Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Metro Sports Open Classic Final Held on Sat 14th Jul

Final Round
1John Hignett2118Tommy Johnstone

Semi Round
1John Hignett2113Daniel Bennett
2Tommy Johnstone2118Ben Phillips

Quarters Round
1John Hignett218Gary Ellis
2Daniel Bennett2118Paul Walley
3Ben Phillips2119Paul Hawker
4Tommy Johnstone2112Chris Brown

Round of 16 Round
1Gary Ellis2114John Bailey
2John Hignett2118Ben Gloag
3Daniel Bennett2110Dave Phillips
4Paul Walley2117John Brown
5Ben Phillips2117Jason Jones
6Paul Hawker2118Ray Goodhand
7Tommy Johnstone2110Noel Burrows
8Chris Brown2120Terry Glover