott Heath C(+6)AtSinclair C
Combined Result with handicapAllscott Heath C(+6)19764149Sinclair C(+3)  
3Maddocks C(+32)933290SJ Bayley C(+12)AtMaddocks C
3SJ Bayley C(+12)923273Maddocks C(+32)AtSJ Bayley C
Combined Result with handicapMaddocks C(+32)19855194SJ Bayley C(+12)  
4Wrock Wood C(+8)913291St Georges C(+11)AtWrock Wood C
4St Georges C(+11)973259Wrock Wood C(+8)AtSt Georges C
Combined Result with handicapSt Georges C(+11)19955158Wrock Wood C(+8)  
5Bowring C(+15)904179SJ Bayley D(+20)AtBowring C
5SJ Bayley D(+20)893297Bowring C(+15)AtSJ Bayley D
Combined Result with handicapBowring C(+15)20264188SJ Bayley D(+20)  
6Much Wenlock B(+18)813282Horsehay CAtMuch Wenlock B
6Horsehay C842392Much Wenlock B(+18)AtHorsehay C
Combined Result with handicapMuch Wenlock B(+18)19164166Horsehay C  
7Madeley CC C(+4)934166Trench C(+19)AtMadeley CC C
7Trench C(+19)954177Madeley CC C(+4)AtTrench C
Combined Result with handicapTrench C(+19)18055174Madeley CC C(+4)  
8Charlton B(+13)561494Donn Wood C(+5)AtCharlton B
8Donn Wood C(+5)923278Charlton B(+13)AtDonn Wood C
Combined Result with handicapDonn Wood C(+5)19173147Charlton B(+13)  

Preliminary Round Round must be played on or before 24/04/19
1Newport D(+23)943278St. George’s D(+32)AtNewport D
1St. George’s D(+32)783290Newport D(+23)AtSt. George’s D
Combined Result with handicapNewport D(+23)20755188St. George’s D(+32)