Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

John Large Dedication Trophy Final Held on Sun 29th Jul

Final Round
1Daniel Petcher2111Nick Wyer

Semi Round
1Nick Wyer2115Ivan Smout
2Daniel Petcher2114Mark Ferris

Quarters Round
1Nick Wyer2117Barry Booth
2Ivan Smout2111Rich Burgess
3Mark Ferris2115Peter Hulse Jnr
4Daniel Petcher2114James Higgins

Round of 16 Round
1Barry Booth2116Kevin Boon
2Nick Wyer2112Phil Cookson
3Rich Burgess2116Daz Smallman
4Ivan Smout2116Tom Palmer
5Peter Hulse Jnr2116Aaron Jones
6Mark Ferris2115Andy Booth
7Daniel Petcher2120Neil Wright
8James Higgins2117Bradley Bayliss