Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Bellingham Starbank Men Final Held on Sun 5th Aug

Final Round
1Kevan Shaw3128Lee Heaton

Semi Round
1Kevan Shaw310Neil Bithel
2Lee Heaton310Simon Coupe

Quarters Round
1Neil Bithel310Billy Speed
2Kevan Shaw310Alan Manual
3Lee Heaton310David Higginbottom
4Simon Coupe310Wayne Ditchfield

Round of 16 Round
1Neil Bithel310Michael Coupe
2Billy Speed310Derrick Bissell
3Kevan Shaw310Rich Goddard
4Alan Manual310David Molyneux
5Lee Heaton310John Brown
6David Higginbottom310Danny Mayers
7Simon Coupe310Ernie Storey
8Wayne Ditchfield310Ben Chisnall