Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Helsby C.C. Open Bowls Competition Held on Sun 19th Aug

Final Round
1Chris Ashton218Barry Ellams

Semi Round
1Barry Ellams2120Dave Baskerville
2Chris Ashton2120John Rawlinson

Quarters Round
1Dave Baskerville2114Mark Gilson
2Barry Ellams216Sam Gittens
3John Rawlinson2119Terry Glover
4Chris Ashton2116David Lloyd

Round of 16 Round
1Dave Baskerville2118Sam Millward
2Mark Gilson215Ian Christie
3Sam Gittens2120John Gatley
4Barry Ellams2117Matty Hamman
5John Rawlinson2120Gerald Merry
6Terry Glover2120Cindy McLean
7Chris Ashton2110Alf McDermott
8David Lloyd2110B Furber

Round of 32 Round
1Sam Millward213Neil Snodgrass
2Dave Baskerville2119Dave McDermott
3Mark Gilson2111Mark Winnington
4Ian Christie210BYE
5Sam Gittens2120Sandra Gilfedder
6John Gatley2114Berny McLean
7Barry Ellams2112Nick Wyer
8Matty Hamman210Bye
9Gerald Merry2119Nigel Parker
10John Rawlinson2119Roger Morgan
11Terry Glover2110Paul Roberts
12Cindy McLean210BYE
13Chris Ashton2114Steve Gilfedder
14Alf McDermott2113Jonathan Salisbury
15B Furber2119Dave Leigh
16David Lloyd2120Mike Reeves