Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Brownedge Baxi Classic Final Held on Fri 14th Sep

Final Round
1Simon Coupe3121Graeme Wilson

Semi Round
1Simon Coupe3126Wayne Ditchfield
2Graeme Wilson3119Graham Hickey

Quarters Round
1Graeme Wilson3118Matty Stewart
2Simon Coupe3112Mark Britton
3Graham Hickey3117Liam Griffin
4Wayne Ditchfield3120Jack Dyson

Round of 16 Round
1Simon Coupe3123Neil Grant
2Mark Britton3125Neil Slattery
3Matty Stewart3129Ashley Daykin
4Graeme Wilson3129Phil Davies
5Liam Griffin3124James Hanson
6Graham Hickey3121Sam Patterson
7Jack Dyson3112Tommy Johnstone
8Wayne Ditchfield3120Thomas Hanson