Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Richmond Carlsberg Classic Final Held on Sun 12th Aug

Final Round
1Darren Plenderleith2111Alan Manual

Semi Round
1Darren Plenderleith2115Kevin Kearns
2Alan Manual2117Terry Glover

Quarters Round
1Kevin Kearns2110Jamie Fitzpatrick
2Darren Plenderleith2115Leighton Roberts
3Terry Glover219Roger Crowther
4Alan Manual2119Damian Morrison

Round of 16 Round
1Jamie Fitzpatrick2118Jack Hargreaves
2Kevin Kearns210Gary Ellis
3Darren Plenderleith2113Carl Armitage
4Leighton Roberts2117Ben Gloag
5Roger Crowther216Peter Sallis
6Terry Glover2111Lee Heaton
7Damian Morrison2120Greg Smith
8Alan Manual2112Alec Heeps