Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

The Railway Classic Final Held on Sun 28th Jan

Final Round
1Callum Wraight2120David Walker

Semi Round
1David Walker2118Steve Mottley
2Callum Wraight2119Mick Opie

Quarters Round
1Steve Mottley2110Adam Penlington
2David Walker2116Craig Bibby
3Mick Opie2115Phil Cookson
4Callum Wraight2113John Crossley

Round of 16 Round
1Adam Penlington2119Ross Hatzer
2Steve Mottley2116Ian Armstrong
3Craig Bibby2115James Melia
4David Walker214Andy Fleming
5Phil Cookson2113Jack Hargreaves
6Mick Opie2120R Riley
7John Crossley2120Craig Rammell
8Callum Wraight2110Clay Flattley