Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Whaley Bridge Mens Open Final Held on Sun 7th Oct

Final Round
1John Brown2113Dave Baskerville

Semi Round
1Dave Baskerville2117Chris Mordue
2John Brown2117Darrell Matkin

Quarters Round
1Chris Mordue2119Phil Clapham
2Dave Baskerville2115Paul Dale
3John Brown2118L Guess
4Darrell Matkin2113Willie Owen

Round of 16 Round
1Chris Mordue216Paul Phillips
2Phil Clapham2119Lee Dale
3Dave Baskerville2112Jon Guess
4Paul Dale2117M Sims
5L Guess2112Stephen Lea
6John Brown2118Craig Newton
7Willie Owen2117Connor Chamberlain
8Darrell Matkin2116Steve Baskerville

Results from Qualifying Round 1 Played on Sun 23rd Sep

Round 2
1Paul Phillips2117Damian Morrison
2Chris Mordue218Paul Morris
3Stephen Lea219Dale Kenyon
4Craig Newton2118Richard Briddon
Round 1
1Paul Phillips2119Paul Bayliss
2Damian Morrison2113Ken Houghton
3Chris Mordue219Neil Simpson
4Paul Morris2111Alan Catterall
5Stephen Lea2113Stephen Ash
6Dale Kenyon2119Callum Briddon
7Richard Briddon210Walkover
8Craig Newton2115Matt Humphrys

Results from Qualifying Round 2 Played on Sun 23rd Sep

Round 2
5L Guess218Luke Ferris
6Jon Guess2111Roger Morgan
7Steve Baskerville2119Pete Conway
8Dave Baskerville217Nigel Armstrong
Round 1
9Luke Ferris2117Tom Danby
10L Guess2120Steve Barber
11Roger Morgan2119Mark Ferris
12Jon Guess2112Adam Dickerson
13Pete Conway2118Nick Thorpe
14Steve Baskerville2116Steve Ireland
15Dave Baskerville2117Chris Kearns
16Nigel Armstrong2119Keith Middleton

Results from Qualifying Round 3 Played on Sun 30th Sep

Round 2
9M Sims2120Paul Walton
10Willie Owen2116Tommy Johnstone
11John Brown2115John Black
12Darrell Matkin219Sean Waring
Round 1
17M Sims2117John Hopwood
18Paul Walton215Neil Wright
19Tommy Johnstone2115Greg Ellis
20Willie Owen219Neil Slattery
21John Brown2120Phil Oldham
22John Black2118Stuart Sutton
23Sean Waring2112Roy Talley
24Darrell Matkin2116Danny Ferris

Results from Qualifying Round 4 Played on Sun 30th Sep

Round 2
13Phil Clapham2115Phil Davies
14Lee Dale2116Tony Gatley
15Paul Dale2117Mike Spencer
16Connor Chamberlain2119Gary Clapham
Round 1
25Phil Davies2114Steve Allen
26Phil Clapham210Walkover
27Tony Gatley218John Rawlinson
28Lee Dale214Paul Chamberlain
29Mike Spencer214Daniel Kirk
30Paul Dale218L Harrington
31Connor Chamberlain216John Gatley
32Gary Clapham218Jack Ainsworth