Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Rudheath Open Final Held on Sat 26th May

Final Round
1Steve Morrey218Tommy Johnstone

Semi Round
1Tommy Johnstone2111Lee Kington
2Steve Morrey2120Gary Ellis

Quarters Round
1Lee Kington2111Andy Hamman
2Tommy Johnstone2113Tom Vickers
3Gary Ellis2110Matt Gilmore
4Steve Morrey2110Chris Barton

Round of 16 Round
1Andy Hamman2119Lee Dale
2Lee Kington2114Ben Phillips
3Tom Vickers2114Jamie Bramley
4Tommy Johnstone2114Glyn Cookson
5Matt Gilmore210Josh Mordue
6Gary Ellis2117Mike Geraghty
7Chris Barton2116Matt Thurlwell
8Steve Morrey2114Matty Hamman

Results from Qualifying Round 1 Played on Sat 31st Mar

Round 3
1Ben Phillips2118Neil Grant
2Tom Vickers216Jason Cornes
Round 2
1Ben Phillips217Paul Holt
2Neil Grant2118Dave Jackson
3Tom Vickers219Mike Spencer
4Jason Cornes2114M Kettle
Round 1
1Paul Holt210Bye
2Ben Phillips2115Steve Ellis
3Dave Jackson210Bye
4Neil Grant210Bye
5Tom Vickers2118Dave Watters
6Mike Spencer210Bye
7M Kettle2120Conall Redmond
8Jason Cornes2110Anthony Thompson

Results from Qualifying Round 2 Played on Sat 7th Apr

Round 3
3Lee Dale217Chris Walker
4Tommy Johnstone216Alan Manual
Round 2
5Lee Dale210Walkover
6Chris Walker2111Chris Kearns
7Tommy Johnstone2117Mark Winnington
8Alan Manual2110Gordon Mackintosh
Round 1
9Lee Dale2110John Garrett Snr
11Chris Walker2112Darren Beardsmore
12Chris Kearns2111John Hanson
13Tommy Johnstone2120A Lloyd
14Mark Winnington2116Damian Morrison
15Alan Manual218Paul Dale
16Gordon Mackintosh210Walkover

Results from Qualifying Round 3 Played on Sat 14th Apr

Round 3
5Lee Kington2113Kevin Duncalf
6Matt Gilmore2113Dave Hamlett Jnr
Round 2
9Kevin Duncalf2110Chris McDonald
10Lee Kington2119Darren Plenderleith
11Matt Gilmore2110Len Stubbs
12Dave Hamlett Jnr2113Roger Morgan
Round 1
17Kevin Duncalf210Walkover
18Chris McDonald2111Ray Goodhand
19Darren Plenderleith219D Hamblett
20Lee Kington2117Steve Hallman
21Len Stubbs215D Gilmore
22Matt Gilmore2116Larry Wells
23Dave Hamlett Jnr2118Adam Kirby
24Roger Morgan2119Barry Ellams

Results from Qualifying Round 4 Played on Sat 21st Apr

Round 3
7Jamie Bramley2113Paul Farrington
8Glyn Cookson217Owen Cookson
Round 2
13Jamie Bramley2111Phil Cookson
14Paul Farrington2112Rob Winnington
15Glyn Cookson2113Daniel Nixon
16Owen Cookson2112Matt Gatley
Round 1
25Jamie Bramley210Bye
26Phil Cookson2117Gerald Merry
27Paul Farrington2118Jidd Webb
28Rob Winnington2118Lee Johnstone
29Daniel Nixon2112John Gatley
30Glyn Cookson2120Chris Barlow
31Owen Cookson2118Daz OHanlon
32Matt Gatley2120Matt Thurlwell

Results from Qualifying Round 5 Played on Sat 28th Apr

Round 3
9Mike Geraghty2118Martin Gaut
10Chris Barton2118Dave Baskerville
Round 2
17Mike Geraghty2116Paul Mackie
18Martin Gaut2119Derek Wright
19Dave Baskerville2114Cedric Bancroft
20Chris Barton2116Graham Dulson
Round 1
33Mike Geraghty2116Martin Ogiliev
34Paul Mackie2120Owen Doyle
35Martin Gaut217Alan Bailey
36Derek Wright210BYE
37Cedric Bancroft2115Craig Shore
38Dave Baskerville2119Paul Phillips
39Graham Dulson2120Matt Hill
40Chris Barton2113Paul Dooley

Results from Qualifying Round 6 Played on Sat 5th May

Round 3
11Matty Hamman2112Jamie Dunn
12Gary Ellis2116Andrew Gallagher
Round 2
21Matty Hamman2120Bill Berlington
22Jamie Dunn2114Mark Sutton
23Gary Ellis219Shane Day
24Andrew Gallagher2119Chris Bly
Round 1
41Bill Berlington217John Rawlinson
42Matty Hamman2120Dave McDermott
43Mark Sutton2114John Brooker
44Jamie Dunn2119D OBrien
45Gary Ellis2117Ryan Walters
46Shane Day2118John Clarke
47Andrew Gallagher2118Jordan McDermott
48Chris Bly2118Paul Leah

Results from Qualifying Round 7 Played on Sat 12th May

Round 3
13Josh Mordue2116Nicola Boulton
14Andy Hamman2119Nick Shaw
Round 2
25Nicola Boulton2118Sam Day
26Josh Mordue2113Jamie Harrop
27Andy Hamman2119Joe Williamson
28Nick Shaw2119Chris Mordue
Round 1
49Nicola Boulton2110Gareth Stanway
50Sam Day2116K Williamson
51Jamie Harrop2115Paul Charlesworth
52Josh Mordue2117Mark Dougherty
53Andy Hamman2113Ian Wassell
54Joe Williamson219Chris Price
55Chris Mordue2112Craig Bourbonneux
56Nick Shaw215Harry Slack

Results from Qualifying Round 8 Played on Sat 19th May

Round 3
15Matt Thurlwell219Phil Davies
16Steve Morrey2115Graham Law
Round 2
29Phil Davies2115Connor Whitehall
30Matt Thurlwell2110D Thomas
31Steve Morrey215D McDougall
32Graham Law219Robert Whyatt
Round 1
57Phil Davies210Walkover
58Connor Whitehall2117Darrell Handley
59Matt Thurlwell213Steve Baskerville
60D Thomas210Walkover
61D McDougall210Walkover
62Steve Morrey2115Glyn Storer
63Graham Law2115Gary Whitehall
64Robert Whyatt2114T Evans