Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Jim Halmstead Memorial Trophy Final Held on Sun 20th May

Final Round
1Clay Flattley2119Jack Hargreaves

Semi Round
1Clay Flattley2119Ryan Clarke
2Jack Hargreaves2116Graeme Wilson

Quarters Round
1Ryan Clarke2115Steve Barber
2Clay Flattley2120Chris Mordue
3Jack Hargreaves2117Gary Ellis
4Graeme Wilson214Mike Holden

Round of 16 Round
1Steve Barber2112Paul Dudley
2Ryan Clarke2118Colin Leishman
3Clay Flattley2120Jimmy Derby
4Chris Mordue2118Graham Hickey
5Gary Ellis2116Neil Simpson
6Jack Hargreaves2118Phil Boydell
7Mike Holden2113Dave Jackson
8Graeme Wilson2111John Brown