Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Castle Private Classic Final Held on Sat 11th Aug

Final Round
1Ryan Clarke2119Ashleigh Woof

Semi Round
1Ashleigh Woof2111Tom Vickers
2Ryan Clarke2115Glyn Cookson

Quarters Round
1Tom Vickers2111Greg Smith
2Ashleigh Woof2112Dean Missere
3Ryan Clarke2117Ashley Wellings
4Glyn Cookson2111Chris Bly

Round of 16 Round
1Greg Smith218Craig Morris
2Tom Vickers210Julie Gardner
3Ashleigh Woof2117John Lloyd
4Dean Missere2111Martin Gerrard
5Ashley Wellings2118Clay Flattley
6Ryan Clarke2115Lee Johnstone
7Glyn Cookson2120Sam Patterson
8Chris Bly2120Kieran Cooper