Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Carling Cup Final Held on Sat 30th Jun

Final Round
1James Davison2114James Martin

Semi Round
1James Martin2116Craig Newton
2James Davison2116Dean Missere

Quarters Round
1Craig Newton2114Chris Kelly
2James Martin2110Jack Clarke
3Dean Missere2116Steve Gilroy
4James Davison2111James Thomas

Round of 16 Round
1Craig Newton2110Gary Hanson
2Chris Kelly2117Danny Sillitoe
3Jack Clarke2119Nick White
4James Martin2110Paul Leah
5Steve Gilroy2117Darren Atkinson
6Dean Missere2113Mick Hobson
7James Thomas2119Paul Wildgoose
8James Davison2110Josh Mordue