Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Sunnybank Classic Held on Sat 16th Jun

Final Round
1Gary Ellis2113Andy Cairns

Semi Round
1Gary Ellis217Ian Hulston
2Andy Cairns2110Roger Crowther

Quarters Round
1Ian Hulston2111Allan Rushton
2Gary Ellis2117Aaron Harrison
3Andy Cairns2119Neil Simpson
4Roger Crowther217Steve Ellis

Round of 16 Round
1Allan Rushton218Billy Smith
2Ian Hulston2119Nick Turrell
3Aaron Harrison2112Chris Bly
4Gary Ellis2116Colin Lane
5Neil Simpson2120Andy Lowe
6Andy Cairns2113Andy Thornton
7Steve Ellis2114Kieran Bannister
8Roger Crowther2117Colin Leishman

Round of 32 Round
1Aaron Harrison2114Dave Hargreaves
2Colin Lane2117Matt Bamford
3Andy Cairns2110David Walker
4Allan Rushton211Dave Moulton
5Colin Leishman2118Paul Atherden
6Neil Simpson2120Callum Wraight
7Kieran Bannister2113Rob Swift
8Chris Bly216Phil Cookson
9Andy Thornton2113I Turrell
10Steve Ellis2116Billy Thornton
11Gary Ellis217Simon Hargreaves
12Nick Turrell2110Steve Anderton

Round of 64 Round
1Dave Hargreaves212Jordan Duckworth
2Aaron Harrison2119Mike Spencer
3Colin Lane215Simon Williamson
4Matt Bamford210M Lingard
5David Walker219Graham Whitehead
6Andy Cairns2110Alistair Torr
7Allan Rushton2112Jack Torr
8Dave Moulton217Adam Rushton
9Paul Atherden2115Jimmy Derby
10Colin Leishman214Tom Prosser
11Callum Wraight2112Tony Bannister
12Neil Simpson219Tommy Taylor
13Rob Swift2114Andrew Lund
14Kieran Bannister2117Matt Gillies
15Phil Cookson2119Steve Squire
16Chris Bly2113Neil Grant
25Andy Thornton215Paul Garnett
26I Turrell2110Mick Opie
27Steve Ellis2116L Greenhalgh
28Billy Thornton2112M Wensley
29Simon Hargreaves2110Graham Law
30Gary Ellis217R Taylor
31Nick Turrell2119Andy Fleming
32Steve Anderton2116S Willison