Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Moor Lane Open Held on Mon 28th May

Final Round
1Greg Smith2111Gavin Dunkley

Semi Round
1Gavin Dunkley2120Nathan Dawes
2Greg Smith2114Tom Pritchard

Quarters Round
1Gavin Dunkley2115Glen Herbert
2Nathan Dawes2115Reece Farr
3Tom Pritchard2114Ben Harris
4Greg Smith2111Adam Weaver

Round of 16 Round
1Gavin Dunkley2120Dan Bodley
2Glen Herbert2114Andy Gibbs
3Nathan Dawes215T Maritza
4Reece Farr2111James Cosgrave
5Tom Pritchard2114Russ Prosser
6Ben Harris218Paul Hemming
7Adam Weaver2115Scott Simpson
8Greg Smith2116Rob Carter

Round of 32 Round
1Gavin Dunkley2113Paul Copson
2Dan Bodley2119Steve Jones
3Andy Gibbs2115Callum Mitchell
4Glen Herbert2114Kevin Hocknull
5T Maritza2118Simon Green
6Nathan Dawes214Matt Bates
7Reece Farr2111D Fielding
8James Cosgrave2116Josh Hale
9Tom Pritchard2119James Seville
10Russ Prosser2112Kirk Wright
11Ben Harris2112Simon Fisher
12Paul Hemming2117John Evans
13Adam Weaver2113Aaron Tapper
14Scott Simpson2118Mark Denman
15Rob Carter2118Adam Kirby
16Greg Smith219Gareth Herbert