Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Tom Barron Open Singles Held on Sun 13th May

Final Round
1Callum Wraight218Ben Gloag

Semi Round
1Callum Wraight215Andy Thornton
2Ben Gloag2112Ian Nicholson

Quarters Round
1Andy Thornton2116Gareth Gwilliam
2Callum Wraight2119Martin Gilpin
3Ben Gloag2114Andy Fleming
4Ian Nicholson218Jon Metters

Round of 16 Round
1Gareth Gwilliam219Bill Livesey
2Andy Thornton2114Graham Law
3Martin Gilpin2120Stuart Mort
4Callum Wraight2114David Gwilliam
5Ben Gloag2118James Grimston
6Andy Fleming2117Billy Thornton
7Ian Nicholson219Hugh Hornby
8Jon Metters2111John Coupe

Round of 32 Round
1Gareth Gwilliam217Sam Patterson
2Bill Livesey2120Peter Hawkes
3Graham Law2111Alan Davies
4Andy Thornton2114Danny Sillitoe
5Martin Gilpin2118John Slinger
6Stuart Mort2115Steve Ashburn
7David Gwilliam2117Denby Murgatroyd
8Callum Wraight219Gary Daw
9James Grimston2115G Minton
10Ben Gloag2113Dave Halstead
11Andy Fleming2118Mark Ashburn
12Billy Thornton2111Will McMurray
13Ian Nicholson219Mark Holden
14Hugh Hornby2114Mick Hewitson
15John Coupe2112Steve Hargreaves
16Jon Metters2114Michael Knowles