Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Kirkheaton Con 64 Final Held on Sat 29th Sep

Final Round
1Ashley Daykin2120James Higgins

Semi Round
1James Higgins216A J Walker
2Ashley Daykin2116Steve Gilroy

Quarters Round
1James Higgins2115Graeme Wilson
2A J Walker2118Liam Griffin
3Steve Gilroy2115Jack Dyson
4Ashley Daykin2110Craig Gant

Round of 16 Round
1James Higgins2117Craig Newton
2Graeme Wilson2117Danny Radcliffe
3Liam Griffin216Rob Dunford
4A J Walker2113Gareth Coates
5Steve Gilroy2118Paul Ingleby
6Jack Dyson2114Craig Farquerson
7Ashley Daykin2119James Martin
8Craig Gant2119Wayne Moseley