Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Lune Road Spring Championship Held on Sat 24th Mar

Final Round
1Ian Nicholson3126Andy Thornton

Semi Round
1Ian Nicholson3127Billy Thornton
2Andy Thornton3122Brian Lynch

Quarters Round
1Ian Nicholson3123Matty Stewart
2Billy Thornton3121Mark Ashburn
3Brian Lynch3129Martin Gilpin
4Andy Thornton3129Craig Rammell

Round of 16 Round
1Matty Stewart3127Aaron Harrison
2Ian Nicholson3113David Liley
3Mark Ashburn3114P Dennison
4Billy Thornton3113J Read
5Martin Gilpin3112Steve Ashburn
6Brian Lynch3124Ian Liley
7Craig Rammell3119Dean Butler
8Andy Thornton3127Barry Simm

Round of 32 Round
1Aaron Harrison3125Robert Whyatt
2Matty Stewart3129D Clarkson
3Ian Nicholson3123P Shallie
4David Liley3113Andrew Rigg
5Mark Ashburn3120James Davison
6P Dennison3125Paul Kissock
7J Read3113Mark Curwen
8Billy Thornton3122Rich Goddard
9Martin Gilpin3128David Cragg
10Steve Ashburn3113Maurice Sweetman
11Ian Liley3119Liam Baxter
12Brian Lynch3124Nick Wyer
13Craig Rammell3119Barry Booth
14Dean Butler3127Jamie Bramley
15Andy Thornton318Steve Ellis
16Barry Simm3116Danny Ferris