Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Billy Bennett Memorial Trophy Final Held on Sat 8th Sep

Final Round
1Tommy Johnstone2117Terry Glover

Semi Round
1Tommy Johnstone2117Danny Barwise
2Terry Glover2116Matt Humphrys

Quarters Round
1Danny Barwise219Glyn Cookson
2Tommy Johnstone2117Dave Jackson
3Matt Humphrys2118Mike Tunstall
4Terry Glover2120Glyn Storer

Round of 16 Round
1Glyn Cookson2114Andrew Gallagher
2Danny Barwise217Paul Bayliss
3Tommy Johnstone2110Chris Ward
4Dave Jackson2117Neil Dolan
5Matt Humphrys2116Dave Bennett
6Mike Tunstall2120Kyle Chapman
7Terry Glover2111Stuart Goodwin
8Glyn Storer2113Andy Thornton

Results from Qualifying Round 1 Played on Sat 11th Aug

Round 3
1Neil Dolan2118Damian Morrison
2Paul Bayliss216Colin Lord
Round 2
1Damian Morrison2120Alan Noon
2Neil Dolan219Dave Smith
3Paul Bayliss219John Garrett Jnr
4Colin Lord219Stuart Hodson
Round 1
1Damian Morrison2116D Penketh
2Alan Noon2110Alex Heap
3Neil Dolan2115Dale Kenyon
4Dave Smith210Walkover
5Paul Bayliss2119Gary Stone
6John Garrett Jnr2116Rob Lawrenson
7Stuart Hodson2119J Green
8Colin Lord2120Chris Ashton

Results from Qualifying Round 2 Played on Sun 12th Aug

Round 3
3Tommy Johnstone2115Charlie Fryer
4Chris Ward218Phil Cookson
Round 2
5Charlie Fryer217Mike Bishop
6Tommy Johnstone2112Luke Gilfedder
7Chris Ward2112Brendan Brady
8Phil Cookson2112Jack Hallett
Round 1
9Mike Bishop210Bye
10Charlie Fryer2115John Lester
11Tommy Johnstone2114Owen Cookson
12Luke Gilfedder210Bye
13Brendan Brady210BYE
14Chris Ward210Bye
15Jack Hallett210Bye
16Phil Cookson214Andrew Paton

Results from Qualifying Round 3 Played on Sat 18th Aug

Round 3
5Dave Bennett214Joe Stone
6Stuart Goodwin214Matty Hamman
Round 2
9Joe Stone2120Andy Ferris
10Dave Bennett2115Chris Kearns
11Matty Hamman218Jonno Charlton
12Stuart Goodwin2113Craig Morris
Round 1
17Andy Ferris214Nick Hamman
18Joe Stone210Walkover
19Chris Kearns2115Ian Porter
20Dave Bennett2111John Brown
21Matty Hamman2114Mike Spencer
22Jonno Charlton2115D Wright
23Stuart Goodwin2112John Gatley
24Craig Morris2118Alan Manual

Results from Qualifying Round 4 Played on Sun 19th Aug

Round 3
7Mike Tunstall2111Carl Armitage
8Billy Thornton2119Stephen Lea
Round 2
13Carl Armitage2113Steve Jackson
14Mike Tunstall2110Graham Hickey
15Billy Thornton2119Dave McDermott
16Stephen Lea2110Lindon Taylor
Round 1
25Carl Armitage213Andy Thornton
26Steve Jackson219Michael Bennett
27Mike Tunstall2110L Sullivan
28Graham Hickey218Alf McDermott
29Billy Thornton2117Paul Latham
30Dave McDermott2116John Hanson
31Stephen Lea2118Damian Carroll
32Lindon Taylor210Walkover

Results from Qualifying Round 5 Played on Sat 25th Aug

Round 3
9Dave Jackson2119Rich Goddard
10Matt Humphrys2120Ray Goodhand
Round 2
17Rich Goddard219Mitch Toth
18Dave Jackson2112Danny Woodward
19Ray Goodhand2116Paul Garrett
20Matt Humphrys2117Chris Bly
Round 1
33Rich Goddard2120Chris Goodhand
34Mitch Toth2120Steve Gilfedder
35Danny Woodward2120Liam Lawlor
36Dave Jackson2118Jack Clayton
37Ray Goodhand210Bye
38Paul Garrett210Bye
39Chris Bly210Bye
40Matt Humphrys2115Mike Mannion

Results from Qualifying Round 6 Played on Sun 26th Aug

Round 3
11Glyn Storer2111Callum Wraight
12Danny Barwise2118Darrell Handley
Round 2
21Callum Wraight2115Phil Lee
22Glyn Storer2111Kevan Shaw
23Darrell Handley2118Lee Johnstone
24Danny Barwise2119Phil Davies
Round 1
41Callum Wraight2115R Nevins
42Phil Lee217D Robinson
43Kevan Shaw2118Steve Brown
44Glyn Storer2113M Deakin
45Lee Johnstone2113Simon Hargreaves
46Darrell Handley2119Larry Wells
47Danny Barwise217Colin Wilson
48Phil Davies2113Connor Flaherty

Results from Qualifying Round 7 Played on Sat 1st Sep

Round 3
13Kyle Chapman2110Steve Hunt
14Terry Glover2116Ray Bate
Round 2
25Kyle Chapman2118Mark Prosser
26Steve Hunt2116Bill Burlinson
27Terry Glover2110John Garrat Jnr
28Ray Bate2112Gaz Lythgoe
Round 1
49Mark Prosser2116Simon Harrison
50Kyle Chapman2119Danny Ferris
51Steve Hunt210Walkover
52Bill Burlinson218Matthew Brown
53John Garrat Jnr2114Phil Aspinall
54Terry Glover219Cliff Massey
55Ray Bate217Kevin Wainwright
56Gaz Lythgoe210Walkover

Results from Qualifying Round 8 Played on Sun 2nd Sep

Round 3
15Glyn Cookson2120George Curran
16Andrew Gallagher2111Andrew Wightman
Round 2
29George Curran214Jamie Jones
30Glyn Cookson2112Andy Booth
31Andrew Wightman213Tony Stevens
32Andrew Gallagher2119Darren Plenderleith
Round 1
57Jamie Jones2115Harry Horton
58George Curran2117Paul Drinkwater
59Glyn Cookson2115Chris Mordue
60Andy Booth2119Ben Gloag
61Tony Stevens2117Barry Orpe
62Andrew Wightman217Jeremy Muff
63Andrew Gallagher2113David Gwilliam
64Darren Plenderleith215Charlie Bebbington