Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Charlie Tattersall Memorial Final Held on Fri 28th Sep

Final Round
1Simon Coupe3121Graeme Wilson

Semi Round
1Graeme Wilson3129Callum Wraight
2Simon Coupe3120Roy Moxham

Quarters Round
1Graeme Wilson3125Mark Holden
2Callum Wraight3128Gareth Coates
3Simon Coupe3125Danny Ferris
4Roy Moxham3122Andy Thornton

Round of 16 Round
1Graeme Wilson3115Danny Parkinson
2Mark Holden3129Dave Watters
3Callum Wraight3114Danny Sillitoe
4Gareth Coates3127Josh Mordue
5Simon Coupe3115James Martin
6Danny Ferris3122Paul Heap
7Andy Thornton3122Ben Gloag
8Roy Moxham3120Chris Bly