Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Hillcrest Open Final Held on Sat 7th Jul

Final Round
1Simon Coupe3118Adam Wider

Semi Round
1Simon Coupe3120Kevan Shaw
2Adam Wider3118Darren Hennessy

Quarters Round
1Kevan Shaw3120Liam Griffin
2Simon Coupe3115James Thomas
3Darren Hennessy3125Neil Slattery
4Adam Wider3122Graeme Wilson

Round of 16 Round
1Kevan Shaw3128Thomas Hanson
2Liam Griffin3126Tony Bannister
3James Thomas3122Ian Booth
4Graeme Wilson3121Lee Johnstone
5Darren Hennessy3129Richard Hargreaves
6Neil Slattery3123Stuart King
7Adam Wider3124Richard Jackson
8Simon Coupe3121Ryan Clarke

Round of 32 Round
1Kevan Shaw3127Steve Gilroy
2Thomas Hanson3128Tommy Johnstone
3Tony Bannister3113Nick White
4Liam Griffin3122James Wilcox
5James Thomas3120Andrew Gallagher
6Ian Booth3123Glen McCafferty
7Lee Johnstone3129Andy Webb
8Graeme Wilson3126Callum Wraight
9Darren Hennessy3120Dave Jackson
10Richard Hargreaves3117Cliff Johnson
11Neil Slattery3128Wayne Ditchfield
12Stuart King3128Paul Dudley
13Richard Jackson3125Gareth Coates
14Adam Wider3130Andrew Skyes
15Ryan Clarke3125Glen Smith
16Simon Coupe3127Ben Stapleton