Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

St Oswalds Floodlit Held on Sat 13th Oct

Final Round
1Karen Galvin2111Phil Davies

Semi Round
1Phil Davies2116Dave Baskerville
2Karen Galvin2118Tommy Johnstone

Quarters Round
1Phil Davies217Stephen Lea
2Dave Baskerville2120Glyn Cookson
3Karen Galvin2115Rich Goddard
4Tommy Johnstone2111Daniel Petcher

Round of 16 Round
1Phil Davies2113Craig Taylor
2Stephen Lea2120Jonno Charlton
3Dave Baskerville2112Tony Gatley
4Glyn Cookson2116Larry Wells
5Rich Goddard2118John Brown
6Karen Galvin2120Daniel Jones
7Daniel Petcher2117Michael Heap
8Tommy Johnstone2110Glyn Storer

Round of 32 Round
1Daniel Petcher219Chris Cooke
2Dave Baskerville2117Steve Brown
3Michael Heap2117John Hanson
4Daniel Jones2110Harry Horton
5Larry Wells2116Danny Woodward
6Glyn Cookson2119Mark Sutton
7Glyn Storer2113Rob Winnington
8John Brown2116Ged Smedley
9Jonno Charlton2114Damian Morrison
10Craig Taylor2110Chris Bly
11Phil Davies2115Andy Hayes
12Karen Galvin2116Liam McEgan
13Tommy Johnstone219Neil Bithel
14Tony Gatley2120Ben Gloag
15Stephen Lea2114David Gwilliam
16Rich Goddard2112Alan Manual

Round of 64 Round
1Chris Cooke219Glen Beeley
2Daniel Petcher2110Kyle Chapman
3Dave Baskerville214John Gatley
4Steve Brown2113Bradley Bayliss
5Michael Heap2119Mike Geraghty
6John Hanson2115Steve Baskerville
7Harry Horton2114Mike Mannion
8Daniel Jones2119Steve Hunt
9Danny Woodward2118Chris Goodhand
10Larry Wells2113Darrell Handley
11Glyn Cookson2112Andy Ferris
12Mark Sutton2119Alec Heeps
13Glyn Storer2110John Blezard
14Rob Winnington2112Mark Bennett
15John Brown212Gaz Lythgoe
16Ged Smedley217Ian Porter
17Damian Morrison2111Mark Holden
18Jonno Charlton2116Rob Lawrenson
19Craig Taylor2120Jack Hargreaves
20Chris Bly219Andy Hamman
21Phil Davies2119Dave Watters
22Andy Hayes219Leighton Roberts
23Karen Galvin2115Steve Morrey
24Liam McEgan2116Dave Jackson
25Neil Bithel217Connor Flaherty
26Tommy Johnstone2114Mike Davies
27Ben Gloag2115John Crossley
28Tony Gatley2111Andrew Duggan
29Stephen Lea2119Paul Garrett
30David Gwilliam2120Dave McDermott
31Alan Manual2114Jimmy McGurk
32Rich Goddard214Peter Rowles