Coors Mid Shropshire Bowling League 2018

Harris cup

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Final Round Held on 22/09/18
1Bylet(P)(-23)19057197Bowring(P)(-30)AtS J Bayley Bottom

Semi Final Round Held on 22/08/18
1Bylet(P)(-23)1194292H U S C AAtBylet(P)
1H U S C A9824106Bylet(P)(-23)AtH U S C A
Combined Result with handicapBylet(P)(-23)20284190H U S C A  
2St Georges(P)(-31)10633111Bowring(P)(-30)AtSt Georges(P)
2Bowring(P)(-30)1184298St Georges(P)(-31)AtBowring(P)
Combined Result with handicapBowring(P)(-30)19975173St Georges(P)(-31)  

Quarter Final Round Held on 25/07/18
1Bylet(P)(-23)1266083Madeley C C A(+8)AtBylet(P)
1Madeley C C A(+8)9224109Bylet(P)(-23)AtMadeley C C A
Combined Result with handicapBylet(P)(-23)212102183Madeley C C A(+8)  
2H U S C A1205178St Georges A(+1)AtH U S C A
2St Georges A(+1)11142105H U S C AAtSt Georges A
Combined Result with handicapH U S C A22575190St Georges A(+1)  
3Burway(P)(-26)10642111St Georges(P)(-31)AtBurway(P)
3St Georges(P)(-31)1205181Burway(P)(-26)AtSt Georges(P)
Combined Result with handicapSt Georges(P)(-31)20075161Burway(P)(-26)  
4Sinclair A(+9)9124109Bowring(P)(-30)AtSinclair A
4Bowring(P)(-30)1266077Sinclair A(+9)AtBowring(P)
Combined Result with handicapBowring(P)(-30)205102177Sinclair A(+9)  

First Round Held on 18/07/18
Combined Result with handicapBylet(P)(-23)19284144Newport(P)(-32)  
2Madeley C C A(+8)1225172Wrock Wood B(+23)AtMadeley C C A
2Wrock Wood B(+23)10133113Madeley C C A(+8)AtWrock Wood B
Combined Result with handicapMadeley C C A(+8)24384196Wrock Wood B(+23)  
3H U S C A1266094Trench A(+14)AtH U S C A
3Trench A(+14)10424108H U S C AAtTrench A
Combined Result with handicapH U S C A234102212Trench A(+14)  
4SJ Bayley A(+5)1245183St Georges A(+1)AtSJ Bayley A
4St Georges A(+1)1195158SJ Bayley A(+5)AtSt Georges A
Combined Result with handicapSt Georges A(+1)20366187SJ Bayley A(+5)  
5Sinclair B(+17)    Burway(P)(-26)AtSinclair B
5Burway(P)(-26)    Sinclair B(+17)AtBurway(P)
6St Georges(P)(-31)1184288Allscott Heath A(+10)AtSt Georges(P)
6Allscott Heath A(+10)9715125St Georges(P)(-31)AtAllscott Heath A
Combined Result with handicapSt Georges(P)(-31)21293195Allscott Heath A(+10)  
7Wrock Wood A(+2)1033391Sinclair A(+9)AtWrock Wood A
7Sinclair A(+9)1214292Wrock Wood A(+2)AtSinclair A
Combined Result with handicapSinclair A(+9)22175197Wrock Wood A(+2)  
8Bowring(P)(-30)1266054Charlton A(+19)AtBowring(P)
8Charlton A(+19)5606126Bowring(P)(-30)AtCharlton A
Combined Result with handicapBowring(P)(-30)222120129Charlton A(+19)  

Preliminary Round Held on 25/04/18
1Bowring A(+7)9224119Bylet(P)(-23)AtBowring A
1Bylet(P)(-23)1266081Bowring A(+7)AtBylet(P)
Combined Result with handicapBylet(P)(-23)222102180Bowring A(+7)  
2Horsehay A(+12)8315125Newport(P)(-32)AtHorsehay A
2Newport(P)(-32)1266080Horsehay A(+12)AtNewport(P)
Combined Result with handicapNewport(P)(-32)219111175Horsehay A(+12)